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April 30th, 2005 | 15 replies

Release Date: 2003 | Tracklist

This is probably my favorite album ever. If you search these guys you can already get a bio

Red Morning Light- This song really starts off the album with a bang. It has some cool lyrics, a nice little solo, and is loaded with energy. This song really helps to pump me up if I need energy. (9/10)

Happy Alone- Listen to the lyrics. This is the first time I have ever laughed listening to a song. Its really catchy and fun. It keeps the energy of the album going and has an incredible outro, that really showcases the talent of Matthew Followhill on his instrument. I only wish he would play more guitar solos like that. (9/10)

Wasted Time- I belive this was their 3rd single, and honestly, I have no clue why. This song isn't bad, but just about any other song on the album would have made a better single. There is virtually no creativity, until the weird guitar solo, and can easily be classified as a filler song. (6/10)

Joe's Head- This is yet another great song. The lyrics are intersting, if you listen to them. As far as musicianship on this song goes...its average, but the creativity, lyrics, and interesting chord progression really come together to create another catchy tune. (8/10)

Trani- As much as I love this band, I don't think I have ever hated a song more. I dont know what those guys were thinking. All this song does is interrupt the flow of an otherwise awesome album. It's slow, boring, annoying, and (except for the lyrics) extremely unimaginative. (2/10)

California Waiting- I guess some could argue this as being another filler song, but I enjoy it when it comes on. It definetely helps get the album back on track. Musically, this song is pretty good. It has a pretty mellow guitar solo, and fun lyrics. It will kill 3 and 1/2 minutes (8/10)

Spiral Staircase- Now this is a rock song. This is my favorite Kings of Leon song. I think it has excellent vocals, and the track contains a huge amount of energy and musicianship (Guitar Players-if you disagree, try to solo over this chord progression). The lyrics are great, the guitar lines are fun, and the bass is booming. (10/10)

Molly's Chambers- This is the song that made these guys what they are today (in the UK). This is no doubt an awesome song, and has some of the coolest lyrics of a Kings Of Leon song. (8/10)

Genius- I hear a lot of magazines and reviews calling this song a "lazy" rocker, but this is another one of my favorites. The chorus is so random that it rocks, and the verses are cool too. Matthew's open-G tuning gives the song a bit of a different feel than other songs on this album (dare i say more country-ish?), but it rocks just as hard (9/10)

Dusty- This is the only other slow song on the album. It is an acoustic ballad, and is actually pretty good. You can hear a lot of the Kings of Leon's country influences here. Musically, it could be better, but the change of pace is actually kind of nice. (7/10)

Holy Roller Novocaine- The Kings Of Leon really put all they had into this song, and it shows. While musically it is nothing special, the mood it creates and energy it puts out makes it almost addicting. This is almost as good as Spiral Staircase. Also, the lyrics are some of the best of the Kings of Leon. If you only listen to one Kings of Leon song, it should be this one. (9.5/10)

Hidden Track- Talahina Sky- Another slow acoustic song. I have found that many people who do not know it is the Kings of Leon, like it. Though the have made better songs, this is their best, as far as slower songs go. Musically, the Kings of Leon shine in this song, bringing out a piano, and blending the acoustic and electric guitars really finish the cd off on a good note. (8/10)

Overall- This is a great cd. It contains a ton of energy, and a lot of songs that just straight up rock. Musically, these guys are not themost talented, but creatively, they really shine. A lot of their southern rock, punk, and classic rock influences are very noticeable, and blend together nicely. If you are a fan of any of these genres, I suggest giving these guys a listen, Though some people may not like Caleb Followhills ropey lyrics and slurred vocals (they definitely took me some time to get used to), 2 or 3 listens all the way through will be all it takes to get anyone hooked. I definitely recommend buying this album. I actually prefer it over Aha Shake Heartbreak, though I know many will disagree. Overall Score (9/10) .

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May 22nd 2005


comments, anyone?

September 5th 2005


What a pile of crap

September 12th 2005


any reason why you say that?

September 30th 2005


Yeah their just a country band with a bit of Rock credibilty

October 8th 2005


Album Rating: 2.5

It's not a very bad CD. I give it a few listens, as my guitarist likes them.

November 5th 2005


Kings of Leon aren't my favorite group, but they're still pretty good. I like this album. My fav is Joe's Head.

November 28th 2005


I like these Guys..

February 16th 2006


looking into my crystal ball.... i see words forming... one word in particular.... oh, and theres another....


December 28th 2007


Album Rating: 3.5

You gave Trani a 2?! What in the love of arsewank have you been snorting?

Trani = passion + pure epicness + sweet vocals.

December 18th 2008


I really hate these guys. charmer is the only song I like which is not on here.

February 28th 2010


Album Rating: 3.5

Trani is actually my favourite KOL track. I like this album, and ASH but not the last two.

February 28th 2010


Album Rating: 3.5

Awesome album, love all their stuff.

July 18th 2013


I know this review is several years old, but your favourite album of all time is only a 4.5?

October 20th 2014


lol old sput reviews are so terrible

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