Better days not included



by Damrod EMERITUS
January 14th, 2005 | 1 replies

Release Date: 1999 | Tracklist

Some general impressions
This is the first (major) album of the band. The production time was very short, and sadly, this gets very clear and obvious. The Intro and Outro with a "Part-time Opera" singer is a nice idea. The first songs do a good job. 'Nothing left' is a good rock opener, and 'You can not' gets it further up. Just makes you wanna jump. Everything goes fine up to the song 'True faith'.

Cover Versions are everytime a hard thing to discuss. This is a cover of the New Order song. And compared to the original, it has a much darker atmosphere, and goes at a much faster pace. This cover is not bad, but I must confess I still like the original better. But good work done there.

After this song, the songs get back into the same pace and style they were before 'True Faith'. The songs just feel very long, though the play time is always about 3 minutes. It feels like 5 or more. That is where the record loses all it's potential.

What I really like about the album:
In general, the songs are well done. Although the songs sound like "everyday rock/punk", they are still enjoyable. Especially the songs up to 'True Faith' are good. And 'Suitcase life' and 'Outshine the world' among the best of those IMO.

What was not so good:
Now for the downside. What I expirienced every time I listened to this album was, that I got the feeling, that it stretched very long. (About the last third of the album) One reason for this is, that many songs sound very similar. Possibly because the creativ- and production time for this record was pretty short. Sad, with a bit more time, this record could have been much better.

'Better days not included' is clearly the weakest of all Donots albums so far. It stretches to long, and I often got the feeling "When is this song over already"!" Not a thing that should happen while listening to an album. Many songs sound much like others on this record. The songs in general are not bad, with some more time this could have been a much better record. Most of the latter songs sound better if listened to seperatly, not in the normal flow of the album.

For folks who want to discover The Donots, or the rock/punk-rock genre in general: Better stick to 'Pocketrock' or 'Amplify the good times'. This is something for the Punk guy, who seeks some temporary new music to listen to, or the hardcore Donots fan.

My suggestions to get an impression of the record: Outshine the world, Suitecaselife, You can not, Static, True faith

Rating: 2.5 - 3/5 :)

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November 12th 2007


Album Rating: 2.0

i got this for my younger sister. she didn't like it much. neither did i.

outshine the world and the story so far are cool.

the rest are kinda meh.

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