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June 7th, 2005 | 23 replies

Release Date: 2003 | Tracklist

Having heard all 5 White Stripes albums so far in their career, I can say that Elepaht is the White Stripes' strongest, most consistent effort, full of diversity, vibrance and catchy hooks.

The disc has been called the Stripes' "British album" and for good reason-at points, it echoes British greats like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. But, the disc is uniquely their own. No other band around today creates such a diverse musical platform as the White Stripes, whose sound ranges from folksy to bluesy to hard rockin'.

The opening track and single, Seven Nation Army, has the standard Stripes material: Catchy riff, Bonham'ish drumming and Jack White's high pitched vocals over top. It's immensely listenable.

Other rock songs include Black Math, which is a punk influenced track with some nice guitar work and a real drive, and The Hardest Button to Button, which may have the simplest guitar part of the year but is also very catchy.

Hypnotize, like the rock songs of White Blood Cells, is an up tempo, riff driven rocker, as is Girl, You Have No Faith of Medicine, which is perhaps the first songs in rock history to make use of the word 'acetomediphine'.

Ball and Biscuit is perhaps the strongest blues track Jack White's ever written. It's dirty, gritty and full of loud, stomping solos.

Then there's the lighter side to the Stripes. Meg White makes her vocal debut (not counting harmonies on previous albums) with In the Cold, Cold night, a mellow little tune that is a highlight. I Want to Be the Boy to warm Your Mothers Heart is a piano driven track with a nice little ending octave switch by JW. And, You've Got Her In Your Pocket is a folksy acoustic track whose only detriment is a somewhat abrupt switch from major to minor key.

Beyond that, There's No Home for You Here is a sequal to Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground, with a similar verse pattern and a very loud chorus. I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself is a somewhat pompous, obnoxious cover, The Air Near My Fingers is perhaps the most British track and one of the strongest, and It's True that We Love One Another is a tongue in cheek duet (actually, triet, if there is such a thing, as Meg adds some vocals).

Little Acorns, the weakest track on the album, is a silly track with an even sillier spoken "inspirational" intro.

Elephant is the most mainstream of all the Stripes' albums and the most readily listenable. Highly reccomended.

out of four stars:
1. Seven Nation Army *** 1/2
2. Black Math *** 1/2
3. There\'s No Home For You Here ***
4. I Just Don\'t Know What To Do With Myself ** 1/2
5. In The Cold Cold Night *** 1/2
6. I Want To Be The Boy To Warm Your Mother\'s Heart *** 1/2
7. You\'ve Got Her In Your Pocket *** 1/2
8. Ball And Biscuit ****
9. The Hardest Button To Button ***
10. Little Acorns **
11. Hypnotize ****
12. The Air Near My Fingers ****
13. Girk, You Have No Faith In Medicine *** 1/2
14. It\'s True That We Love One Another ** 1/2

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Muddy Hendrix
June 7th 2005


It was a strong consistent album for the White Stripes, but I would've given it three and a half or four stars. Somehow, someway it seemed kind of bland to me. But that's just my opinion.

Pig on the wing
June 8th 2005


This was the first album I ever just listened to over and over, so I owe it a lot. Introduced me to music itself really, so its probably my favourite album of all time. But I'm biased, of course.

June 8th 2005


i think the white stripes are so unique and different that they can do anything they want and it will sound good

July 7th 2005


Haha, did you just say that Meg White played "Bonham'ish drumming"? Those two names don't fit together..

Anyway, nice review. I really need to buy this.

July 8th 2005


I don't understand how people like White Stripes. They just seem so talentless.

July 20th 2005


i have this cd and the only 2 good songs that are on it are hypnotize and seven nation army. thats really it. so before u go out and buy it listen 2 it from some1 who has it already and that way if u dnt like it u wont waste ur money.
p.s.- nice review

July 20th 2005


Album Rating: 1.0

I enjoyed this album when I didn't know anything about music. Now it's barely listenable to me anymore.

July 20th 2005


crash - crash - crash - crash

The Meg White special.

Jack on the other hand just plays boring chords and whines into a microphone.

Electric City
September 10th 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

Tenfootbrett- kick-snare-kick-snare-kick-snare

crash - crash - crash - crash

The Meg White special.

Jack on the other hand just plays boring chords and whines into a microphone.

Wait wait wait..... you're actually saying that JACK is the untalented one? Meg and her like u say kick snare kick snare crash crash crap is good drumming? Shes a disgrace to female drummers everywhere. Jack can play just about evrything and while his song writing is uninspired and his voice is not among the best, at least he can play two instruments and more than that.

Storm In A Teacup
September 11th 2005


I wrote the riff just like the one in Seven Nation Army over a year before they even released the album, which sucks for me. Plus I would have made the song good to and not have it be the entire song which I think is pretty lame.

October 26th 2005


Album Rating: 1.0

anyone seen rolling stones 100 greatest guitarists of all time..... jack white number 17??? beating mark knoppfler and van halen, wtf?

October 26th 2005


Album Rating: 1.0

100 greatest guitarists according to rolling stone

October 26th 2005


Album Rating: 1.0

slash pwn's kurt cobain so much, kurt cobain wasn't anything special when it comes to technique etc

October 26th 2005


This band have got to be one of the msot overrated of all time. No musical substance at all - tho admitadly 7 nation army is catchy. As for meg white why does she bother and jack white number 17 hahahaha

October 26th 2005


Album Rating: 1.0

Re: post

i've seen meg white in a drum book along side people like neil peart adn roger taylor etc. musically white stripes are a joke, band wise they're a joke.This Message Edited On 10.26.05

October 26th 2005


Album Rating: 1.0

if your gonna say technique is pointless when it comes to guitar say what is. back up your point.

also whos hotter edea or lulu?

October 26th 2005


Album Rating: 1.0

well ill disagree because things like melody, harmony etc aren't for every genre take slayer for example.

both = good choice

November 28th 2005



November 28th 2005


wow dude slash ws not even on the lit and wow thats all i can say for rolling stones top guitarest list i was surprired not to see billie joel armstrong and joe strummer or steve jones(unless they are on there) and another thing who picks the guitarest is it like someone picks out there 100 bandsand they put the guitarist down?And why is jimi hendrix always number 1 hes very very good don';t get me wrong but every list i see he's number one

November 29th 2005


Album Rating: 1.0

uyea, theres guitarists that could PWN hendrix if he was still alive.

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