Damage Done



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April 30th, 2005 | 20 replies

Release Date: 2002 | Tracklist

Dark Tranquillity is:

Mikael Stanne - Vocals
Niklas Sundin - Guitars
Martin Henriksson - Guitars
Michael Niklasson - Bass
Anders Jivarp - Drums
Martin Brandstrom - Electronics(keyboards, samples and the like)

Damage Done is Dark Tranquillity's 6th full length album. This is their first major release on their new label Century Media. It comes after their more experimental release "Haven", and before their 2005 release "Character". Dark Tranquillity are part of the gothenburg scene, usually associated with bands like In Flames and my personal favourite, Soilwork. They mix the harshness of death metal with something more melodic creating melodic death metal. It is a very sweet sounding genre.

Anyways, onto the review.

Damage Done

1. Final Resistance
2. Hours Passed In Exile
3. Monochromatic Stains
4. Single Part Of Two
5. The Treason Wall
6. Format C: for Cortex
7. Damage Done
8. Cathode Ray Sunshine
9. The Enemy
10. I, Deception(bonus track)
11. White Noise/Black Silence
12. Ex Nihilo

1. Final Resistance - Starts fairly tame and then turns dark and heavy once the vocals hit. Throughout the song you will hear a battle between melody and sheer power as the song switches between the two. There are strong keyboard melodies here that can mainly be heard during the bridges. Overall, a great introduction to the album.

2. Hours Passed In Exile - This songs starts off with a bell ringing and then from there becomes much heavier. The guitars do some heavy riffage in the song, while using the keyboard for melody. This is apparent in the chorus where you can hear a catchy melody being played under what sounds like powerchords. This is another good song.

3. Monochromatic Stains - This is the major single off of this album, and with very good reason. It opens with a quick guitar riff and then the rest of the band joins in while still playing the riff. The guitar playing on this track really stands out with its quick, dark and complex riffs. It even has some nice little solos. The only time it really becomes simple is during the chorus but the keyboard fills the void. The vocals do their job as well, making this a very catchy song.

As an extra, if you put this CD into your computer you can watch a video to go along with this song. It's pretty artsy and doesn't really match the music but unless the video is the only reason to buy this CD(which it isn't), it doesn't matter too much.

4. Single Part of Two - This is one of the most melodic songs off the album. The guitars and keyboards really complement eachother on this one. The chorus becomes slightly heavier on the guitars while the keyboards maintain the songs flow. The lyrics to this song are pretty good, they tell a story. I'd explain the actual meaning but I really suck at that so I'll just

post the last parts.

A distance kept that never fails to close us in
and forget the days that still linger on
inside the single part of two
We'd rather leave no trace and not look back
Than face the anxiety here and now

It's a good track.

5. The Treason Wall - Another melodic song. It sort of has an epic feeling to it with(what has become kind of a theme now) the guitar and keyboards weaving throughout. It isn't as heavy as the other songs but it's does make up for it. The riffs in this are great and the vocals are pretty good too. Kind of reminds me a Finntroll song, which isn't a bad thing.

6. Format C: for Cortex - Clever title. It references erasing someones mind except using terms to make it sound like a computer. This is a heavier song, the gitars certainly don't take a back seat but they aren't as complex as previous songs. Well, with the exception of one soloish part. The drumming is standout as well, but without a doubt the focus of this track is the vocals. The catchy line "Something has got to give, these things I just don't want you to _____(insert adjective here)" is repeated many times but it's done without getting repetitive. You'll probably notice that the keyboards aren't prominant in this song like the rest of the album.

7. Damage Done - The title track. This one is kind of a letdown. It certainly isn't a bad track but I was expecting much more out of a title track. It's pretty thrashy. The guitars give you a flurry of speed and power on the verses, while the keyboards give you a bit of melody in some parts. It isn't a filler track but it isn't as good as the songs you've heard off this album so far

8. Cathode Ray Sunshine - Time for another outstanding song. This song starts off right away with a sad but agressive sounding intro. It intertwines sad sounding riffs with slightly more agressive riffs and then throws in some keyboard lines to balance it out. It even breaksdown and gives Martin Brandstrom a spotlight for a little bit. It has a chorus that stands out. The phrase Cathode Ray Sunshine is growled calmly. This is a very balanced song.

9. The Enemy - In this song you the keyboards have more dominance than they do on the rest of the album. It guitars back the keyboard up this time. The whole band does a good job here, with the drumming, bass, and the singing is great. Stanne shows his power here. One of the oddest tracks on this CD, but it's also one of the best.

