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May 10th, 2005 | 41 replies

Release Date: 2001 | Tracklist

Released: 2001

Mogwai (on this album) are:

Dominic Aitchison
Stuart Leslie Braithwaite
Martin Bulloch
Barry Burns
John Cummings

Guest Vocals by David Pajo and Gruff Rhys


Another solid unit of songs
Addition of strings gives the band a fuller sound
Has two of Mogwai’s best songs on
Sensible song lengths.


Clocks in at under 40 mins
Individual songs feel a little empty on their own
Lacks Mogwai’s biting edge in places.

Recommended Tracks

You Don’t Know Jesus
2 Rights Make 1 Wrong

In Depth

Coming off the back of their last albums, Come On Die Young, and Young Team, Mogwai seemed to have found their way in putting their masses of songs into an album. They were also overdue creating a critically acclaimed album for the masses by music industry standards.

And so, due to al the hype and support building for them, NME, Mojo, Q and other ‘quality’ music magazines were prepared to give this their mark of approval. This straightaway lets you know that this album is not up there as the best.

The continuing problem with Mogwai is that they make albums these days, where every track has a special relationship with the rest. There are a few songs you can pick off this and let them stand alone, but most seem very empty once played without their other companions. When the whole package is played together, it can be magical, the mood is set with the first few notes then sent off in different directions without ever telling you that its doing so.

Standout Tracks

Ok, so 5 Scotsmen and a Welshman go into a recording studio….well, that’s about as funny as it gets. Mogwai collaborations in the past have a habit of, well, not happening. At one stage the band had managed to get a track recorded with Chino of the Deftones, only to have it fall apart at the last minute due to disagreements over the addition of a French Horn. This time, all artistic differences seemed to not matter, as Mogwai only had one request to Gruff Rhys (Supper Furry Animals) when he sang on this, to sing in his native Welsh language. The result, along with some standard beautiful Mogwai music creates a beautiful piece of music, which is up there as one of my favourite songs ever.

You Don’t Know Jesus
A track where Mogwai show to the guitar world you don’t need high gain and distortion to create a large dynamic track. Another example of Mogwai’s ability to create a 5 min+ song out of practically the same chord pattern. The drums are the star in this, they really change the song’s depth in a progressive manner. Probably Mogwai’s most ‘rock’ song on this ironically titled album too.

2 Rights Make 1 Wrong
Similar to You Don’t Know Jesus, it uses a basic guitar progression then throws in strings, horns, trademark vox effects and varying drum patterns. This track also leads nicely onto the bands next album, as it has a similar sound and atmosphere. Its also one of the longest tracks on this album

To say that this album is a few amazing tracks with some filler thrown in to fill it out isn’t correct, but from the first few listens, that’s the feeling you get. There are the songs on here that have some real devotion put into them, and then there are tracks made purely to complement those tracks. For mogwai fans, this album is a must straight off; you’ll feel at home straight away with this one. For non-fans, this may be a good starting point to get to know the band, and post rock in general, as it does seem to feel a bit more accessible than their other records.

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May 10th 2005


Good review .

From what I've heard from Mogwai, I like and had been wanting to get one of their albums for awhile now. I think I will check this one out.

May 10th 2005


Great review, nice formatting. Mogwai are tops.

May 15th 2005


I listened to this before my nap this afternoon. I think it's really good.

June 1st 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

I've only heard Dial: Revenge and Sine Wave from this album. Sine Wave is probably my favorite though. It's too beautiful not to be.This Message Edited On 06.01.05

August 11th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

I just got this album. So far I like it, but I agree with your review (which was great). I know that more listens will help me like it a lot more.

Mogwai owns anyway, so it's not a problem.

January 18th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

Another solid Mogwai album. Nice balance of short and long songs, and has a number of my favourite Mogwai songs on it; Take Me Somewhere Nice, Dial: Revenge, and You Don't Know Jesus.

The presence of Remote Viewer on 2 Rights Makes 1 Wrong is awesome, they also collaborated with Mogwai on another song called Drum Machine that didn't make the cut for this album but is available on their website.

Sweet album with a lot of dynamic range, Mogwai and strings go beautifully together, and as usual, when they decide to throw in vocals the songs are better for it. I think using vocals so sparingly helps them carry much more weight when they are present.

January 18th 2006


I'd give this a 3 out of 5.
'Young Team' domiates this, but even when I don't compare this to other Mogwai albums it doesn't stand that well on it's own.
'You Don't know Jesus' is a brilliant track, possibly my favorite by Mogwai. The only problem is that every other track on the album doesn't do to much for me. While the other songs are good there seems to be something missing.

February 25th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

The subtleties of this album are what count. Whereas other Mogwai albums tend to have an immediate appeal as well as a layered enigmatic approach, this album is almost fully enigmatic, given that on first listen you won't notice how beautifully powerful the interweaving strings and guitars are.

May 24th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

I wish this review was longer.

I like this album much more than Happy People and about as much as Mr. Beast. Those are the only 3 Mogwai albums I've heard! I'm working on hearing them all.

Adam Jones is GOD
May 24th 2006


Longer? At the time I wrote this, the feeling was reviews should be short as possible, so I could have babbled for ages

This is probably more of a 4 now, but then again all my Mogwai CDs have gone up a mark recently.

May 24th 2006


Why is it so hard to find other Mogwai albums? I've been to two huge outlet stores and any number of others but all I can find is the Government Commissions one, this worse than going on an anthropological dig and only finding Jimmy Hoffa's library card...

May 24th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

Man, finding Hoffa's library card would be awesome.

But I know what you mean.

Adam Jones is GOD
May 25th 2006


2/3rds of my Mogwai collection have come from the same store in Nottingham, and the rest from a goldmine shop in Croydon. Plus im tracking a few of their early demos thanks to an mx'ers tip-off.

They are out there, but good luck finding ones like My Father My King, and Ten Rapid.

May 29th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

I just saw that reply, sorry ... yeah, man, longer. You really only talk about the band for a little bit and then the rest if you breaking the songs into categories. I was new to Mogwai when I read this, so I wanted more information.

This albums rocks, by the way. It is about to be a 'recent dig,' oh my!

Adam Jones is GOD
May 29th 2006


This was one of the last Mogwai reviews I did in a series of them, so by that point I was drained in regards to desrcibing the band. Plus with spuntnik's layout these days, there's enough enough about each band in their respective categories.

And wouldnt you know it, NP: Dial:Revenge on my random playlist :cool:

August 27th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

2 rights make 1 wrong = yeah.

mogwai's most underrated album imo.

Two-Headed Boy
October 1st 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

After listening to this a few more times it's grown on me a heavy deal. I'm almost willing to call it their best, but I have yet to hear Young Team which is supposedly amazing.This Message Edited On 10.02.06

January 22nd 2007


Album Rating: 5.0

i found my copy of ten rapid at a sam goody store in a tiny mall. talk about suprises!

November 24th 2009


Album Rating: 4.5

Totally agree with your standout tracks.

December 10th 2009


so far I like this a lot more then Young Team and Come On Die Young

Sine Wave was a really cool opening track

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