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June 16th, 2005 | 9 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

Goldfingers 2005 album Disconnection notice.I only have 2 Goldfinger cds,open your eyes and the one im reviewing now.In my opinion I would say Open your your was a better album.This album just doesnt have as many good songs.This album is more pop-punk than punk but this album is still pretty good.
1.My everything
3.Ocean size
5.Too many nights
7.Behind the mask
8.I want
9.Iron fist
10.Walk away

favorite songs

my everything-This song has a cool intro guitar intro/riff.Its one of the fastest songs on the album.Its a great song to start the album.This would be a great choice for a music video.But the lyrics are too poppy.
7 out of 10

wasted-This song isnt as fast as "my everything"but its still one of my favorite song on the album.I really like the druming in this because its not one beat most of the time.
8 out of 10

ocean size-The 1st thing I will say about this song is that its got a cool bass line during the verses.Its a pop-rock song.During the chorus theres loud mucic(not the singer).Its a ok song but since its poppy I wouldnt say its as good.
6.5 out of 10

uncomfortable-This song is a another let down and still poppy.Its not loud or fast.Its more calm.But its still poppy and that makes it not as good.It annoying.
4 out of 10

too many nights-Another not good song.Its not really loud or hardcore.It also has an awseame guitar solo.Its simalar to "wasted",its a little quite but ok.
5 out of 10

Damaged-This is a weird song.It gives me a latan feel.I wouldnt say I like this song that much.Its still pretty slow like "uncomfortable".
5 out of 10

Behind the mask-This song starts with this person talking about herself seeing animals get killed for meat,but about the song.Its not real fast or anything but its ok.The music doesnt change much.Its more like one long verse the whole time.
4.5 out of 10

I want-All right!!!Another faster song like "my everything".Its one of the best songs on the album.Its got a catchy chorus,a cool verse too.This would be a great choice for one of there singles.But its poppy.
7 out of 10

Iron fist-Im not a big fan of this song.It doesnt grab my attension as much.But the druming has some cool parts.But the song is a letdown,especaially when its right after "I want".
4 out of 10

Walk away-This song starts slow but picks up a little later in the song.Its not loud or anything but its ok.Its got a guitar solo that goes ok with the song.
5 out of 10

faith-i dont like this song much.Its not real good because its slow and the music for the most part stays the same.Theres not much to say about it.
4 out of 10

stalker-This song is really poppy.Its so annoying.Its about him wanting to be with him stalker.Its about a girl witch Goldfinger has done before but when they use to the songs were still rocking.This one is just stupied.
4 out of 10

overall this wasnt a good album,more poppy then Goldfinger use to be.I still like how Goldfinger use to be more than how they are now.

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June 16th 2005


All of your reviews seem waaay to short, at least, they do to me. Maybe you shouldn't do track-by-tracks?

And also, "Disconnection Notice" is a Sonic Youth song. I just thought I would mention that.

July 22nd 2005


what happened to the hang-ups review?

July 24th 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

Awesome, I love Hang-Ups.

This one's pretty good. I think the lyrics REALLY stink though.

May 29th 2006


wow, a crappy, inadequate review of a crappy band, suprise suprise

January 5th 2007


well, this album isn't half as good as previous ones, but the song "wasted" almost makes up for that. I remember singing it with a load of friends one drunken night and since that it's legendary hehe

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