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Fading Days



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June 13th, 2005 | 5 replies

Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

Amber Pacific - Fading Days EP

Amber Pacific is an emotional pop-punk band that was form in 2003. Fading Days was their first record label release. They have sign with hopeless
record at the beginning of 2004.Notice tha they have change the band name, The original name was Follow Through. In 2005, they have released their
first LP which is Possibility And The Promise. They are also part of the Vans Warped Tour 2005.

Matt Young: Lead Vocals
Will Nutter: Guitar
Justin Westcott: Guitar
Greg Strong: Bass
Dango: Drums

Tracks Review

1. Thoughts Before Me

The song start with Matt Young singing along. Then the music start. You will notice that this song is very catchy. In fact the whole album is. I really like the chorus in this song. Matt Young vocals fit perfectly with the music and the back vocals. Also, the guitar work is great. This was the first song I have hear by Amber Pacific, to me this song is simply great. I mean, even the lyrics thought they are a bit simple, express a lot of emotions. Actually this song talk about love, I really like this part of the lyrics, this is also the first line of the song: '' So why should I take your hand when you can't promise happy endings" '' or this part ''Those tear stained eyes can make me feel so sad. And once again we're further away from what we never had''. To me this song is great, the song is work really well so that you will want to listen to it again and again.


2. Always You

This song is my favorite on this EP. Once again, very catchy. The song is more slow than the first one thought. The chorus are once again a strong part of this song. This band show you all their energy in this song like in the first one. Really good vocals, I know I have already said it, but Matt Young is great! This is song is still about love. It's the story of a guy that was in a reationship with a girl, the relation went wrong and he can't forget her. Simple, but really effective song. To me this song is a bit better than Thoughts Before Me. This song have something more that I can't really explain.


3. The Last Time

I really like the beginning of this song. It's start with guitar playing then it become really slow and calm. You hear Matt singing along the slow guitar sound. After, the song become fast again. This song is still great but not as good as the two others before. I really like the back vocals that are like in echos at some part of the song. This song to me would be about saying good bye for the last time to someone you love or that someone who you really love have just die and you will never see her again. Good song, good lyric and good vocals.


4. Letters Of Regret

This song is the shortest on this album. To me it is also the weakest song on it. I like the song, but their is less energy and effort than in the other songs. The best part of this song is the end of it. I really like the
part when he sing ''So send letters of regret. Itís not the words you never said''. After each verse you hear the back vocals that are really well done.


5. Here We Stand

The last song of the album is an acoustic song. Very slow, calm and relaxing song. Good song to end the album and it is different from the other songs. I prefer it ot Letters of Regret but it is not as strong as the three first songs of this album. Some people think this song is one of the best on this EP, but I just don't get into it.


This EP show you how much Amber Pacific have talent. In conclusion, this album is a great. Good pop-punk sound, nice lyrics and great vocals work. It's a good way to get into this band but if you want more I think you should rather get the new LP Possibility And The Promise.

*This is my first review, I would really like to get comments to know how I have to do better for the next I'll be doing one. So don't be to hard on me.*

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July 11th 2005


Album Rating: 3.0

I dont know about them, I downloaded a couple of songs from their full length (The Possibility and Promise) and heard their EP Fading Days. It's and "ok" album I guess, nothing outstanding or stand out tracks really. Really kind of disappointed after reading your review, was expecting more out of them. Loved the song Gone So Young though, thats a really catchy song, although it sounds familiar to another song I heard....

Your review on the other hand is pretty good, try to talk more into the instrumentations, lyrics, and overall feel of the song. Or even try to be adventrous and do an overall summary of the album. Oh and dont. Type like this. It really gets to people. Your know.

July 12th 2005


Thx for the feedback!

Take in mind, that this was my first review, I know I was little bit 2 generous in it. If I would review it again I would maybe give 3-3.5

Just take a look at my other review...I think I did a better job than on this one. Thx again!

January 25th 2006


Good review. In a way inspired my review on The Posibility and The Promies. well that, and the fact that i really wanted to. Really good job though.

April 10th 2011


Album Rating: 3.0

haha damn I remember this shit, way back in the day when I used painstakingly download full albums through limewire song by song...hah

April 28th 2011


I remember this band.

Digging: Skepta - Vicious

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