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May 28th, 2005 | 1034 replies

Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

I had always counted Green Day as one of my favourite pop punk bands. I was never a huge fan, but I enjoyed quite a few of their fun-pop-punk songs.
I was quite disappointed when I found out that Green Day had jumped on the bandwagon, just like Good Charlotte, Blink 182 and Sum 41 had. Black make-up, no more fun lyrics, suddenly turning political and doing everything to seem emotional and mature. I was not happy about this change after seeing every member of Sum 41 dyeing his hair black. So when American Idiot gained an enormous fan(boy) base, I decided to stay far away from it.

So then there was American Idiot, the single, I enjoyed it, apart from the unoriginal, overdone lyrics. I saw Boulevard of Broken Dreams on charts everywhere, steadily seated at the top. Nothing persuading me to purchase the gem of every (pre)teen. Until the release of Holiday. An instant love, with its catchy power chord progression and the lead guitar playing something equally simple and catchy over it. Again, dark and political lyrics, but that didn't bother me, it was amazingly catchy and the "Hey!" in the verse works so well. It even has a nice solo. So I picked it up. And as much as I hate to admit it, it's good.

They might have an unoriginal image, they can still write some great songs. American Idiot would fit right on Dookie if it wasn't for the lyrics. Jesus of Suburbia. At first you think: '9 minutes" What is this, epic pop punk"', but they just decided to put a bunch of melodies into one long song. Most of the melodies on this album sound very familiar, so I'm tempted to think that they might not only be unoriginal in their image... though it might just be a coincidence. However, you can't deny that She's a Rebel is closely related to Nirvana's Molly's Lips(cover). Which makes it very easy to listen to. Familiarity is not a bad thing in this case though, most of the songs have enjoyable melodies, and that's still what pop punk needs, emotional or not. I even like Boulevard of Broken Dreams, a song that suffered from excessive overexposure, but because I don't listen to the radio or watch much TV, that didn't affect me. So if you can get over the fact that Green Day have become very emotional (Especially in tracks like Wake me up when September Ends, jeez, what is it with months being linked to emotionality all the time") and have become political and dare I say sold out (maybe), this is a very enjoyable album and worth to buy.

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May 28th 2005


First review by Superpeer since January! :eek: Right to the point, I like it, good one :thumb:

I have not listened to the album in whole, but many friends suggested that I should finally do it. From all I heard (the singles) it's not bad.

May 28th 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

What's wrong with politics? Green Day has come much farther forwards then any other pop-punk band in terms of this. Unlike Blink and Sum, it doesn't seem to me to be just a shtick, it's what they truly believe. I for one am quite happy to see bands actually doing what they believe is right, other then what makes them the most money.

May 28th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

Doing what they believe is right? And it just happens to be fashionable, eh? They were never so political before.

May 29th 2005


Album Rating: 2.0

get dookie instead, this dussnt live up 2 xpectations, very basic music, ne of there other albums are beter

May 29th 2005


love the album, my fave

May 29th 2005


Album Rating: 1.0

I never really liked Greenday...however, this album of theirs is listenable.

A lot of the album seems like filler...a LOT. The whole middle section seems to have no point to it whatsoever. And the song St. Jimmy? It almost sounds like a complete ripoff of Blitzkrieg Bop by The Ramones.

However, Holiday, probably the best song on the album, saves it, along with a few other tracks.

My 2 cents.

May 30th 2005


Blinks step forward was emotional, Sum 41s was kinda confusing but still worked to a degree. Green Day suddenly got waaaayyy too political for my liking. The music is still the same old pop punk, but i tune out of the lyrics. Politics and music should be kept seperate.

May 30th 2005


music and poltics should be together in music.lets tkae a trip back 10 years if rage aginst the macihine dident have poltical lyrics were would i have found out how fu*ckt up this world is?and it wasent just me it was millions of other teenages music is about freedom of speech and i sure as hell prefer a band to sing about poltics than there girl friend backing up with them and them wanted to kill them sleves cos of it(cough cough ***the used***cough)music gets things done the right way by making poeple belive that they are not a slave to somthing that they dont belive in...

