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Release Date: 1998 | Tracklist

Okay I won't bother going into detail on the history of Pearl Jam since you'll either know, and if you don't there's plenty of information on the net, this album is Pearl Jam's fifth release after the ill received No Code, this album see's Pearl Jam reurn to some of the hard rock aesthetics of their first two releases while still retaining some of more experimental stuff picked up from No Code and Vitalogy.

1. Brain Of J: The album opens with one of the best tracks of their career. Seriously you'd be hard pressed to find a more rousing hard rocker than this song. Vedder's on top form as he wails like a banshee before he goes all quiet then bursts back into life again. Great riff too. 5/5

2. Faithfull: This is a slower number and gives off a really strange atmosphere, took a while for me to get into but its become another fave of mine. The chorus is worth an honourary mention with Eddie singing "We're faithfull, we all believe, we all believe it", the way this is sung truly needs to be heard. 5/5

3. No Way: No Way actually reminds me a lot of later Pearl Jam albums, kind of a signifier to where they were going. To be honest I've tried to like this song, it's got quite a cool riff but it just seems to trundle along forever and is one I skip quite a bit. 2/5

4. Given To Fly: Now this is where the album picks back up, its easily the best ballad since Nothingman on Vitalogy, better even, it's about a guy who learns to fly, then tries to teach humanity but ends up getting stabbed by the first people he meets (a reference to christ perhaps?), the song just builds and never lets up with the beauty. 5/5

5. Wishlist: Another brilliant ballad, just a basic repeated riff with Eddie singing about wishing he was different things, but oh so nice. 4/5

6. Pilate: When this song starts it seems as if its going to be another ballad (no bad thing) but exactly 40 seconds into it it picks up into a pretty cool hard rocker. 3/5

7. Do The Evolution: A lot of peoples fave PJ song, and its easy to see why, probably the absolute heaviest thing they've done and easily one of their greatest. Hard not to scream along to this the whole way through, the video is also class. 5/5

8. Untitled (Red Dot): This is basically just one of those little skits PJ do so often (like Bugs), its actually a lot like the Commando theme but since it's not a proper song I won't rate it.

9. MFC: After the slight strangeness of the previous track the absolutley brilliant opening riff to MFC begins and you know this songs going to be good, and it doesn't dissapoint. All round great song. 5/5

10. Low Light: This is another ballad, great as per usual, its also probably the most heart-felt of the album. 4/5

11. In Hiding: Yet another ballady type song, definitely good but not as good as the previous ballads. 3/5

12. Push Me, Pull Me: The experimental stuff returns with a force here, a really wierd tune, with Vedder just talking the lyrics while the rest of the band chime in at the chorus in a really wierd voice, but since I love their experimental stuff...4/5

13. All Those Yesterdays: The album ends with another experimental song, not as strange as the previous but still quite strange, not that great though. (There's also a hidden track, but its short and not really worth mention) 3/5.

All in all this is an absolute belter of an album, every Pearl Jam fan should own it, and I also reckon that it's this and not Ten that would make for a good starter album. (Just my opinion though).

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May 22nd 2005


I remember falling asleep to this album years ago. It shows Pearl Jam's ability to have so much range and scope on an album yet it all sounds together and coherent.

It has a strange, green, jungle (no thanks to Jack Irons who deserves a rather big mention), psychedelic mood that can't be explained.

Wishlist shows their ability to be subtle, yet in a way it screams out pain and anguish.

Every song is great, and I also love the hidden track.

Get this now.

May 22nd 2005


hmmmmmm i my self am a huge and i mean huge pearl jam fan.but after the relaese of "no code"this mighy band seamed to fall off of the band waggon of grate ness and fade into the wood not sayign that this album is ither bad or epic i think that "pearl jam"matured with age and felt the need to tkae out there electric guitars and replace them with accoustic ones(this is more proment on "riot act"pearl jams latest relesase").but if your a fan of the song "black" or "release" from pearl jams first album "ten"you should fall in love with this album

May 22nd 2005


easily my fave album by pearl jam. its just so complete, i can listen to every tracka and i like pretty much all of them. in hiding deserves a way better review than that man, thats one of the best choruses in PJ's catalogue. its packed full of hits too, like wishlist, given to fly, do the evolution, etc. MFC is a really good song too.

May 28th 2005


One of their best albums. It's pretty straight-forward rock, but that's not bad, as it's damn good straight-forward rock.

May 28th 2005


"this album see's Pearl Jam reurn to some of the hard rock", its supposed to say return, oops just noticed that now

August 16th 2005


Im gonna have to pick this up, because its one of the only PJ albums I dont have, and i love the song Do The Evolution.

Does anyone know what happened to the Lost Dogs review?

December 25th 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

This is my second favorite PJ album. It just has so much t offer the listener, hard rockers, great ballads and experimental stuff.

December 25th 2005


great album, god awful review.

Tarantino's Tarantulas
December 28th 2005


Ive heard that Pearl Jam really decayed after Vitalogy, but from the sound of what people here are saying, I think I should check this out

February 2nd 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

yep you should this album is awesome. I agree it is a good starting point along with Ten to Pearl Jam. It is rockin and emotional and soft all in one! In Hiding definately needed a higher rating though

February 2nd 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

This gets a 4/5.

It's no 'Ten' or 'Vrs.' but it is an excellent album on its own. The album starts great and ends great but the mid section is a bit of a snooze.

April 16th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

I recently bought this album, and thought it was way better then Vitalogy. Dont get me wrong, Vitalogy is still a great album, but I find Yield was a lot better.

April 21st 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

^i think Vitalogy was better than this. This was still good though. I need to listen to it a bit more though. Wishlist is a great, calm tune.

May 20th 2006


also low light and (my favourite song from this album) all those yesterdays are quiet but beautiful songs

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