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April 29th, 2005 | 8 replies

Release Date: 2001 | Tracklist

I'll be the first to admit that I absolutely cannot stand labels. However, at the same time, I happen to be very hypocritcal and somehow end up labeling all of my music. So from there we go right into the "emo" profile with Brand New. And thus I will also say that I hate all things emo. Not because of the brainwashing that goes around at my school, but just because I can't stand terribly emotional music about lost teenager relationships and suicide. It's just not me. But from this stereotype, Brand New take me into a whole new world and deliver an entirely new definition of what it means to be "emo". They deliver emotional songs without the crying. Without the whining. Without all of the stereotypical stuff that you would expect from an emo band (Taking Back Sunday, anyone?). This is the reason why I bought Brand New's debut album Your Favorite Weapon from the beginning. I put aside my music labeling for an hour, sat back and received a taste of truly tremendous music.

This being Brand New's debut record, the band is clearly anything but experienced and familiar. The boys hail from the well-known town of Long Island, New York. The typical line-up: bassist, drummer, couple guitarists, and of course lead frontman. But this is where the band changes gears and takes the advantage over other groups like Underoath and Story of the Year. Unlike the aforementioned bands, Brand New deliver on all fronts. The chemistry of the guys is unmistakeable. In every song it shows. The guitars are always in sync with the drummer, and the bass is cranked up perfectly in the background and provides essential rhythm that other bands tend to lack. Lead singer Jesse Lacey dedicates his voice superbly and very well, and I can't help but say that it's a joy just listening to him belt out an occasional scream or shout. Like I said, none of the band members are particularly amazing when alone but put Brand New together and with little inspection it's easy to see why they are so talented.

The Tracks
More so than on the groups most recent album Deja Entendu, I love every song with every vein in my body. Everything on here gets your head bobbing or maybe even sloshing around Nirvana-style. The songs have a very emo-like tension to them, yes, but they are simply emotionally charged. The guys don't bother bringing their personal life into their tracks. Instead, they rely on talking about experiences that everyone has gone through. The thing I like most about their songs is the lyrics. It's awesome enough just sitting down with the booklet and reading the words to oneself. Then when you twist up the music, it brings a whole new dimension to it all. From the heartful choruses to the solo guitar lines, Brand New show why they are going to be a dominating rock band in the upcoming years.

Failure By Design caught me up in the Brand New mess in the first place. I originally downloaded the song and was absolutely in love with it. This being my introduction to Brand New, it also happens to be my favorite song and fondest memory. Lacey's voice sounds almost layered in some parts, giving this song a strong sound. Not to mention the blasting guitar in the background which ties with the drums for one of Brand New's best songs. Period. Jude Law and a Semester Abroad tells the simple story of a boy who's heart was seemingly broken by a girl, and he wants her to tell all her future boyfriends about "the American boy back in the States, who would do anything you say." Simple lyrics, and emo ones at that. But definitely not annoying like TBS songs. I can promise you that! Sudden Death in Carolina happens to be another personal favorite of mine, if not for the introductive guitar solo than anything else. From the solo the song breaks down into an awesome brief chorus of "What difference does this difference in age make, I know how it ends. Kill me quick." I think we've all experienced this same question, which makes this song seem so familiar and down-to-earth. Last Chance to Lose Your Keys has a very mellow yet hard sound to it, which gives it an edge over a lot of their other stuff which is either one or the other. The chorus is slow and enjoyable, and the lyrics are amazing. Seventy Times Seven has got to be my second favorite song from Your Favorite Weapon. The guuitar in the beginning once again throws me off into a world of awe, and I absolutely adore Lacey's singing in this one. The way the worlds come flying off his tongue is insane fun, and this song is just great. The quietness towards the end and the lyrics in between is one of my favorite moments of any rock song, bar none. The rest of Your Favorite Weapon goes along the lines of the previously talked about songs, but more than anything you should buy the album for these ones. It's definitely worth the price of admission.

When all is said and done and the album is over with, you too will be as satisfied as I. I promise you that if you like most any kind of hard rock or emotional music, you will fall in love with Brand New. I know I did.

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April 29th 2005


I am a casual Brand New fan, but I just can't give this album 5 stars. Yes, I enjoyed it somewhat, but even after repeat spins, most of the songs still sound like rewrtes of each other, showing very little variety.

Decent review, but I do think the perfect rating was more than a little bit biased.

April 29th 2005


This album is awesome...5 stars....I admit it is kinda childish and emo, but the band just rocks.

April 29th 2005


umm... jesse is one of the guitarist and sings... therefore they aren't like the same lineup as underoath or story of the year (who have a lead singer that doesn't play an instrument) anyway... good cd, very good review

July 13th 2005


hey, what do you have against underoath!

July 13th 2005


[quote=beachbum18]hey, what do you have against underoath![/quote]

Oh, they're the greatest. :rolleyes:

December 21st 2006


Also. Long Island is not a town. it's what some people like to call a "sub-state" it's not its own state but acts like one. The new york music scene, and the Long Island music scene are tottally different.

October 4th 2009


Fairly well written. Why do you find it necessary to bring up Taking Back Sunday more than once? It doesn't improve your review and makes it sound like you have a grudge against the band. TBS's lyrics are easily better than the ones found on YFW and they aren't as "emo" as people like you want them to be.

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