May 30th 2005


Now onto bands changin there imaage sudenly i think its bull****there selling into there record companys buy trying to fit into a fad that will make them more money(im talking bout emo)now lets go back 18years and youo will rember hair metal how long did this fad last for 4-5 years?.in 10 years these silly little imature bands muic about depression will be looked down open n well be thinking s*hit how did i like this crap.i think pop punk bands should stick to there guns and keep singin bout there girlfriends and fart jokes i mean if we dont have musik like that who would i have to sit in my chair and laugh at?

May 30th 2005


Green Day has gotten VERY political in the last couple of years--but it's good all the same. As for me, I agree mostly with what they say in their lyrics--and their riffs are pretty catchy, considering they're just about teh same power chords in every song.

Now, as a flower blooms as i decay 101 says, they're getting into Emo. Well, I can tell you that Sum 41, Good Charlotte and those bands are becoming Emo, but Green Day definitely isn't Emo--they have too much of a goofy history be Emo all of a sudden.

May 30th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

Now, as a flower blooms as i decay 101 says, they're getting into Emo. Well, I can tell you that Sum 41, Good Charlotte and those bands are becoming Emo, but Green Day definitely isn't Emo--they have too much of a goofy history be Emo all of a sudden.

Sum 41 was even goofier, so that's no excuse. And you're not thinking of emo, you're thinking about that they're becoming whiney pop punk. Emo = Hardcore punk music.

captain chris
May 31st 2005


Greenday have got boring very quickly if u ask me, (which none of u have but i am going to carry on anyway) they used to be okay back in the day when they were not mainstream and u didnt hear them every two secs. this album was over rated, and even more annoyingly, this album has got ppl who hated rock music to like it (chavs, pikies) and it is annoying cause they r all like,
"o yeah we love greenday" when a week before they were taking the p*ss out of liking it! everything now is a fad and i am not happy about it.

smooches xxx

June 1st 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

This album is totaly awesome, but american idiot was over played on the tv/radio and by myself so it quickly became boring but now i enjoy it again.

This album rocks 4.5/5.0

June 3rd 2005


Album Rating: 2.0

'Peer knows my thoughts of the band and this album but i thought id say one thing. If hear 'Wake Me Up When September Ends' again, i will stab myself in the face.

You are very right in saying that they jumped on the politics band wagon, and i much prefered them when it was about fun (which, last time i checked, was what pop-punk was about). getting wasted and all that stupid stuff you would come to expect from a boppy and relatvily musically immature band.

Now they went and ruined, and i wish they'd shut the hell up about Bush. Does anyone actually care? I certainly dont.

Nice review though, very frank.This Message Edited On 06.03.05

June 7th 2005


This is my favorite recording of all time, so far. As for being grouped in with shit like Bad Charlotte: let's see Bad Charlotte or Simple Plan or whoever write a fucking rock opera.

The reason Billie Joe chose September for that song is because his father died in September, and now it seems to him that September always brings him bad luck.

St. Jimmy doesn't sound like a ripoff of Blitzkreig Bop, I have no fucking clue where you got that from. Now, it IS the same style of music, maybe that's what confused you.

June 7th 2005


Finally, politics. Originally, they had a completely different album to release before they started work on AI. AI came about when the original album's masters got stolen. Later, when Dirnt was messing around in the studio, he recorded a 30 second "vaudeville-esque" song. Billie liked it, and he and Tre worked on their own. They linked the songs together and that track became Homecoming. Realizing they had something, Billie began to write more songs. With the upcoming election, he gave it a small political twist. HERE'S THE IMPORTANT PART:

American Idiot is NOT a political story! Rather, it's a story about 3 fictional characters and their interactions with each other in a contemporary world, with the theme of rage vs. love permeating throughout.

June 24th 2005


"American Idiot" is one of the worst Green Day songs. It's lyrically just plain stupid, and he adds to the stupidity live. The rest of the album, though, is actually rather good. Green Day haven't made a good album since Dookie, so I was rather surprised.

June 25th 2005


I don't see anything that much repetitive about this album at all. Every song seems to be distinct and recognizable, and they don't blend. Meh..that's just my opinion.

June 25th 2005



To this day, I fail to understand the hype over this album. It's decent, nothing more.

June 25th 2005


Old Green Day better, but i still love American Indiot


good review too

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