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Get Behind Me Satan



by Serenity USER (12 Reviews)
June 7th, 2005 | 89 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

Get Behind Me Satan is a radical departure from everything else the Stripes have done. In fact, many WS fans may find themselves baffled and turned off by the tracks, which use the marimba more often than the electric guitar.

If you're not already a White Stripes fan, this is not the album to get. Some of the tracks are difficult to get into, even for long time fans. It's their most disjointed, artsy and adventurous.

That doesn't make it the best, though. With only 13 tracks, one of which is a 34 second excursion that's just a tad bit creepy, it's the shortest album the Stripes have made.

Examining the tracks (four star scale):

Blue Orchid is the Stripes at their Led Zeppelin'ish. It's got a good riff and excess energy, so what more can you ask? Well, not quite as catchy as Fell In Love With a Girl or Seven Nation Army, but amply passable. 3/4

The Nurse is most likely the most polarizing track the Stripes have ever made. It's the most disjointed on the album, a bizarre combination of marimba's, intermittent loud drum bursts and signature Jack White vocals. I think it's a disaster, but others are likely to find some esoteric brilliance in it. 1/4

My Doorbell returns to White Stripes territory, even if it's not quite like anything the Stripes have done before. It's purely piano driven, and Jack spits out lyrics faster than he has before. 3.5/4
Forever For Her should be catchier than it is. It's recieved some praise as the best ballad Jack's ever written, but after multiple listens it still does not resonate. As it is, it's a nice track that makes sensible use of the marimba (unlike the Nurse), and has a nice feel to it. 3/4

Little Ghost is the purest country tune the White Stripes have ever made, with 3 or 4 vocal tracks (I think 2 are Jack and one is Meg, but I could be wrong) and an acoustic guitar that actually sounds more like a banjo. It's a nice track that's a little darker in theme than the presentation suggests. An awkward tempo transition is the only thing that bogs this otherwise top notch track down. 3.5/4

The Denial Twist may be the best track on the album. It's very groove oriented and Jack White has some really good lyrics to match the infectious beat. Once again, this is a piano/drums piece. 4/4

White Moon reminds me of This Protector off the White Blood Cells album, if slightly more developed. Jack likes to reference his previous songs, as is evident with the lyric, "truth doesn't make a noise" coming up. This song would be great with a chorus, but without one it's left to more or less ramble along. 2.5/4

Instinct Blues just rambles along, lacking a real form. It's very disorganized blues that completely lacks the punch "Ball and Biscuit" off Elephant had. As a result, the track is a bit of a mess. It has its moments, but just falls apart by the end. 2/4

Passive Manipulation is strangely creepy when you examine the lyrics. It's also barely a song-34 seconds???? I don't think that even qualifies for a 4 star rating, maybe I should divide it by 2. As it is, Meg White provides the vocals here; it's just a shame she doesn't get a song like the stellar "Cold Cold Night." 2/4

Take, Take, Take holds the key to this whole album, I do believe: This is a backlash against the popularity the White Stripes have gained. The track tells the story of a guy who happens to see Rita Hayworth and goes from merely asking for an autograph to asking for a lock of hair! it's perhaps the strongest storytelling Jack White has had yet, but it shows a little resentment in them, and I think that's why we got this very uncommercial album: the White stripes are telling us, "Leave us alone," or, perhaps, "Get Behind Me, Satan." 3/4

As Ugly As I Seem has a very nice acoustic groove to it and is a real highlight. It has some very nice acoustic guitar work-nothing real fancy, just very melodic. 3/4

Red Rain, with Blue Orchid, represents the harder, Led Zeppelin influenced Stripes on this album. After a little meandering in the beginning, it breaks into a strong track. Enjoy the electric guitar work here, all you rock fans, it's pretty good and it's about all you're going to get. 3/4

I'm Lonely perhaps demonstrates that recording with Loretta Lynn left a lasting impact on Jack White; this is a very Loretta'ish track, a nice little whiskey soaked country piano ballad. 3.5/4

Even I, an ardent White Stripes fan, was a bit perplexed by this disc. And, to be honest, it's a little disappointing-it's not as good as Elephant, perhaps not even as good as White Blood Cells and De Stijl (which were both strong albums). With some strong tracks, it's none the less well worth getting if you're a Stripes fan, but those not experienced with the Stripes be warned: this is NOT the album you want for an introduction to them.

