Bermuda Triangle



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May 31st, 2008 | 3 replies

Release Date: 2002 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Buckethead ventures into electronica. A great album.

Buckethead ventures into electronica with this album. This is a superb album. Now, let's get straight to the review...

"You are entering one of the mysterious and misunderstood places on the face of the Earth. In an area that has stirred the imagination of man for centuries. Those who know about it have named this area, 'The Graveyard of the Lost', 'The Voodoo Seek', and 'The Fatal Twilight Zone' among brothers. But for most , there is only one name, which spells 'intrigue' to all who hear it. They call this the Bermuda Triangle."

Davy Jones Locker
Electonica with a guitar soloing in the background. Intresting little track. It has a good ending.

Flight 19
Great drumming by Brain in this song. Probably the most rock-oriented song on the whole album. The verses and choruses lead perfectly into each other, with Brain's mini-solos in between. Lots of cool sound effects and drum noises in this song too.

Mausoleum Door
Starts with a voice clip. Then leads into a really cool riff. Some extremely fast dual hi-hatting on the drums and a good riff. Then comes what sounds like what could a movie theme song. This track just rocks.

Sea Of Expanding Shapes
This song beldns balladry, electronica, and heavy metal together in a really ingenious way. Beautiful song. There are great riffs and a cool drum beat. The solo is absolutely incredible in this song. Solw and melodic while not being too slow; you really have to listen to it to know what I'm talking about. A great dance song.

The Triangle, Part 1: Extrakd
Lol... I'm not going to spoil this one for you. Let me just tell you that it has some really sound effects. I actually like this song, many people do not however.

Bionic Fog
Another good song. Something that sounds like turntables at the beginning leads into some odd sound effects and guitar. Something that sounds like whining is in the background, and a sound like that radar from 'Aliens' sort of. Good song; if it were any longer it would be verging on repetitive-ness, so it's a good length.

Forbidden Zone
This song is cool. A riff that sounds like water is present at points throughout the song (I think its a guitar effect though). Not a bad song.

Telegraph Land Of The Crispies
This is a good song; slightly weird, though. Sounds like traditional Buckethead with an electronic drumbeat behind it. Good bass and guitar in this song. This song is also pretty short, being only 1:53. It ends with a cool sound.

Pullin The Heavy
"This time, doctor, the execution will not be delayed." BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BBBBAM!!! That's how this song starts out; a really good intro in my opinion. There is some good shredding by Buckethead in this otherwise okay song. The water-sounding riff that comes in at certain points sounds a lot like the riff in 'Forbidden Zone'; its good though.

Phantom Lights
An awesome song. Some great guitar playing over a solid bass line and drum beat. I also really like the ending riff of this song (from about 2:04 onwards).

Jabbar On Alcatrazz Avenue
Wow. This song rocks. Another one of my favourites off the album, this song has some great shredding and guitar-playing by Buckethead, as well as a good drum beat and cool-sound effects. An incredible solo starts at 1:57 and keeps on going; the way that the song leads up to this solo is ingenious too. Awesome song.

Beestro Fowler
An emotional guitar riff with some cool sound effects and a drum beat. I like this song a lot; I only wish that the guitar riff was slightly mroe promient when the drums were playing.

Splintered Triplet
An interesting voice sample starts this song out. This song has some cool riffs in it and good guitar-playing.

The most hip-hopish sounding song on this album, probably because of the drum beat. A voice sample starts at 0:07 and goes until 0:15. Good guitar-playing in this song.

Sucked Under
Besides 'Sea Of Expanding Shapes', this is the longest song on the album. This song is kind of creepy. This would make good Hallowe'en music. Very ambient and cool-sounding. Everything has kind of a fuzz found on old recordings, except for the sound effects and bass at the end.

Isle Of Dead
"Say, don't you ever take off that mask"" "No. Don't you know about my face"" "I've heard stories. Nobodies ever seen it, have they"" "Except my other navigators." "And they're all dead." "So they are." A voice sample of two people saying that starts this song out. This is another ambienet-type track. I think this is a good song though. Interesting too listen too because there is so much going on.

The Triangle, Part 2
Solo guitar. This song is pretty ambient but has some excellent guitar-playing and great riffs in it. I like the one that starts at 1:11 a lot. Good song.

This song has a hip-hop beat behind it and some great guitar-playing. It also has some piano. Buckethead does some great emotional playing in this song. Awesome song.

Recommended Tracks:
1. Flight 19
2. Mausoleum Door
3. Sea Of Expanding Shapes
4. Jabbar On Alcatraz Avenue
5. Beestro Fowler
6. Isle Of Dead
7. Bionic Fog
8. Phantom Lights
9. The Triangle, Part 2

Final Score

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May 31st 2008


Seems quite short. I would have preferred not track-by-track, but you still get an idea for the CD.

June 1st 2008


if I wouldn't know this record, I'd still get some sort of picture...

however, try going more in-depth, and no track by tracks.

go review pepper's ghost, somebody needs to balance out my 2 ;]

October 12th 2014


Album Rating: 3.0

Forbidden Zone grooves hard

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