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January 14th, 2005 | 23 replies

Release Date: 2002 | Tracklist

This album is agreat addition to any NOFX fans collection. The first disc features an erray of rarities, covers and classic punk rock anthems that may surprise some NOFX fans, and might just please others to have it on an official disc. The second CD is a mixture of both EPs "Surfer" and "F**k The Kids". They both have one song taken off, apparently NOFX don't like treating their fans all the way and get a desire and quite possibly a boner from annoying their fans slighty.

That said, we can get onto the review. Pimps And Hookers is the only new song you'll find on the album. The recorded it for this compilation and it will never be seen on anything else. The next few songs are just your average NOFX-style song : Great punk rock riffs with the added solo here and there, amazing vocals with cool lyrics. Electricity makes no sense, but is always funny to listen to. Timmy The Turtle is different, it consists of a simple one chord riff and an American-pretending-to-be-British man singing. Last Caress is obviously by The Misfits, and this cover has done it justice. With the new ska chorus, this song will fit anybody's needs. The first CD finishes off with classics like Pump Up The Valium and Pods And Gods, the song about aliens. The end has a Dub mix of Eat The Meek and a secret track Thalidomide Child

The second CD, entitled "Catching Zzz's", is very short. Coming in at just 22 minutes and with more songs than "Counting Sheep" Disc 1, this CD consists of the the 2 EPs "F**k The Kids" and "Surfer". These were only on vinyl, so NOFX released them on this compilation with 1 song missing from each to both let fans listen to the music and moan that a song is missing. "Sufer" (tracks 1-14) is the latest, and has the infamous New Happy Birthday Song" on it. It also has some good songs like Go To Work Wasted, Whoa On The Whoas and Totally F**ked which has one of the best riffs I've heard which has a marching band feel to it. "F**k The Kids" (tracks 15-25) isn't as long. The first two tracks, cleverly entitled F**k The Kids and F**k The Kids II together last 12 seconds, and consist of the repeated shouting of "F**k the kids!". Some of the other songs are familiar, like I'm Telling Tim, Murder The Government and Stranger Than Fishin' are earlier versions of the studio ones, while there are some new songs on there are well like Posuer, Eric Melvin VS PCP and Two On Glue.

Overall, this is a fine cd and a must have for NOFX fans who dont have record players. This cd contains most of the songs the band have done on vinyl, so the tracks are rarities in their own right. I mean, 47 songs for the price of a normal cd can't be bad. God knows why NOFX didn't release these songs on other records. I don't mind though, I got to listen to this amazing collection of covers, studios recordings, EPs and a little bit of shouting.

I give it 4/5 :):):):):upset:

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January 17th 2004


well done on the review. :thumb:

i have this album, and "murder the government", "electricity", "pods and gods" and "pimps and hookers" are my favourite songs.

January 19th 2004


haha, the title is brilliant

January 28th 2004


finally, people giving NOFX the respect they deserve! everyone i know seems to hate them. i agree with everything you guys sed, but why has no-one mentioned "bath of least resistance"? its one of the absolute best songs on the album!!! there were a few songs they missed off, like "the faster longest line" from the liza and louise ep, and the other ones fat mike mentions at the end of the liner notes. does anyone know where i can get an mp3 of any of the missing tracks?

January 30th 2004


Doesn't anyone else think 'We threw gasoline...' and 'Drugs are good' are the best tracks of the LP. I own vinyl so apart from being better than you I also have 2 extra songs from FTK and Surfer. I think there are quite a few gaps on this album though, I think a 6 or 7 rather than 8. Ribbed is an 8.

February 15th 2004


After reading this i went out and got it yesterday, it really is amazing, favourite songs are pimps and hookers,all of me,pods an gods,lower........BAH theyre all good.:thumb:

-El Hefe-
February 27th 2004


I like just about all the songs. 7.5/10.
May 6th 2004


Or maybe they could rename the album 45 or 46 songs that were good enough to be on our other records but we didn't because were ****tards? Or maybe rename it there are actually 47 songs and we cant add cause were ****tards?
Anyway, this is a great album. From the title, you think it's gonna suck... how untrue. I haven't listened to nearly every song on it (i don't actually own the CD) but lemme just say... Vincent is easily the best cover ive ever heard. ever.
i agree, 4/5

May 9th 2004


This has to be one of the best punk cds to date, and I can't stand punk. These guys are one of the few punk bands I actually listen to. But "Thalidomide Child" is by far, one of the worst songs I have ever heard. Heh, not even NOFX likes their cover of it. And as it says in the liner notes, I did only listen to it once. But I didn't even bother playing it for my friends, heh.

But it's amazing what intellectual, and insightful, lyrics can come from a punk band. Like "Lower," "The Plan," and of course, "We Ain't Sh-t." The best punk song ever. I will listen to it until the day I die. I give this 4/5

May 9th 2004


I want a track by track review :mad:

February 22nd 2005


drugs are good is a great song.....WOOOHOO!!!! GO HEROIN!

July 6th 2005


Great review

Some of my fvourites of this album are: all of me, Electricity and Drugs are good

July 26th 2005


Album Rating: 2.0

this album is a complete waste of money. All the songs are horrible except for Party Enema and Three On Speed

March 24th 2006


actually there is 47 songs...

March 24th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

I love NOFX. And this is no exception. With 47 songs, it's near impossible to choose favorites IMO, but Drugs are Good is a great song.

And yes, the Metallica cover of Last Caress sucked. Never heard it live so I can't comment on that version, but the one I did hear I wasn't too fond of.

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