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June 24th, 2005 | 59 replies

Release Date: 2003 | Tracklist

Limp Bizkit - "Results May Vary"

Fred Durst might have been the second worst poser in the music industry (the worst is Avril Lavigne, but she's hot), however Limp Bizkit was a band that lived up to their name. This is my second review. I have also reviewed Follow the Leader from KoRn and now I will tell you the history of the Results May Vary era. After the profanity enriched album Chocolate St*rfish and the Hot Dog Flavoured Water went multi-platinum (the worst moment ever), Wes Borland quit the band and they had to find a new guitarist. Mike Smith joined LB at the last minute, preventing Fred Durst and his friends in the band from using samples from their guitar auditions. Wes eventually came back during their sessions on The Unquestionable Truth, but while Mike Smith was in the band, they had a good time making Results May Vary, an album consisting of hard songs appealing to the fans and some soft songs that make Limp Bizkit more... limp. The soft songs were no suprise to me when I first heard them, because LB did bring to the music industry Staind and Puddle of Mudd. This album isn't as good as Three Dollar Bill, Y'All$ and Significant Other, but it's better than Chocolate St*rfish. Has a good album name too.


01. Re-Entry - The first intro Limp Bizkit has written that isn't called "Intro". This is the best intro LB have made, because after the crazy circus guy introduces Limp, they come in and do a short song to show what this band sounds like. Fred Durst doesn't have many lyrics in the song, but it's a good opener.

02. Eat You Alive - The album's first single. A love song Fred Durst wrote for Britney Spears while the controversy between them was going on. I wish Britney Spears was kidnapped in the video instead of Thora Birch. Other than that, this is one of my fav Limp Bizkit songs.

03. Gimme the Mic - Fred's Rage Against the Machine style political lyrics make this an awesome song to mosh to. The heaviest track on the album.

04. Underneath the Gun - The first soft song that appears on this album. Makes you drop your jaw in awe after listening to the two previous tracks.

05. Down Another Day - One of the best soft songs, because it gets a little harder. Reminds me of Godsmack.

06. Almost Over - Fred Durst raps about his life to a quick, but soft beat.

07. Build A Bridge - I wish this was a single with how radio friendly and emotional this song is.

08. Red Light-Green Light - Fred does the worst rapping on this track, but Snoop Dogg's rhymes make up for it.

Secret Song: Give It Up
The closest thing to filler, but it's pretty good for a secret song.

09. The Only One - The album's most boring moment. Not even Mike Smith's guitar can save the day here.

10. Let Me Down - A soft song with energetic guitar and a good set of lyrics.

11. Lonely World - Fred raps about his life again. This time he refers to himself as the middleman, the man in the middle. Probably one of the best tracks he raps on and it's a good thing to listen to after all of those soft songs.

12. Phenomenon - This track reminds me a lot about the days of Significant Other when lots of people were moshing to LB's Rap/Rock. The song from Significant Other that best matches this song is "Show Me What You Got".

13. Creamer (Radio Is Dead) - Fred Durst's rapping is okay on this track (I like his references to Deftones and Kurt Cobain), but what really amazed me was DJ Lethal's scratches.

14. Head For the Barricade - Another awesome song to mosh to. Shows some excellent guitar work from Brian Welch of KoRn before he became the crazy Christian he is today.

15. Behind Blue Eyes - The second and last single on the album. It's a cover of a song from The Who. Lots of people are saying that Limp Bizkit ruined a classic. I say Limp made it better. If you listen to the original, it goes off key after the second time the chorus comes in. LB fixed that with their cover, making it soft and harmonic throughout. The only thing I didn't like about it was the video with Halle Berry in it. That was a lame way to promote the Gothica movie.

Secret Song: I Wish
Not filler compared to the other secret song, because it's more emotional.

16. Drown - A forgetable soft song, but a decent way to end the album.

Overall album rating (on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best): 7

Content rating: Parental Advisory: Explicit Content

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June 24th 2005


Doesnt 7/10 equal 3.5/5

June 24th 2005


they suck not a bad review though

June 24th 2005


Album Rating: 3.0

I don't believe in half stars. Full star ratings and scales from 1 to 10 describe reviews pretty well in my opinion.

June 24th 2005


The single tracks lack musical information IMO. The way you describe the single tracks would it would rather fit into a overall-review, not track-by-track.

It would be good if you would add more information regarding musicianship on the single tracks. Otherwise it could well be that it is deleted (again)

June 24th 2005


You have a lot of balls to review the worst album of 2003.

June 24th 2005


By the way, Avril Lavigne completley owns Fred Durst. You know why? She can S-I-N-G!

June 24th 2005


Avril Lavigne can sing? People even think she's hot? I don't think we're even thinking of the same person...

June 24th 2005


Album Rating: 3.0

beyondtheblueprint, this isn't the worst album of 2003. You have forgotten Saint Anger from Metallica. Now that was really bad.

June 24th 2005


oh yeah, I forgot this was second worst, my bad

June 24th 2005


The title suits it well. Maybe Shit would have been a better name.

June 24th 2005


Sweaty ones, at that.

October 6th 2005


you know an album is bad when it beats out St. Anger as worst album of 2003

October 6th 2005


i would much rather pop in St. Anger then this, this vile disgusting puke/blood staind piece of shit, wasting a good 50 minutes of my life on your horibale music. fuckin fuckin fuck shit shit fuck

I'm Charming
October 7th 2005


St. anger> >>>>>>>>>> Limp twiskit

I'll take st. anger plus avril anytime.

November 1st 2005


Wait a minute! You gave Chocolate Strarfish, which at least has some reedamble qualities, like Borland's playing, a 2.5. But you gave Results May Vary a 3? I don't know. My redneck neighbour back in Texas used to play it on his car stereo and I thought it was horrible. Oh well.

November 1st 2005


Album Rating: 3.0

Yeah, Choclate St*rfish and the Hot Dog Flavoured Water was a bad album, yet I find Results May Vary pretty decent stuff.

December 24th 2005


Im so so sorry to say this is the worst CD i own. Appauling..... Jon Otto you are a star in a trash can, get out of that useless band man.......

Red Cap Brain
December 29th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

The whole band is very talented. Oh and Jon Otto is in an rehabilitation clinic at the time. Good album,much better than st. anger =)

Clown Factory
January 24th 2006


This album is just horrible, good review though

December 2nd 2006


Behind Blue Eyes is the best example of how to kill a song. And these s*ckers keep going...

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