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Faso Latido



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May 2nd, 2005 | 10 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

Hey here to review the only A Static Lullaby album on the site. Pretty suprising considering this is a very good band. I learned that from their first album "...And Don't Forget To Breathe". A perfect mix of Screamo/Emo and Punk to make them a cool group. They're worth a good listen. Here I go.

A Static Lullaby is...

Joe Brown (vocals)
Dan Arnold (guitar/vocals)
Nathan Lindeman (guitar)
Phil Pirrone (bass/vocals)
Brett Dinovo (drums)

Here's the individual song reviews...
Overture - A cool intro to the album. Filled with creepy and bone chilling sounds. I get the chills everytime I listen to this. Like a bizarre mix of outside noises, a phone, and a door creaking. (8.5/10)
Smooth Modulator - A cool startoff with good screaming. Cool guitar riff. Pretty catchy song. The backround vocals is what puts this one in the bag for me though. The chorus gets a little old though. (8/10)
Stand Up - The single on the album. Obviously, because it stands out as one of the best songs on the album. It has good screaming in the verses. But the constant "Staaaand Up" get annoying after a while. But still one of my favs. (9/10)
Radio Flyer's Last Journey - I like the title here, but completley un-related to the song itself. A really edgy and fast-paced song. I really enjoy listening to this one. The screaming is what gets me though. It's so friggin good! This song helps break in the unused repeat button on my new stereo. (9/10)
Cash Cowbell - An intro that kind of throws you into the song. Good lyrics and guitar makes this one of the best on the cd. The dramatic pauses form verse to chorus is cool. The chorus isa also extremely catchy. I love it. I wish all music was as addictive as this (9.5/10)
Half Man, Half Shark; Equals One Complete Gentleman - The title really makes you think. That's what I've always liked about A Static Lullaby. Anyway, this song starts off slow but gets yuo into it with the (once again) good screaming. Slow verses and a fast chorus put this at th e top of my list. (9.5/10)
Shotgun! - One of the slowe songs on the album which is quite suprising by the title. The lyrics seem whiny here. Not my favorite song. But its okay for a once-in-a-while listen. The title kept me waiting but ended up dissapointing me. (6.5/10)
Calmer Than You Are - A cool and punky song wit han explosive intro. I liek it a lot. A cool turnaround next to Shotcrap. Well it has cool whispering in the verses that is awfully creepy. But the chorus is fast as ever. (8/10)
Faso Latido - Here we are. The title song. Before you get your hopes up, it's not very good. It's whiny, but that's fixed with the screaming. It's okay. Not very good. Very thrashy also. (7/10)
Godbless you (God Dammit) - Cool title. Slower intro that works into a cool song. A little slow for my tastes though. It's an okay song. Souns a little like a ballad. That can't be good. (6.5/10)
Marilyn Monrobot - Hysterical title. Had me laughing for hours. Amazing guitar in this one. This is where the album shows most of it's Screamo. Good spot for the song because I was losing intrest in the album. (8/10)
Modern Day Fire - Another explosive intro. But this song seems to fallow the exact formula that every other song on the album had. Cool and catchy chorus though. Good enough song to give it a good score. (8.5/10)
Jesus Haircut - I can't tell if they're trying to be funny or not. But the song doesn't give any hints. It's not really a good end to a so-so album. It;s a shame, I've been waithing for this album for a while. (7/10)

What can I say. It was OKAY not the best. I will only continue to listen to a select few of the songs on the album. It sort of went down hill midway through. Well this is what I thought. Not the bands best but hopefully, many improvements next time.


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May 2nd 2005


theyre ok but this dissapointed me

May 15th 2005


this is the worst fucking review i've ever seen. if you were a real fan off ASL you would see how much this cd sucks compared to the old one. and dont give me that they "matured" bullshit, because if a band matures it doesnt mean they completly change there song yada yada..i would not recommned this cd at all. the only good song on it is radio flyers last journey.

May 16th 2005


If you were a real ASL fan you'd be busy sucking off some fashioncore twat nugget out behind a show right now. Shut up. This review doesn't belong in the emo section. They're pop punk with some hardcore. Get used to it.

May 16th 2005


I'll put it in pop-punk now...I tried asking in the emo/hardcore community thread, but I didn't really get a reliable response from someone I recognised.

May 16th 2005


hey man, i chose the artist and they put it where they wanted it. and dont give me no fucking bullshit about liking the album. I thought it was reasonable. But I did give it a 3.5 okay. That's somewhere near OKAY in my book.

May 17th 2005


[QUOTE=Med57]I'll put it in pop-punk now...I tried asking in the emo/hardcore community thread, but I didn't really get a reliable response from someone I recognised.[/quote]

Most people in there know what's going on though. If you want, just IM me at DFelon204409. Usually I keep that subsection in good shape though.

July 6th 2005


Album Rating: 2.5

yeeesh the emo/hardcore community are really picky when it comes to artists and genres dont they?

A review is a review, its the persons opinion not yours, so if they believe its good then to them its good. It may not be to you but its their opinion and you cant change it. Personally, this album is a bit weak compared to their debut, I can't even put this on my ipod because of that anti-piracy thing on it. Oh well, decent album for a collapsing band that had promise.

August 11th 2005


[quote=beyondtheblueprint]"Half Man, Half Shark; Equals One Complete Gentleman" - The title really makes you think. That's what I've always liked about A Static Lullaby.[/quote]

November 21st 2005


Not a bad review, i enjoyed the first album much more i have to say though.
The 2nd seemed a bit rushed.

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