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Greatest Hits



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June 23rd, 2005 | 89 replies

Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

Guns N Roses
Greatest Hits

This album has nothing to do with the actual band, the record company wanted to release this, with hurdles in the way because of Axl Roses lawsuits. The record company won and released the album. Glad that they did though, it's great for people like myself who aren't really interested in the band but have a general liking in them. The line-up for the songs released were....

Axl Rose - High pitched vocals which can get quite annoying but they work and fit the band

Slash - Never riffing, always with the solos, obviously the most talented in the band

Izzy - The rhythm guitar and the backbone of the Guns N Roses posse, overpowered by Slash but knows his way around the fretboard.

Duff - The bass player, mostly just rhythm but has it's moments

Steven Adler - He's alright, he's no Danney Carey but he does the job

On the first track, Welcome to the Jungle it's the kind of song to say "We are Guns N Roses and we are here to rock!" It shows Guns N Roses what they are made of and it shows it well. A nice breakdown near the 2 minutes and a half point and then exits into a short solo and into a chorus with a higher pitch.

Sweet Child of Mine is to show that the Guns can write a slow emotional song. It makes me wonder how junkie alchohol-fuelled no-gooders can make ballads. The song starts with a type of circus riff that Slash has even admitted he hates. The best part is....guess....the solo! It kicks major butt and puts Slash on the map. Emotional, fast, hard, it's beautiful. The song is about Axl's girlfriend, Michelle which is later sung about in the Appetite For Destruction album song My Michelle.

Accoustic time for old Slash with the slow ballad Patience. Starts with whistling from axl which I don't really like actually but the actual singing is quite good. Though this is a brilliant song, I just can't imagine Slash with an accoustic. The same with Nirvana, both bands just aren't accoustic bands. It does have a nice accoustic solo though which is quite good.

Paradise City is considered a Guns classic, sorry for the hardcore fans but I hate this song. Maybe it was just the mainstream appeal to the song and how catchy it is. Only highlight in the song is the fast bit and the solo which, as usual, kicks butt. I find the lyrics quite stupid

"Take me down to the Paradise City
"Where the grass is green and the girls gone pretty"

Now for a nice Bob Dylan cover of Knocking on Heaven's Door which is an absolutly brilliant song. I haven't heard the original but I'm sure this owns more. Slash uses a double guitar here and the 12-stringer sounds lovely. The phone conversation is a bit annoying though and kinda kills the mood of the song. Axl Rose shares his vocal ability with back-up singers which only adds to the song.

Now for the half accoustic, half electric epic. My favourite song on the album Civil War . The singing is beautiful and there is another awesome guitar solo and an even better one at the end. Words are hard to describe it, just listen to it.

Now for a traditional hard-rockin' song titled You Could Be Mine. The drums are tight in this song and so is the rhythm. I think this song was put on The Terminater 2 soundtrack. It does quite fit the movie indeed. And guess what" A sweet solo from our man Slash.

If I could name the most emotional Guns song, it'd have to be Don't Cry (Original) which is the most beautiful power ballad I have ever heard. Lyrics are cliche but the music video rocks, it really fits the song. For some reason, I found myself writing the lyrics down one night"

The first time you listen to this song you're like "What the..."" Orchestra" Female back-up singers" As messed up as this sounds November Rain is quite emotional and it works, it really does! This eight-minute epic has a serious mood-swing half-way through, with a giant long solo. When Slash plays the solo in the desert in the video, it is so cool. Then it gets all sad and dark which I think is better than the first half of the song. Because of it's length, it gets a bit old fast. I'm pretty sure radio-stations play it so the people can go to the crapper.

A short three-minute cover of Paul McCartney's Live and Let Die. Starts off like a ballad with the piano playing and then turns all rock for a minute and then back to the ballad-type and then rock and then it's over before it even starts.

Next up is the "Happy" Yesterdays which is actually quite a poor song compared to the rest of the album. Mediocre is a word I would use here, then should have left it out and put some other killer Guns N Roses song. Just over three-minutes which is good so it doesn't take up too much album space.

