Out of Exile



by mranti USER (21 Reviews)
May 28th, 2005 | 125 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

Where as Audioslave’s self-titled debut understandably sounds like a split between Rage Against The Machine and Soundgarden, their sophomore album “Out Of Exile” gives off more of a unified sound that stands on its own. Tom Morello stills busts out in the middle of practically every song to make outlandish sound effects from his guitar, and Chris Cornell still hits vocal notes that not many have the bragging rights of, but individual style aside there is a progression to a more identifiable Audioslave sound. Some listeners may be turned off to the more frequent mellow moments of the album, for instance “Be Yourself”, but considering the successful impact of “Like A Stone” from their previous effort, those who are skeptical will most likely lift their lighters after a few listens. Considering how many bands release album after album of the same old same old, “Out Of Exile” can be appreciated merely for the fact that it sounds a bit different. Whether or not the whole album is a step up, Audioslave’s 2005 release surpasses their debut in a number of songs. “Doesn’t Remind Me” showcases a side of the band not before seen, not just with the instrumental structure but with lyrics that paint a more humourous and optimistic image, that resembles a bit of Pearl Jam and Neil Young. Directly after is a straight-out rock track titled “Drown Me Slowly”, which more or less gives an idea of who Audioslave is with this album, and proves to accompany the opening track “Your Time Has Come” in feel. For a fan of Chris Cornell’s Temple Of The Dog tunes, “Heaven’s Dead” will rank right next to “Call Me A Dog” with it’s emotional yet somber approach that begs repeated listens. Following are pounding moments like “The Worm” and relaxed moments like “Yesterday To Tomorrow” which puts out diversity from start to finish. Going into this album, Audioslave had a great number of songs to chose from, and the outcome does not disappoint. Overall, “Out Of Exile” may turn away some and draw in some, but it holds the same amount of creativity and emotion proving its lasting power and it’s deserving of any rock fans consideration. “Out Of Exile” is a great album, a great follow-up, and a great purchase.

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Out of Exile is an excellent rock album and release as Audioslave express their talents as musicians...

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May 28th 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

'Paragraphs are your friend'

The reviews not bad, though it could need a bit more info (I know, I'm always a bit picky... ;))

Anyways, good effort. :thumb:

May 28th 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

its a great album!

May 28th 2005


Good review, but pharagraphs and a track-by-track listing would be nice

I haven't heard this album in it's entirety, but it feels to me that Audioslave is still lacking a major drive behind their music. While they have come together a lot more as musicians since their debut, I just feel something empty when I listen to most of their songs, especially on this album.

I did rather like "Be Yourself" though, no matter what people may say about it :p It's a good, powerful song in it's own right. Now, if they could just make more like that...


May 28th 2005


This is a 9/10 album in my book. i just got it yesterday and i was very pleased. Tom Morello's playing on this album was awesome

May 28th 2005


Agree completely with your review, Heavens Dead especially was what I'd been waiting for from Audioslave for a long time. Although you didn't mention the albums high point, being The Curse, very Soundgarden esque, all in all nice review. (Never thought I'd start reviewing reviews)

May 29th 2005


I think that its a really good album. The single "Be Yourself" is an awsome song. The thing about Audioslave, is that they can be soft and relaxing. Then again, be loud and heavy for rocking out. Thats what I love about them, because theyre new album has all of that to offer.This Message Edited On 05.28.05

May 29th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

4 out of 5 sounds about right to me, it took a couple listens to really get into but I like the mellow chilled out feel of some of the songs not everyone who liked the last one will enjoy this it's more of a step away from their former bands into their own sound. 3.5 is by no means bad if you liked the last albums more ecclectic songs you'll definately like thisThis Message Edited On 05.30.05

changed rating to a solid 4This Message Edited On 06.02.05This Message Edited On 08.17.05

May 29th 2005


hmmmm what i dont get is why people flame audioslave so much.i mean there last acheivment witht ehre self titled album did sound like rage aginst the machine guitar wise but with chris cornell it sounded amazing i mean he hit notes that soundgarden wouldant have let him achive and his voice sounds amazing in heavy rock songs like "show me how to live" and "what you are"/im probly getting out of exile from a friend tmorrow if its anyware near as good as there self titled ill be pleased by miles

May 29th 2005


You what, this is an awesome album, great diversity from a band who collectively have grown as musicians, and heres the product. If its mindless fun and " my girlfriend left me "lyrics you want, go and buy busted, if you want something with cleverlly written lyrics, and a musically sound album get this

May 29th 2005


You what, this is an awesome album, great diversity from a band who collectively have grown as musicians, and heres the product. If its mindless fun and " my girlfriend left me "lyrics you want, go and buy busted, if you want something with cleverlly written lyrics, and a musically sound album get this

May 30th 2005


Its a really good album. To me, Audioslave will never be as good as either Soundgarden or RATM, but I feel that this CD shows their growth as a band. It has a much more 'unified' sound than their last album, as if the band has developed a kind of cohesion while on tour, however you can still hear elements of their former bands, in Cornell's vocals and Morello's guitar solo's especially. I also enjoy alot of the basswork and drumming on the album. All in all I think its a superior disc to their last. My favorite song so far is Heavens Dead.

May 30th 2005


IMO i think this album goes above and beyond there previous self titled effot.it sees audioslave take on there own sound and not just be like rage against the machine with chirs cornell sining over the top of it(it still has some guitar lines that sound reminesant of ratm).but i will enjoy seeing this band from over time i think that there next rleease will see the band at there full potentional with there own sound i look ford to it
4 outta 5;)

June 6th 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

Got this a few days ago, and like the 1st one i found that it takes a while to get into, but the patience is well worth it. "Be Yourself" is a good single, cathcy, etc, though the clear highlights for me were "The Curse" and "Out of Exile" Would be great to see how the next album turns out (fingers crossed)

June 9th 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

So, finally had the chance to check this one out. I like it somewhat better than the self titled album, but this is not exactly my style of music. 'Be yourself' is a great song though.

Still progression from the first one, nice one. 3.5/5 from me.

June 12th 2005


Out of exile is an amazing album, i dont think theyll ever be as good as Rage though. My favorite songs are "Drown me Slowly" and "You Time Has Come"


June 15th 2005


Album Rating: 3.0

Hmmm... I really cant get into Audioslaves song on this album, but I did like the song "Be Yourself". Alot of the songs really don't stick out, or have their own identitys in my opinion. I don't mind that mellow sounds of Audioslave, but they need to work out some kinks to become a better/tighter band altogether. Great review by the way!

June 16th 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

I liked this album more than I did the first. I don't like the choice of singles, however. I don't like "Be Yourself" as a single because it doesn't allow anyone to really hear Morello's skill as much as "Doesn't Remind Me" or "Drown Me Slowly". "Your Time Has Come" reminds me of "Cochise" and it also doesn't really justify the skill Morello has. I like how all the songs seem to be able to do Tim justice though. His basslines are catchy.

June 17th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0


revolver, your right.

i think if they were to release those to songs as singles (Be Yourself, Time has Come), they should have released Time has COme first and then Be Yourself. I also hope they make "Dandelion" as a single...

June 18th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

Good album

my favorite song is Heavens Dead, its so mellow

how did they pull off Your Time Has Come when the music is soooo close to Cochise


June 19th 2005


It's a great album, but the review ...This Message Edited On 06.19.05

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