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June 19th, 2005 | 157 replies

Release Date: 1992 | Tracklist

Musician Trent Reznor has been around since the 80s, gaining increasing popularity with every album, EP, and remix. Through his rein as king of Industrial Metal, Reznor's pseudoband Nine Inch Nails has changed drastically in their sound. Toward the end of the 80s, Reznor released Pretty Hate Machine, a disturbing bordering on cheesy underground hit. With overused 80s synthesizers and cheesy programmed beats, the distorted lyrics about torture and dominance could hardly be taken seriously. In the 90s, Trent changed his sound drastically, adding ear-splitting guitars, screaming vocals, and beautiful orchestral interludes using classically oriented piano solos and masturfully arranged synthesizers. The 90s gave birth to two Nine Inch Nails albums, the darkly melodic Downward Spiral and the two disc masterpiece The Fragile. With each successing release, Trent Reznor continued to master the bridge between pleasure and pain, but to the casual listener, too much mastering occured between Pretty Hate Machine and The Downward Spiral without any full lengths in between. The reason for this is 1992's Broken EP, a 99 track 33 minute long metalfest essential to the Nine Inch Nails collection, despite its underratement. Filled with crunchy yet catchy riffs, Broken is the perfect transition from the cheesy 80s to the dark 90s.

Pinion - 3/5
A decent minute long intro filled with distortion, building up to an acapela guitar riff.

Wish - 4.5/5
The distorted riff of Pinion drops out to make room for a well-programmed beat and vocals, allowing room at the end of every line for a short metal riff. This all culminates to the loud but catchy metal chorus. The rest of the song follows a similar verse-chorus pattern, only incorporating more metal guitar in the verses and a synth-interlude foreshadowing The Downward Spiral. The song then ends the classic Nine Inch Nails way, building up to noise and then dropping out for 3 or 4 seconds of silence.

Last - 4/5
Last uses a slower and more twisted riff to give off more of a Pretty Hate Machine sound, only with more metal distortion. The main riff sounds like a cross between the older 80s Nine Inch Nails and the later Downward Spiral sound. All in all, a good metal song to bridge the two Nine Inch Nails sounds.

Help Me I Am In Hell - 5/5
A melodic instrumental sounding very much like something off of The Fragile. Help Me I Am In Hell is a nice little moment to take a breath of air before the last 4 songs knock the air right back out of you.

Happiness in Slavery - 3/5
One of the worst songs on the album. The song starts out lacking any form of melody whatsoever, leaving you to focus on the screamed line of "Slave screams". Once the song finally mellows a bit to give some sort of verse with melody, Trent Reznor launches a campaing promoting his sick little sado-masochistic world. Not the greatest song, but it's bearable

Gave Up - 4.5/5
After a minute-long drum intro, Gave Up blasts into a good guitar riff before switching back to a quieter verse. Although the sound on the stereo is quiet, the drums are still being pounded, the lyrics are still being screamed, and the guitars are still being blasted, indicating that in no time Trent will blast up the volume on the mixer, showering the listener with distortion. Fortunately, the buildup to the loud chorus is somewhat gradual, allowing the pre-chorus to only get slightly louder before blasting into metal. The song then goes on to repeat the loud riff before fading into literally 91 seconds of silence.

Physical (You're So) - 5/5
After 91 tracks of nothing, the first of the two bonus tracks delivers a crude catchy tune, dripping with sexual innuendo and a chorus that can stay in your head for days (just make sure to keep yourself from singing the chorus of "You're too physical to me" out loud).

Suck - 2/5
The album could do better without this song to end things. Having two bonus tracks in the first place is overkill, but when the second one is this bad, it makes things worse. Suck is a schizophrenic piece of crap switching back and forth between the worst of the 80s techno-metal and generic 90s metal riffs. Physical could have been a perfect ending to the Broken EP, but Trent Reznor had to try and add more.

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June 19th 2005


Very good review. I've heard that this is one of NIN's heaviest releases, which intrigues me, because Trent's heavier work is always amazing. I'm going to need this ASAP.

June 19th 2005


thanks, thats always great to hear. i've convinced one of the top 15 reviewers on the site to go out and buy something and i'm only about 5 or 6 reviews in. that can't be bad.

June 19th 2005


yeah great review of a great album... You should put some more reviews like that

June 20th 2005


Album Rating: 3.0

Good review, although this is my least favorite NIN release, even though I'd still rate it a 3 stars. It's a very transitional piece, and it's not by any means up to his full-lengths.

June 20th 2005


I like how Highway 61 Revisited is a recommended album.

June 21st 2005


You're pretty good at reviewing, especially considering this is only your fifth or sixth.

I might've heard something off of this. Have any of these songs ended up on an NIN full-length album? I could swear I've heard Suck...

June 21st 2005


maybe some have ended up on compilations. i know that there have been quite a few rare bootleg compilations. also, physical (you're so) is an essential live song, so if you've ever gone to a nin concert, you've most definately heard that song.

yeah i actually recommended highway 61 revisited based on a trent reznor comment. on the section of the nine inch nails website where you can send questions directly to trent, one person asked what music has been influencing him as of lately. one of the first people he listed was bob dylan, so i figured why not list some classic dylan as an influence.

September 23rd 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

this is the best EP of all time in my opinion and i cant beleive you gave pinion and wish a 3 and 4.5. they are the best opening tracks i have ever heard

aswell as the best openers in concert

November 12th 2005


I actually don't think Happiness In Slavery is that bad a a song. The riffs are excellent; the sado-masochistic lyrics are gut wrenchingly evil (thats not a good thing by the way). and the video is sickening as well. avoid if you have a weak stomach. mOverall I love Nine Inch Nails and this IP is an excellent addition to any metal/industrial fans collection

Digging: Converge - The Dusk in Us

November 12th 2005


i saw that video, fucking sick! apparently, a lot of it was actually done by a real person, apart from the total death at the end obviously. he gets off on that kinda thing apparently...

November 12th 2005


nice reveiw, but listening to the band makes me want to throw things across the room.

November 12th 2005


[quote=sj 1234]this is the best EP of all time in my opinion[/quote]
You really should listen to more EPs.

December 19th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

My fav NIN album.

February 20th 2006


This was a good EP, buit not my fav

Good review.

February 23rd 2006


I was like "wtf?" when I saw this in HMV for 10. Friggin' rip-off.

March 8th 2006


I saw this at the store yesterday, but it was full-price and I don't enjoy EP's all that much, so I passed on it. They didn't have any NIN full-lengths, which saddened me.

April 11th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

This is a very underrated album. If it was filled up with fillers enough to be an LP, it'd be much more famous. There isn't a bad son on this album


Pinion 5/5

Wish 4/5

Last 5/5

Help Me I'm In Hell 3.5/5

Happiness In Slavery 5/5

Gave Up 5/5

Physical 4/5

Suck 4/5

May 2nd 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

how can you even begin to say that pretty hate machine's lyrics are hard to take seriously. the whole album is about a devil girl who broke Trent's heart. I think that the albums lyrics are powerfull & moving but thats me

May 6th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

My two favorite tracks off the album are definitely Wish and Happiness in Slavery, and Gave Up is awesome as hell to.

Cool album, wish there was more to it.

Wish is by far one of the coolest songs live.

June 9th 2006


Album Rating: 5.0

definitely an essential to any NIN collection. Its awesome to listen to when your feeling angry or frustrated, and the songs on it are very amazing live.

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