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Release Date: 1994 | Tracklist

Right, I'm doing this one now purely for the reason that brycey doesn't do it first :D NOTE: This is basically a rip off of his style as well, because he presents them well.

[b]The Offspring - Smash
Epitaph Records
August 1995


Dexter Holland - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Noodles - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Greg. K - Bass, Backing Vocals
Ron Welty - Drums

This is probably The Offspring's most credible album, as it retains the raw sound of their early days, has some politically aware lyrics, and was the album that broke them to the mainstream. This is, for many (including myself) the definitive Offspring album, and one of the big 3 albums of the early 90s Punk movement (others being Rancid's ..And out came the wolves and Green Day's Dookie). Curiously enough, this is the biggest selling independently released album of all time.

1. Time to Relax
2. Nitro (Youth Energy)
3. Bad Habit
4. Gotta Get Away
5. Genocide
6. Something to Believe in
7. Come Out and Play (Keep 'm seperated)
8. Self Esteem
9. It'll be a long time
10. Killboy Powerhead (Didjits cover)
11. What happened to you"
12. So Alone
13. Not the one
14. Smash

I have to say that there really isn't a track I don't enjoy on here (excluding time to relax, its only an intro) , but if you really forced me, I would reccommend getting:

Self Esteem
What Happened to you"
Come out and Play
Bad Habit
Gotta Get Away

Now for a track by track analysis: (Again, not including time to relax)
  • Nitro (Youth Energy): This is a fast paced intro to a great album. It really shows what The Offspring are capable of, the fast music, and catchy uplifting choruses. A stereotypical Offspring track showing exactly what they do best.
  • Bad Habit:One of my favourite tracks on the album. The song starts with Dexter singing over a slow bassline, going into a fast verse and a loud, shouty punk chorus. the lyrics are excellent through the song, about a driver who gets pissed and shoots at people who cut him off.
  • Gotta Get Away:Another of my favourite tracks. Starts with a good bassline and drum beat going into one of the best riffs on the album. Again, the song has an infectious chorus.
  • Genocide: those who bought Ixnay will recognise the riff on this as the one from Change the World. Although a good song, not one of the best.
  • Something to Believe in: A deep, moving song with the lyrics echoing the title, Dexter is looking for something to believe in. Again, not a standout track although very enjoyable.
  • Come out and play The track that broke them to the mainstream. I have to say, its very easy to see why. A great riff, cool middle eastern melody, and a great singalong chorus. Although very poppy, its at least retains some credibility (unlike Original Prankster etc.)
  • Self Esteem: Hands down my favourite track on the album until I heard Smash. Unusually structured, the chorus is just shouting over a superb riff heard in the intro, and the verse has almost no guitar. A great bass line helps to complement Dexter singing about being there for a girl and getting nothing in return. Anyone who has been in this position can't help getting attached to the song.
  • It'll be a long time: One of the more political songs on the album, about waiting a long time for the world to come to its senses and stop destroying itself. Standard good song really, nothing special and nothing bad either.
  • Killboy Powerhead: Didjits cover. A good song with cool drumming in the (repetitive) chorus. Onething this does for you is show you how strong the offspring's songs are, as most are better SONGS than this, although this is more punk and just as catchy.
  • What happened to you":One of my favourite tracks again. A song about the effects of smoking marijuana in a ska style, it provides some relief from the hard hitting songs. There is even a cool guitar solo, not often seen in Offspring songs.
  • So Alone: My least favourite song on the album. Very repetitive, not one of their best IMO.
  • Not the one A really political track, about their generation being blamed for the world's problems although it is not their fault, and how the next generation will suffer just the same. this is one of the songs to show a punk fan who feels The Offspring aren't punk enough.
  • Smash: Best song on the album, period. Most rock fans will empathise with the lyrics, it just has to be heard. Get the song if you can't afford the album. A real teenage anthem for rock fans.

So, in short, if you are a fan of punk, pop pink, rock in general, catchy choruses and hard hitting instruments, then get it. The peak of the career of a great band.


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January 10th 2004


I completely agree with that. It's pretty much the album that got me into music (of any type), and even after hearing it so much, it's still one of my favourites (and definitely my favourite punk album). I can't really say anything about it that you didn't say in the review, except that my least favourite song is probably Killboy Powerhead, and I didn't know that was a cover. Anyway, nice job.

January 10th 2004


I think Smash is the only punk album I own. That says something.


January 10th 2004


I HATE YOU! :angry::angry::angry:

anyway, the review is probably better than mine would've been. :thumb:

February 13th 2004


i agree, but u forgot to mention the wierd instrumental version of come out and play which is a kinda secret track if you leave the last track playing for ages.

February 13th 2004


I absolutely adore this album - it's something i can really identify with and no matter what my mood i can listen to it any time. The lyrics are deep, well written and have a lot of evident effort in them.

February 13th 2004


^ amen to that brother

February 13th 2004


This thread is about a month old :rolleyes:

February 13th 2004


[QUOTE=spoon_of_grimbo]i agree, but u forgot to mention the wierd instrumental version of come out and play which is a kinda secret track if you leave the last track playing for ages.[/QUOTE]

but that isn't a proper track.

February 13th 2004


me and a friend were just discussing yesterday how this was really their only good album.

i used to listen to this all the time when i was younger...

February 23rd 2004


^^^^haha how wrong and closed-minded you are my friend.

then again its that **** opinion thing again


February 23rd 2004


Album Rating: 5.0

Smash is 5/5

Best offspring album.

February 23rd 2004


its opinion man. just like saying you are "skatemaster" is a grossly oppinionated statement.

February 23rd 2004


^ coming from the guy who told me i was close-minded cause i didn't like the offspring's other albums :rolleyes:

if you give an album a chance and actually listen to it, then still don't like it, how is that being close-minded? i liked smash, so whenever i listened to the other offspring records i was expecting to like them... but was disappointed.

what would you say is their best album nohero?

March 17th 2004


good review but i disagree with you saying its pop punk its more punkrock/rock in my opinion. I bought this because i had a few quid spare not thinking it would be that good but it turns out its a very good album and i was suprised about that.

Drunk Hobo
March 17th 2004


On 'What Happened To You', there's a really awesome slide that Noodle's does, and I just can't get that sound. It's a surf slide, about 1:10 into the song I think.

I should buy this album :thumb:

March 17th 2004


Album Rating: 5.0


Yes you should.

March 17th 2004


[QUOTE=DimebagDarrell]good review but i disagree with you saying its pop punk its more punkrock/rock in my opinion. I bought this because i had a few quid spare not thinking it would be that good but it turns out its a very good album and i was suprised about that.[/QUOTE]

Yeah but if you don't say pop-punk then you get a million hXc punks saying they're pop-punk.

On a side note, I saw them on Saturday, and they played 4 songs from this (Come out and Play, Gotta Get Away, Bad Habit and Self Esteem).

March 17th 2004


^And none from their first two. :upset:

March 20th 2004


i love this album. ive been listening to it since second grade.

March 20th 2004


i think that i already said something about this cd....

but it kicks some major a'ss

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