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June 8th 2005


I think you reviewed this too soon. I'm not saying that beacuse it just came out. I'm saying that beacuse i don't think you haven't listened to it enough. I think this will grow on you. Of course the opening won't change much, but i think your track by track review will change with time. But yes, I definitely agree with you on the fact that this is not a good first cd for the white stripes. Not too bad of a review, just a little too soon

June 8th 2005


Well, I've listened to it a few times through. You're right in that some of the tracks may grow on me over time (maybe Forever for Her), though never the less I think my general impression of this album is not likely to change.

Pig on the wing
June 8th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

I think that all the comments made in this review are fair, but I just can't help absolutely loving this album. My favourite of the five, methinks.

I was lucky enough to find this album in a small record/CD shop 4 days before its actualy release, so I've had a bit more listening time than most. Who knows, maybe it'll grow on you.

My favourite song on the album is 'Forever For Her', followed closely by 'As Ugly As I Seem'.

Vamos Scorcho
June 8th 2005


the nurse is my favorite song!

Little Man being Erased
June 9th 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

I think "Take, Take, Take" is my favourite song, but the last four are all great.

June 9th 2005


You know what? I think this the best thing that The White Stripes have ever done. Considering how much I like their earlier stuff (pretty much their entire back catalogue, that says something). This, to me, is possibly the best of the "big name" new releases of the year so far, and I'm really hugely impressed by how they've changed their style here. Great stuff.

BCRich Buddy
June 10th 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

This is by far my favorite white stripes album to date. It still has that white stripes' feel to it, but oddly enough, its in almost a totally different way.

June 12th 2005


It's different, but they still have that White Stripes sound in them. It's just done different.

And I like it.

Pig on the wing
June 15th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

I did think that this was the best of The White Stripes to date.....but then I had another listen to Elephant; Which I'm afraid is the best album of all time and will always be so. Okay, so a little exaggeration maybe.......

June 17th 2005


This album is for me the weakest of the whole Stripes career, but , 'just a personal point of view u know... What make me go into that band was that they were so natural and original with that old sound which just sounded amazing, especially in the 1st album and the fact that they can make vey nice ballads too. But this album si just formless and I think we should all forget this and w8 for the next stuff and re-listen to the older album !!!!
But i would still give this album a 3stars
Sry for the grammar im not english :evil:

June 18th 2005


"Blue Orchid" is extremely annoying. I'll end up buying this some day, though.

June 21st 2005


i wouldn't call this one of the best albums the white stripes have ever done. that award either goes to the s/t or white blood cells. this is better than de stijl (an album i can't really seem to get into) and possibly better than elephant (their most diverse album before get behind me). this album is really good, and i love the fact that the guitar gets a bit less time in the spotlight. it makes it original and something new to listen to. i still would love to hear another great blues-rock album like the first one.

June 22nd 2005


The first album was only decent, in my opinion. I think I ended up trading it for Revolver...

June 24th 2005


their new stuff is wierd

June 25th 2005


I was pleasantly surprised when I heard this, thought it would be like Elephant, but boy was I totally wrong. Pretty good I must say, looking forward to seeing them live when they play songs off this album.

July 8th 2005


well the white stripes have changed a lot and that intruduction of marimba to their music is really something its not the best definetly my favorite is blue orchid it rocks the whole song i went to a concert just before the release from their album and the energie they give is amazing dont miss it

July 8th 2005


oo and one last thing meg white doesn't sing so bad live believe me it was a real shok for me to hear passive manipulation album version ...

July 9th 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

Actually i've heard the live versions of Passive Manipulation, and they're just as bad as the recorded version.

July 12th 2005


I haven't heard this album, but I'm glad it's different, because frankly, if I were to learn 5 different chords, I could pump out just as many bad, shitty-lyriced, trash songs as these two morons do. And I could probably play the boring, weak guitar parts, do they obscenely bad drums, and the loud, annoying, whiny vocals all at the same time. So like I said, I hope this album is better than the others because frankly, the White Stripes blow.

July 15th 2005


You write very well. While I'm no fan of The White Stripes, I just thought I'd tell you that.

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