10. I, Deception - This is a bonus track. It makes sense though, it really doesn't fit in too well with all the other songs. It starts off with fast drumming and then it sounds like the keyboards with an odd effect. Everything else kicks in. The song almost sounds upbeat in some parts. I said almost though and it's not a poppy upbeat thing it's metal upbeat. Still, it's a good break from the heaviness of the rest of the album. There's a soloish guitar thing in here and the song even uses some
synthesized beats. I thought it was kind of an odd song.

11. White Noise/Black Silence - The first thing I noticed about this song is that the title is pretty cool. The guitar work on this track is not the best. It isn't bad, but it isn't as melodical and complex as the rest of the album. It's just heavy and along with the drums and bass helps set a good background for the vocals. During the chorus the a cool echoing effect is used for the vocals. Overall it's a good song but I would have liked for it to have more melody.

12. Ex Nihilo - This is the only instrumental on Damage Done. So you can say bye to Mikael Stanne until the next time you listen to this CD. Now, itt is a very dark, creepy sounding song. It seems almost atmospheric in the way it's executed. It's a very fitting end to such an awesome album.

- No filler.
- The band collabrates very well as none of the instruments seem out of place.
- The vocals are very good and the lyrics don't disappoint either.
- Consistent them.

- It seems the same tones are used for the instruments throughout the whole.
- There could have been a few more solos.

OVERALL Dark Tranquillity's Damage Done gets a 4.5/5
If you even remotely like gothenburg metal(melodic death) then you owe it to yourself to buy this album.

Please be nice, ths was my first review ever.

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Dancin' Man
April 30th 2005


In depth review. I'm not a big fan of Gothenburg because it all sort of sounds the same to me but Dark Tranquility are quite good. I've not yet heard this album. Most Gothenburg it seems is lacking in the solo department.

April 30th 2005


Oh shit, it came out messed up. I'm gonna have to fix it.

April 30th 2005


They are a great band but the gothenburg sound just doesn't really appeal to me.

April 30th 2005


I don't much like Gothernburg either, but Dark Tranquility are amazing and easily the best Gothenburg band.

Good review dude.

July 3rd 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

I love the gothenburg sound. This has to be their best album to date.

Great review man.

July 21st 2005


Excellent review.

Although I don't have this album, they play a good portion of it on their Live Damage DVD...

Final Resistance is amazing. That first part right after the intro (the extremely heavy part) is great. It just makes you want to headbang.

Monocromatic Stains is great as well, although the video for it was unbelievably weird...

White Noise/Black Silence I didn't like as much, but it was still a good track.

I should buy some more DT...they are the best band (hands down) of the Gothenburg era.

September 8th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

I like the title track (Damage Done) a lot. Which you called a let down in your review. Never the less, great review.

September 9th 2005


I love the 3 gothenburg metal bands. (melodic death metal). In flames, soilwork and dark tranquillity. all really good bands...

September 12th 2005


I hope you know there are much more than 3 gothenburg bands.

September 12th 2005


I am debating buying this or their newest album, Character. Which one is better? Also, has this band gone neo-techno, like soilwork and in flames have recently?

September 13th 2005


i mean the 3 main gothenburg bands...in flames, soil work and dark tranquillity. anyway, could someone do a write up on their lastest album, character?This Message Edited On 09.13.05

September 17th 2005


I'm not sure if Character is better, I haven't heard it. I've heard a few songs though and it is definatley true to themselves. So I know it's awesome, just not it compares to Damage Done.

September 22nd 2005


hmm...hope i can get a review on character soon...

I'm Charming
October 8th 2005


I like Damage Done better than Character. All DT's stuff is exceptional though. One of my favs by them is, the title track on "The Gallery".

March 1st 2006


Album Rating: 5.0 | Sound Off

Very nice review for your first. I just bought this album... 2 hours ago. It sounds really good on the first listen and will probably get better the more I listen to it . You were right, the video was weird. Looked like it was made with 25 bucks.

March 4th 2006


Album Rating: 5.0

Excellent review.

Cathode Ray Sunshine is incredible. Definately one of their best.

March 22nd 2006


Monochromatic Stains was the song that got me into this stuff, back in the day.
An unbelievably great album, beautifully produced too, and with shit-hot packaging and artwork.
Jeez these guys kick ass.

10th man down
April 3rd 2006


I'm listening to "The Treason Wall" right now, I just downloaded it, it's my first DT song, I'm going to grab this album.

June 8th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

I just pulled this out today after not listening to it for quite a while. I forgot how impressive this album is. Every song is pretty damn good.

September 20th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

This is a great album from such a good band. These guys really kept true to their roots while still incorporating some new things to mix it up a bit. Although I like the Gallery the best this is still a great album.

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