Destination: Beautiful



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June 15th, 2005 | 21 replies

Release Date: 2003 | Tracklist

Destination: Beautiful
By: Mae

Reviewed by: Kendall Hirata

Record Label: Tooth and Nail
Release Date: February 25, 2003
Genre: Rock/Pop


Dave Elkins – Guitar/Vocals

Zach Gehring – Guitar

Mark Padgett – Bass

Jacob Marshall – Drums

Rob Sweitzer – Keys/Vocals

In February of 2003, a band named Mae broke out onto the scene with their debut album called “Destination: Beautiful” which would gain the attention of a lot of people. Many people who hear their work often smile when they hear their music or think back to times of hardship and sorrow as that is how powerful their music is. Lyricist Dave Elkins writes lyrics that would get anyone thinking about love, inspiration, and hopes of starting over which is the foundation of the band. As evidence in “Destination: Beautiful”, it is filled with beautifully written songs that have a certain ebb and flow that shows this band is serious. With a blend of soft and serene piano parts to heart-pounding guitar parts, “Destination: Beautiful” is the album that seeps with musicianship to its finest. And now I introduce to you ladies and gentlemen, “Destination: Beautiful” By: Mae.

“Destination: Beautiful” By: Mae

Embers and Envelopes:
The CD starts off with a very nice song that anyone could like, a drifting guitar part then the bass comes in with a thumping beat along with the drums. Some synthesized effects, but it actually adds to the songs making you feel like you are in heaven. The chorus picks up and really makes you feel warm inside when you hear it. Dave does a good job with this song, from whisper soft lyrics and in the chorus a prominent confident voicing really makes this song stick out. The song that proclaims starting life over and giving a relationship once lost a second try is the theme of this song. A small piano part near the end is a nice addition too, a definite classic for Mae.
Rating: 5/5

This Time Is the Last Time:
The song starts with and acoustic guitar playing quarter notes with Dave singing “Save yourself…” underneath the guitar. The band slowly comes in with the drums and bass coming in with an acoustic riff being played underneath. The beat itself will get you tapping along with the beat, which is quite catchy. Again like “Embers and Envelopes”, the loud chorus and verses really surprised me. A lighthearted song, which is portrayed in Dave’s voice, Zach does a good job with the picking guitar parts that add to the song. Rob also has a small part in the chorus where you can hear a piano part underneath it all. Not quite as good as “Embers and Envelopes”, but still a good song all in all.
Rating: 4.5/5

All Deliberate Speed:
A drumbeat is played to start the song off and a guitar riff goes to follow it into the song itself. The bass has a nice part in the verses, which shows Mark’s talent on the bass. A slightly heavier song than the previous two songs, but still has that lighthearted feel to it that Mae is known for. Heavy synthesized effects in the end and effects ridden guitars with a bass line that is simply stunning really takes this track home.
Rating: 4/5

Another foot tapping beat with a nice guitar part to go with it. I paid more attention to the guitar parts than Dave and his singing, as it was so complex it was attention getting from the start. Dave’s voice, if any, is almost totally over shadowed by the bands playing, a shame really but it is still noticeable. But all in all, a good song I totally like, rivals “Embers and Envelopes” but still doesn’t come close.
Rating: 4.5/5

Don’t know what to say about this song, a nice song altogether with the bass following Dave’s voice, and a guitar line to support it. A lot of thought must have gone into making this song, as the lyrics are very deep and engrossing. A small guitar interlude adds icing to a beautifully written song, but the ending really stands out in my mind. A beautiful piano solo done by Rob makes me wonder why doesn’t he add more pianos to the songs they write" One of the best songs on the album in my mind but still can’t say enough about the piano solo!
Rating: 4.5/5

Last Call:
Crescendos into the song with a picking guitar part and yet the bass is still a prominent part in this song. Slowly builds to the chorus, which really makes this song stick out from the other songs. With backing “ahhs” and “oohs” in the chorus and second verses, it makes this song upbeat and sound happy and inspiring to the listener. The bridge is also nice with the distorted guitars and bass going at it really makes the song last. Another standout track in my opinion, very enjoyable from beginning to end and doesn’t get too repetitive.
Rating: 5/5

Skyline Drive:
A ballad sort of song with bells and an underlying bass part backing up Dave in the intro. Then some guitar parts come in with a soft, serene type of feeling that gets you thinking. It really takes you back to times to when you are with the one you love and just driving along. Beautiful song, really wish a piano part was in this song, but still a brilliant song. Dave’s vocals with his signature whispering type singing really add to the aura of this song, which is another standout track. The ending instrumental is another part of the song that although “ho-hum”, really is a perfect ending.
Rating: 5/5

Soundtrack For Our Movie:
Back to the upbeat songs with a palm muted guitar part during the first verse support Dave in singing. The part after the first verse really sticks out in my mine and the picking is haunting too. The chorus itself uses the same verse, then after that is the interlude of some sort with a synthesizer solo, which is really neat. Love the lyrics and singing Dave has made for this song, really deep and engrossing that will get anyone’s attention with one read. The guitars and keys really make this a standout track. Wow Mae is going to have a lot of standout tracks huh"
Rating: 5/5

A decent song, nothing special in my opinion but it does have a light feel to it like all of Mae’s songs. A synthesized part near the end of the song makes it sound really spacey when the song actually started out sounding like a rock song. At the end, the entire band just rocks it out and releases their emotions to end quite arguably a weak beginning but a powerful ending song. The end really saved this song to what could have lead to a failure.
Rating: 4/5