Now for one killer song which most people hate. Ain't It Fun is so cool, the vocals scream, the guitars rock. Not for the faint-hearted but people who like metal (like myself.) Could someone tell me who did this originally" Izzy shows his talent as a rhythm player in this song.

Nice and relaxing is the word to describe it, Since I Don't have You is nice to sit and back and listen. Nice finger-picking accoustics and nice blues guitar playing done by Slash. I wouldn't listen to this regulary but if I have a bad day, this is lovely to listen to.

I hate the next song, I know it's a Rolling Stones classic but I didn't like the original, so I'm not going to like this. Sympathy For The Devil is a bit to jazzy for my taste.

It's a decent Greatest Hits album for sure. It has lots of classics but songs like Yesterdays and Sympathy For The Devil bring the score down.

+ Solos are top notch
+ The songs are composed very well

- Axl's voice is annoying
- They should have missed out some songs

Final Score:

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June 23rd 2005


If I see another Guns 'N' Roses review I'll shoot myself.

A GnR greatest hits collection is rather redundant, to me, at least.

June 23rd 2005


The thing about this Greatest Hits compilation is that it doesn't even have their best songs on...kind of a problem in my opinion. It was just something forced out by the label to try and bring in some long overdue money from the GnR name.

June 23rd 2005


Album Rating: 3.0

Most of them hate this album, or so I'm told. I heard there was a rare moment where both Axl and Slash agreed that it was crap.

There are a few good songs, but they could have added some more of the hits from the first album. "It's So Easy" and "Rocket Queen" would have been cool.

I think it's better than the current "Chinese Democracy" album, though. It's not a bad C.D., it's just missing out on a few things that could make it better. A booklet maybe? Better song selection?

June 24th 2005


I thought that this album was a quite good guns and roses album. some of the songs were pretty bad though. for instance yesterdays i thought was horrible. i liked appitite for destruction a hell of a lot better

June 25th 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

Its got some of the classics like "sweet child o' mine" and "November Rain" so its hard to say its not a good album... its just that its a greatest hitts cd.

July 3rd 2005


I feel like a total noob now. Anyways, a good review, but this album had no point in being released. Solid review though.

July 5th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

I enjoy this album.

July 5th 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

The album is good, but they should've had some more somgs from APFD and less covers. No Greatest Hits albums should have cover songs, IMO.

July 5th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

They should have included Out Ta Get Me!!!!

Still, and great review!!!!This Message Edited On 08.04.05

July 5th 2005


Album Rating: 2.5

Great review , Axls voice is kinda annoyin.

July 13th 2005


wot the hell r u on? "take me down to the paradise city where the grass is green and the girls gone pretty" wot's that about it's not gone it's ARE!! DUH!!!!

July 13th 2005


Album Rating: 3.5


August 4th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

I'll say once again, that someone should review Live Era.

Its an amazing GnR comp. but I kinda dont want to. :thumb:

Hugh Jass
September 2nd 2005


Why did they put Since I don't have you on it? I hate it!
Everything else is fine I guess except some crappy lyrics on Ain't it Fun but the guitar is good.

Les.B.AnThis Message Edited On 09.12.05

September 13th 2005


Great songs(well its the greatest hits lol) but i will have to diagree on paradise its a great songThis Message Edited On 09.13.05

September 13th 2005


Hmmm. Is this a good place to start my GN'R collection, or should I start with Appetite for Destruction?

September 13th 2005


mazz657 get both, or jus skip greatest hits and jump to Use Your Illusion I and II, well worth it, and there are so many good songs there that arent on this cd.

September 15th 2005


I think that there is nothing wrong with this album because it has almost all my favs on it, and who cares if they put a cover song on the cd, ITS ONE OF THEIR BEST HITS!!!

October 20th 2005


Yay, my review was bumped!

October 20th 2005


Bob Dylan's original Knockin' on Heaven's Door owns this one.

You're much better off just buying Appetite For Destruction (which on its own completely destroys this greatest hits), GNR Lies, and the use your illusions.

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