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The Unquestionable Truth - Part I



by RedFerret USER (2 Reviews)
May 5th, 2005 | 43 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

Name: Limp Bizkit
Album: The Unquestionable Truth [Pt 1]
Label: Geffen Records


Fred Durst - Vocals
Wes Borland - Guitar
Sam Rivers - Bass
John Otto – Drums
DJ Lethal - Turntables

Limp Bizkit was formed in 1994 by Durst, Rivers, and Otto. They toured in and around their hometown of Jacksonville, Florida. About this time, they became friends with rap music House of Pain, of which DJ Lethal was a member. Soon after House of Pain broke up, DJ Lethal joined the band.
In 1996 they released a five song-EP featuring songs such as "Pollution" and "Sour". 1997 saw the release of their first full-length album Three Dollar Bill ya’ll. The album had a slow start. It wasn't until Limp Bizkit made an association with the band Korn that they made any progress. Due largely to Korn they were able to promote with appearances on MTV and The Family Values Tour as well as Ozzfest (and Wes Borland's outlandish stage clothes didn't hurt either). Their break-out single was a cover of George Michael’s hit “Faith”.


Limp Bizkit was never really a great band in my opinion. There first three albums "Three Dollar Bill Ya’ll" (1997), Significant Other (1999) and "Chocolate Starfish" (2000) were ok (C.S been my personal favourite of there’s) but they were one of the better bands of the Nu-Metal genre, and cranked out heavy songs, with good hooks, and sing-along-choruses.

After reaching their plateau with "Chocolate Starfish," Limp Bizkit basically started to crumble. First, guitarist Wes Borland left the band. Basically his was the only member with any ‘real’ musical talent. Then there was Fred Durst's embarrassing public craze with Britney Spears. The bands search for a new guitar player, in which they had the contenders sign a contract forfeiting any music they played at the tryout, damaged their reputation more. Then after hooking up with guitarist Mike Smith, the band released the horrific "Results May Vary" album. With the release of “Results May Vary” they looked they finished..

Wes Borland then returned to the band, so it seemed that all was not lost. Could his return revitalize the band? The answer is, yes… to a certain extent.

"The Unquestionable Truth, Part I, is a strong comeback for the band. One thing that "Results May Vary" lacked was good riffs. Well, "The Unquestionable Truth, Part 1" is not lacking there. In fact, this album contains some of their finest, most catchy collection of songs to date. It's mostly fast and furious. The ending ballad, "The Surrender" is one of the best, most honest songs they've ever written. These songs sound less fun, more urgent, and darker than their previous releases. The band has both returned to their roots, and also matured. Wes Borland's presence is what ultimately makes this CD work. Say what you will about Limp Bizkit, but there is no denying that Borland is a creative guy.

What annoys me with this album is that Fred Durst is basically trying to imitate Zach De La Rocha from Rage Against The Machine. Personally I think that they should concentrate on their own style rather than stealing others.. and that is what the major letdown is on this CD.

Only one questionable aspect to this is that it only consists of 7 songs (They intend to sell their new albums in parts.. this been part 1). It is a bit of a ‘con’ when some music stores sell this the same price as regular albums, but Limp Bizkit have stated that it’s the shops that are conning the customers, not them.

Recommended Tracks:

The Truth
The Surrender


I’m still kind of 50-50 about this CD. It’s good that Wes is back for them, as his the main driving force of this band. BUT..and this is a big but… Durst just sounds like his imitating R.A.T.M too much for my liking (Especially when I’m a huge R.A.T.M fan myself). I guess only you can decide if you like this CD or not.. but I’m not to sure to be honest.

Rating : 2-2.5/5

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May 5th 2005


with a little help from allmusic.com's review it's decent

May 5th 2005


i totally agree with you. Lim Bizkit has always had to copy in order to impress. my fav album of theirs was significant other. ill download the songs. good review by the way.

May 5th 2005


Limb Bizket sucks...but I'll agree with you about Wes Borland. He's actually pretty talented. I've heard some stuff from his other side projects and was quite impressed. Excellent review as well.

May 5th 2005


Fred Durst is so sold out

May 6th 2005


I'm not really a Limp-fan but some songs are pretty neat... this album is pretty low but stillnot really my style...

But Wes rules!!!! :P

May 6th 2005


I gotta say the guitar and bass work on what i've heard of this CD is bloody good, and as usual the drums are just flat out solid. Durst's voice just wrecks it for them. At least he's less whiny here.

May 6th 2005


I wonder where Mike Smith is now? Now that he got all the publicity from the SS tour, I mean someone would have wanted to pick him up or something? But as far as it goes Wes kicks major ass.

May 7th 2005


I haven't heard the album yet so i won't pass an of my judgement on it yet but some of their old songs were good.
i used to listen to their songs on my way to football practice when i was younger but all in all great review!

May 10th 2005


Nice pointing out that Durst is trying to imitate de la Rocha. And a pretty poor job at that. The music is good, but Fred Durst has killed this band.

May 11th 2005


One point -- John Otto did NOT play drums on this album. He performed on the channel only.

May 12th 2005


Then who did play drums?

May 13th 2005


That steve guy on the back of the CD booklet played drums on all except the channel. But this album was much better than Results May Vary, but his rapping like Zach does irritate me. Zack does it best, no one else, so Fred stick to your own way and keep it real.

May 31st 2005


zach was kind of black so he's allowed to rap, and at least it was about decent subjects, i just think the majority of white rappers are...nasty... i heard the first track of this album, freds voice kills it

June 16th 2005


im sorry, i have lost all respect for limp bizkit after chocolate starfish.

June 16th 2005


Good review, I agree that limpbizkit would be ok without the rapping, im just simply not a fan of rap, especially white boy rap. But could someone explain why john Otto apparently didnt play on this album.

June 27th 2005


The unquestionable truth is a return to their roots, the 3 dollar bill album, and not at all an imitation of RATM. This album is the real limp bizkit sound, the sound that original LB fans know and love. If u think that Durst was trying to imitate de la Rocha in this album, then i suggest u go back and listen to 3 dollar bill. I know it's easy and fashionable to accuse Limp Bizkit of being sell-outs, but in my mind that's only the case because their sound appealed to mainstream audiences, and not because of a particular commercial effort by the band itself. However I do agree that Durst is far from being the best vocalist in the world.

June 28th 2005


Album Rating: 2.5

Fred Durst is a poser, but he still has a good band.

August 20th 2005


yea, a good comeback. Wes is like one of my guitar heroes so i was very happy he was back. The only bad thing on this cd, and it pisses me off so much, is Durst's voice. Your right, he does the Zach thing, just like talking, he only sings on the surrender.
Best songs: The Truth, The Channel, The Surrender.

The riffs on this cd are so awesome cuz the guitar sounds different, a lot of bite, and very catchy.

August 27th 2005


That was Boiler off of Hot Dog Flavored Water

August 28th 2005


the only talent in this band is Wes

Fred is a complete tosser

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