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Volumes 9 & 10



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January 14th, 2005 | 11 replies

Release Date: 2003 | Tracklist

The Desert Sessions is Josh Homme's (QOTSA, ex-Kyuss) long time project. With each Dessert Sessions he invites some big time musicians to play some music and think of cool concepts to record. In this record people like PJ Harvey (queen of rock), Dean Ween (frontman of Ween)and Jordey White and Josh Freese from A Perfect Circle. Don't expect to hear something that sounds exactly like QOTSA...although there are a few songs on here that are definately a bit like Homme's full-time band.

01 Dead In Love
This is a solid rock and roll track that has a really nice twist to it, with that eerie piano sequenced climax. 4/5

02 I Wanna Make It Witchu
A very catchy straight up rock tune. It's got a really nice solo by Josh at one point. 4/5

03 Covered In Punk's Blood
I think this is an old Kyuss tune redone...really short instrumenal and intense with that offbeat drumming. 3.5/5

04 There Will Never Be A Better Time
This is a creepy acoustic song with PJ Harvey dropping some spine-bending vocals...especially the intro is awesome. 4/5

05 Crawl Home
A real cool rock duet with PJ and Josh...with Josh (who is a big guy) doing falsetto vocals and Polly (who is scrawny as hell) singing with a very deep voice that sounds as if she is restraining lots of rage. The song flows very well. 4/5

06 I'm Here For Your Daughter
A really short Mexican-styled acoustic track by Josh...with some pretty sick lyrics. 3/5

07 Powdered Wig Machine
This is my favorite song on the record. It's a strange abstract electronica influenced track. PJ's vocals are simply incredible here...and Josh has really strange, but cool complementary vocals. 4/5

08 In My Head...Or Something
I love this one too...sounds alot like a QOTSA song. It's got a perfect balance between a catchy and a rock-out tune. And the chorus lyrics will stick in your head...or something. 4/5

09 Holey Dime
I really like this one's really got that desert vibe...and the brass doesn't sound out of place. No question that this is desert rock. 4/5

10 A Girl Like Me
Blech!! This is the worst track in my opinion on Desert much as I love PJ Harvey, yet I wish she would just blend in with the other Dessert Sessions' guys, but in this song she is conforming her status as a female songwriter. Plus, her 'speaking vocals' are really annoying here. The music is still good however, and Josh shows he can keep a drum beat too, and some nice backing vox. I still hate this track with a passion. 1.5/5

11 Creosote
A nifty instrumental acoustic jam session-like track with a Mexican vibe. 3/5

12 Subcutaneous Phat
Really cool instrumental track featuring Dean Ween and has a very solid bass-line. It's got a really unique feel. 4/5

13 Bring It Back Gentle
The verses are really good in this track, but I don't like the chorusses. Josh is a great singer, but his voice just seems out of place on this track. I don't really hear anything I haven't heard before. 3/5

Total rating: 3.8/5

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January 14th 2004


I think that some of the songs on "Songs for the Deaf" were on previous Desert Sessions. I've been meaning to check out one of the Desert Sessions CDs for a while, and this will probably be the one I get, because I like PJ, plus it's easy to get at the moment. Nice review.

January 14th 2004


I have the CD as well and I think the review is fairly accurate. The CD is not spectacular, and it doesn't really mesh with itself well, but it is pretty interesting and the majority of the tracks are good.

January 14th 2004


ive heard bits of it. it just seems like a patchy record to me, so ive been put off buying it. i will try and get it as soon as i can though

January 14th 2004


I guess I'm the only one who totally loves this album? I'd say it was the album of 2003 for me, that and Mondo Generator's latest or Chimairas.

September 19th 2004


i wouldn't call it album of the yr or anything since it has its very obvious flaws here and there. 10 and 13 are my least favourite. great record tho, seeing it was made for fun without much - if any - commercial pressures. i can feel the vibe coming from the tracks. a bunch of musicians enjoying their favourite thing in the world - music-making.

September 20th 2004


I think it's a pretty decent record. 3/5

Tangy zizzle
September 20th 2004


I'd give it 3.5/5. It's nice enough, but definately has it's flaws.

I love the Des Sessions disc's cos' they always bring a lot of fresh stuff to the table.

May 15th 2005


I think this album is very good. It's much better than previous albums from the Desert Sessions series. The previous albums, for the most part, are great, but if this one has some really good, catchy rock tunes. I can't believe people don't like "Bring It Back Gentle." It has great guitar and some amazing vocals that I love.

November 6th 2005


Album Rating: 3.0

This is a really solid cd, but its probobly my 3rd favorite out of all of the sessions, id rank um

1) 1 & 2

2) 7 & 8

3) 9 & 10

4} 5 & 6

5) 3 & 4This Message Edited On 03.21.06

December 9th 2008


Album Rating: 4.0

Songs such as "In My Head" and "Make it Wit Chu" are both QOTSA songs. In fact they've features "Make it Wit Chu" on a few albums. And you did forget one track from Desert Sessions 9 & 10-- "Shepherd's Pie."

I've heard other Desert Sessions records and I like the collaboration of all the musicians. The instrumentals are weird and sometimes uncomfortable, but they can lay it down. This was PJ Harvey's first time working on a Desert Sessions and honestly, there was a tad bit too much of her. I like her voice and the songs she's in, but her yelling was a little much.

I give it a 4.0-4.5.

May 22nd 2014


Mostly just good musicians jamming.

I'm fine with that.

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