Giving It Away:
The intro sounds like something out of Nintendo game, I forget what game but whatever, falling feeling type of intro with a lone drumbeat backing it up. Synthesized violins and a bass back it up after a while into the intro. Reminiscent of “Skyline Drive” but not as good in my personal opinion, but still has its own qualities in its own light. The middle of the song starts to pick up though, but not enough to actually make this song good. After a while it gets boring and repetitive, don’t know what else to do but skip it. But actually I like the ending where he’s saying, “Giving it away”; that part is nice but still…
Rating: 3.5/5

Goodbye, Goodnight:
Can their closing song be as strong as their intro song" The beginning is promising with a galloping drumbeat and guitar chords played in the back.
It quiets down into an acoustic part with some piano parts scattered here and there. Floating type of feeling here with the feeling of longing ness in Dave’s voice really make you believe him when he sings in this song. The piano parts are beautifully written to intertwine within the song itself, and end with everything coming together and ending. Beautiful song to end a beautiful record, I hope you enjoyed the ride.
Rating: 5/5

I tried to keep an open mind on this record as I have listened to “The Everglow” (Mae’s Sophomore release) before listening to “Destination: Beautiful”. But to tell you the truth, the band sounds separated in “Destination: Beautiful” while they sound more like a band in “The Everglow”. I’m not saying “Destination: Beautiful” is horrible, I’m saying that it has its own qualities that make it better than “The Everglow” but on the other hand, doesn’t sound as together.
Many will argue with me on this one, but I prefer “The Everglow” over “Destination: Beautiful” because “The Everglow” has A LOT of songs that stick with you after you listen to it and the piano is more involved too. “Destination: Beautiful” has better lyrics over “The Everglow” as it is hard to tell what Dave is trying to say, but you can figure it out after thinking about it. Think Jimmy Eat World’s album “Clarity” when you listen to this album, as this album is very reminiscent of it. But all in all, “Destination: Beautiful” is still a very good album with superior musicianship and beautiful songs of love, hope, and wonder.

-Ballad type songs that really gets you thinking
-Great guitar, bass, and drum parts!
-Beautiful singing done by Dave
-Complex lyrics that has a deep meaning

-Some of the songs can start sounding the same after a while
-More piano parts!
-Hard for people who love heavy music to get into

Definitely Check Out These Tracks!
-Embers and Envelopes
-Soundtrack For Our Movie
-Skyline Drive

Overall Album Rating For “Destination: Beautiful”: 4.5/5

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June 15th 2005


Dude listen to it more its better than the everglow . Summertime and All deliberate speed are better than you rated . This cd is a 5/5 no doubt my favorite cd of 2003.

June 15th 2005


They're just a crappier version of Death Cab For Cutie

July 11th 2005


Hm, personally I disagree with your favorite songs on the CD, but that's merely an opinion anyhow. However, after hearing Suspension and a few other tracks off of The Everglow (no names, sorry, my memory isn't the greatest), I would have to say Destination : Beautiful makes much more of a heartfelt effort than The Everglow did. And in comment to the person who said they're just a crappier version of Death Cab For Cutie.. What band honestly isn't crappy when compared to Death Cab?

July 11th 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

I have to agree with you on the heartfelt part. They really make their feeling felt on Destination than Everglow. Everglow was really just telling a story, not different feelings and such and such. But yeah, everyone has different opinions about track favorites, but its all opinion.

October 13th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

This is a really good album to chill too, very emotional and beautiful. Summertime is probably my favorite track, but every song does such a great job of delivering a bittersweet message. Good review

November 16th 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

I saw Mae live, they are freaking awesome live. They played "Someone Else's Arms" for their opener and the whole place went crazy!!

Pictures from the Mae Concert in Honolulu, Hawaii!

November 17th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

yea man, Mae is amazing live, they rock out so much harder then you'd think, and even change the ending to All Deliberate Speeds to become a rocking out jam session ending. they are a must see live

February 7th 2008


Album Rating: 3.5

I love 'Sun'. Easily my favorite Mae song...but I really like 'This is the Last Time'...the acoustic guitar in that song really gives it a unique feel. Best Mae album.

February 7th 2008


^Sun is such a great song. I want to listen to this now.

February 9th 2008


What isn't nicer dicer to you?

April 24th 2008


Album Rating: 4.0

album is underrated

December 11th 2008


Album Rating: 3.0

these guys rerecorded embers and envelopes for some DVD their releasing. I got my hands on it and like demolishes the old version.

December 21st 2008


Album Rating: 4.5

This album is Mae at their best. The Everglow was still pretty good, but Singularity doesn't even sound like them any more.

The vocals and the way this album were produced really make it shine. Its so clean and polished sounding, but still conveys emotions well.

A 4.5 from me.

April 14th 2009


Album Rating: 5.0

All deliberate speed must be one of the best Mae songs out there, this record is amazing, one of the few I can say really defined me.

November 14th 2012


Album Rating: 3.5

My girl got me into this band. I really wanted to hate it, but it somehow grew on me.

November 29th 2014


Still adore this one after so many years! Underrated band.

February 16th 2017


Sun is still one of my favorite songs. This deserves a better review.

I am not the one to do it though. I am bollocks at writing reviews and haven't done one in like 6 years, lol.

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