Vital Remains
Let Us Pray



by Freezing Moon USER (5 Reviews)
June 8th, 2005 | 5 replies

Release Date: 1992 | Tracklist

This album is a Death Metal classic in my mind. During the time Vital Remains was making this album, many of the Death Metal bands were singing about mutilating corpses and gore in general. Vital Remains instead powered their lyrics/vocals with a strong hate for Christianity. They wrote about Satanism, from a more mythological standpoint. Also, they refrain from having twenty songs entitled "Satan is Life", "*** Religion", "I Love Satan" and "Burn The Nearest Church". The vocals on the album are well delivered, and full of emotion. They're harsh, but they're far more understandable than lots of Death Metal.

The guitars on this album are raging, but they aren't concentrating soley on speed and the riffs flow well into eachother. The lead guitar work is great too. The solos jump out at me, and fit well with the songs. The riffs aren't just *chug* *chug* *chug* *chug* either. There is lots of variety, and some very cool melodies hidden within the assault.

The drums, while not as technical as say, Morbid Angel, are by no means extremely simple. They don't overpower the music, and keep rhythm very well. While not an extreme standout point, the drumming is still good.

I can't say the bass is spectacular on this album, but it doesn't really need excellent bass parts. It is driven by the feel behind it, and the bass does provide a good low end. It is playing the root most of the time, but it does stand out at certain points.

Another thing I like about this album is the song length. The songs are all between 4-8 minutes. I think this is a plus, because the songs aren't too short, or painfull long and boring. Lots of the songs have a good groove, and don't concentrate soley on going as fast as possible. Everything on the album flows well with everything else.

The cold guitar tone, and rawish production combined with the amazing vocal deliverance and lyrical themes makes for a full album of brutal onslaught, while still being listenable and highly enjoyable. This album makes me proud to be a Death Metal fan.

As far as recommended listening goes, really the whole album is worth hearing. This is for fans of Morbid Angel and similar old-school death metal bands. Anyone who likes these genres should definitly check out the amazing band that is Vital Remains.

4/5, an excellent album.

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June 8th 2005


Good work, sounds like a good album. They sound like Morbid Angel? Do you mean the early stuff?

Freezing Moon
June 8th 2005


They sound kind of like Altars of Madness, I guess. They're old school death metal, and Morbid Angel is probably the most well known old school death.

Check these guys out for sure.

June 8th 2005


I dont like them but great review. It would have helped if you'd said a recommended song for those of us who havent heard any and want a taster of them.

Freezing Moon
June 8th 2005


The whole album is really good, but if you want a sample check out the opening track, "War In Paradise".

April 26th 2007


Good review, but short. Haven't heard this yet, gotta luv icons of evil tho.

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