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June 8th, 2005 | 5 replies

Release Date: 1973 | Tracklist

Band lineup

Ozzy Osbourne-Vocals
Tony Iommi-guitars
Geezer Butler-Bass guitar
Bill Ward-Drums

Black Sabbath was having a lot of success with its few masterpieces. They were always repeating the same making process but they were a lot of changes into their music has into their life. With time, the band was falling down and down into the drug universe and their music began to change. Sabbath bloody Sabbath is in my opinion the turning point of their career.

Their music was still great and has sabotage, this album was refreshing and it seemed like never heard music. Sabbath bloody Sabbath is also a showcase for all band members and you never get rid of Ozzy’s voice. A huge change that for some may be an improvement is the place that synthesisers take on the album. I think if suits their music well but on ‘’who are you’’, it is a little too much.
Track reviews

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath- This is one of Black Sabbath’s success. It is pretty complex song if you look about what the band was usually writing. The song sounds really metal and speaks about a person who won’t get help to build his life. I just love the part in which Ozzy screams ‘’sabbath bloody sabbath, nothing more to do’’ and the riffs in this song are awesome. Their is also a smooth acoustic part between each verses and this fits completely into the song.

National Acrobat- A groovy guitar and bass riff begins that exciting song. The main riff is always the same and this song is really good musically. The message that I get in this song is you’ll get what you give. I think that everyone can get a different meaning to this song. Such a great song on the album.

Fluff-O.k. I don’t know if you read my others black Sabbath reviews but on Master of reality and sabotage, I criticised the instrumental songs of being not useful to the album features. Here is way better. This song is great and really smooth and I think it shows Iommi’s abilitys to play guitar. In fact, it shows that he can play something something else than what he is used to. This song get me off each time I listen to it.

Sabra Cadabra-A famous song of this album. Metallica covered this one on garage inc. but you don’t really have to listen to it… Still, here it remains a useful song on the album. It is more entertaining than what they were used to play. Also there are some synth arrangements on this song. They suit the song well.

Killing yourself to live-This song just proves that Black Sabbath began to write different music on this album. This song is just awesome. The message I get with this one is: you have to do things for you, not for the others. You are killing yourself to live if you do things for the others only. The bridge is also quite impressive and the song changes a lot all across its 6 minutes.

Who are you-There is a lot of synth arrangements on this song. Maybe too much for those who prefer Black Sabbath’s metal way to play their songs. Although I think this is a good song but it is really different. Maybe it should have less synth and more stuff played by all the band members. Not the best song out there.

Looking for today-Another cool song with bluesy tones and it suits the song really well. Still there, there are a lot of acoustic parts and man, it is awesome.

Spiral architect-This one begins by a smooth acoustic intro. Then it turns in typical black Sabbath. There are a lot of synth parts on this song too. I think this song feels short even if it lasts 5 minutes. The song is not repetitive and is refreshing. It is just insane.

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June 9th 2005


I'm the first commenter in 150 views! Still great review of an album I may now well go and buy. What year was it realeased in?

June 9th 2005


it was released in 1975 and was their 5th album. If youre a fan, i hardly recommend this album to you and sabotage may be a great choice too.

June 10th 2005


Ozzy is awesome...

July 23rd 2008


Album Rating: 5.0

Best part of Sabbath Bloody Sabbath is Ozzy screaming "You bastards" before the solo.

And this was the first Sabbath album I ever bought it was on sale for $9.99 and i've been a fan ever since.

March 13th 2014


Album Rating: 4.5


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