Killswitch Engage
The End of Heartache



by rustysurf84 USER (7 Reviews)
May 20th, 2005 | 8 replies

Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

This is my 1st review.. tell me how you guys like it

KSE is
Vocals- Howard Jones
Guitar- Adam Dutkiewicz
Guitar- Joel Stroetzel
Bass- Mike D'Antonio
Drums/percussion- Justin Foley

This is KSE's 3rd release(AOJB and self titled before it)
Not hearing most of AOJB and just one song of of their self titled album, i cant really compare this album to their other works
Overall, this is a very good CD with few low spots and some very good guitar and drum work(base work isnt bad, but isnt outstanding)

Now for the Songs

1. A Bid Farewell- A very good opener to the album. The start opens well, but IMO, it repeats "sever the tides" a bit too much. Very good bridge. A good start to the album. 8/10

2. Take this Oath- Once again, the start of the song rocks. The screaming and singing blend well together and with the drumming(which is awesome) and the guitars. Only one problem with the song, the bridge to me sounds like they tried to hard to sing personally, but its not bad. After the bridge one of the best points of the album with the drumming and screaming "this is your time.. BURN" Very good song. 8.5/10

3. When Darkness Falls- The hyena scream definitly says alot about this song. Possibly the heaviest song on the album. Lots and lots o screaming which is well done. The lyrics are also very meaningful(past g/fs?). Personally, i think they once again tryed too hard to sing on the chorus, but its not bad. This song was on Freddy vs Jason, so youve probly heard it. Takes a little while to get into, but a very good song. 8/10

4. Rose of Sharyn- Ah, rose of sharyn. Well, this is probly the most mainstream song along with "The end of heartache", but its the better of the 2 IMO. "Numb and broken here i stand alone" really means alot to me, knowing how that feels. Very meaningful lyrics, but not as good heavy guitar work. Overall a good song, but defintily not the best on the album.

5. Inhale- Instumental, im not gonna rate, but it definitly flows well into the next song...

6. Breathe Life- Here we are, breathe life. Great start of the song with the guitars and screaming. "Now we are dying, dying the slowest death" is well said and in a good spot in the song. The chorus is the best "singing" part of the album IMO. Howard shows good range on this song, but i think its cut short by the start of "The end of heartache". This could be my CD, but it seems like it ends early. Good solo and excellent song everall. 9.5/10

7. The End of Heartache- Personally, I dont think the next 3 songs are KSE's best efforts, but they arent bad. This song was released for the Resident Evil soundtrack and once again, youve probly heard it. Too much singing IMO and not enough KSE. OK guitar part, but not there best efforts.

8. Declaration- Personally, i have never liked declaration, partially cause it repeats itself alot. and i mean alot. The guitar sounds very similar to another song on the track.. hmm? Filler? if it is, its pretty good. 6/10

9. World Ablaze- Once again, a letdown. I think they repeat themselves alot and really don't live up to the title of the song. They repeat themselves alot, and it sorta gets annoying. Dont worry though, the end of the album picks up fast. 6/10

10. And Embers Rise- Once again, a well done instumental. Shows that they can actully play their instuments, which is good. Leads very well into Wasted Sacrifice.

11. Wasted Sacrifice- And the highlight of the album, Wasted Sacrifice. This song is completly awesome. From the start, it sounds like an epic song. The great build up from a harsh whipser to full blown screaming is awesome. And the lyrics totally rock. The screaming of "HEED MY CRY!!" is sweet. The whole song flows extremly well and is definitly what song i think of when i listen to KSE. 10/10

12. Hope is...- Now, IMO, this song is very good. BUT, according to people who listen to AOJB, this sounds a whole lot like a song on there. But, since i havent heard it, i will review this on what i know. A very good song and a good closer to the album. Good start of the song with the guitar and screaming. "This is our moment, will you stand with me". Overall a very good closer to a great album

A very good album and great band

Overall i give the album a eight out of ten (sorry my numbers broke)


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May 21st 2005


This review is poo.

May 22nd 2005


Good review. I bought this CD about a week ago, and I love it. It's awesome. Their 2 instrumentals should be heavier though, I need some good heavy instrumentals right about now.

I give this CD 9/10.

May 22nd 2005


Rose of SHaryn is my favorite song, I liked it before I heard it on the radio so stfu

May 22nd 2005


I got this cd, and I like it. Good solid riffs, a nice solo in "Breathe Life", and some lighter moments in the instrumentals. Good diversity. But, I'm not always a bif fan of screaming over chugging daeth metal riffs, so i'll give this a personal 8/10. And Rose Of Sharyn is an awesome song.

May 23rd 2005


Album Rating: 3.0

im not sayin rose of sharyn is a bad song, its just IMO not as good as breathe life, take this oath, or wasted sacrifice but its definitly a good song

June 19th 2005


The review was ok..
Could have been set up more professionally I guess.
I also tend to disagree with you a lot too. The End of Heartache is probably one of their best songs. Also, the instrumentals are very nice, good relief from all the aggressive screaming..

Again, the review was alright.

June 19th 2005


Decent review...however, try to go more in depth on your track interpretations next time.

I love this album...its very catchy, i think. Its got that undeniable heaviness, yet also that soulful melodicness at the same time. Howard > Jesse IMO. He can just sing a lot better.

I say 9/10. Its not perfect, but its a great listen.

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