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April 8th, 2005 | 1130 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

Before I go on to the actual track by track review, some more information about this album.

This album, the follow-up of the incredible 'In Absentia' is to be seen as a sort of concept album, telling a story of the script for what is to become a movie, documentary or something along those lines. So all the lyrics and melodies and rhythms were made according to the script written by Steven Wilson and some other person.

Alrighty, enough chatting around, time for the track by track:

1) Deadwing (9:46)

Starts of with some weird sounds provided by Mister Barbieri and some recordings from stuff happening on a train station (I think)
At 0:36 the songs starts, and you know immediately know it's Porcupine Tree, the groovy bass, the sharp guitars, and the nice drumming.
A very hard-rockish beat.
At 1:26 Steven starts singing, and it's really nice to notice his vocals have grown since albums past.
Quite the melodic singing, and some parts in between in a sort of whispering voice, adding some mystery to the song.
3:26 a guitar solo, this sounds just the way it should, very mellow feel, before going into something Porcupine tree is so well known for: awesome vocal arrangements, very spacey, I love it.
After this the song continues pretty much in the same way as before.
5:17 the guitar and keys start playing something different, the bass just holds on to the same bass line.
And after a few secs it turns in to a fall down, very easy going very spacey sounds, weird guitar tone accompanied by weird synth sounds.
The bass plays some high notes now, sounds great, after that the drums kick in, quite heavy.
At 7:31 we get a solo going on again, very unusual. After this there is some experimental stuff going on, sort of soloing before hearing another recording and fading out.
Great way to kick of the album.

2) Shallow (4:17)

This song was released as a single, it continues the edgy and rocky sound. It has a bit of a 'Whole lot of love' feel to it. The song is quite the loud song, but it flows very well.
The hard parts are being broken up by some softer parts.
At 2:38 a very drowned in a wall of sound soloing part going on. After that back to the normal structure.
This song doesn't really stick out to me, not something that sounds very PT like, but a good rock song nonetheless.
The song stays stuck in your head, it has a great tune.

3) Lazarus (4:18)

Very different song compared to what I've already heard.
Starts out very mellow, with some piano and light guitar.
Steven Wilson can put so much emotion in his voice.
The lyrics to this song are great.
On this song Richard Barbieiri really shines,
The key parts on this song sound just awesome.
This song is great!
Nice break-ups, and vocal harmonies, this shows PT are more alive and kicking as ever been.

4) Halo (4:38)

Very bass driven song, I would describe it as a mix of Slave called shiver and The creator has a master tape.
The lyrics are quite funny actually.
Guest musician on this song Adrian Belew.
When at 2:30 the bass becomes more prominent you can notice how great the bass sounds on this song.
Als o note the very tight drumming.
The solo delivered here by no one less than Adrian Belew shows that this isn't really a PT solo, the solo is great nonetheless!
Very rocking song, near the end piano adds to the great tone of this song.

5) Arriving somewhere, but not here. (12:02)

This is the gem on the album for me.
Starts of with weird sounds (organ) and a clock ticking, after a while some percussion come s in.
This ambient tone continues till 1:58 when guitar and vocals come in, very nice sounding.
Background vocals by one of my Idols; Mikeal Akerfeldt.
This song is very emotional, and it doesn't carry on too long, this song is an adventure.
Worth every second. Quite a sad sound, but so laid back at the same time.
Right in the middle there's some soloing, that could be the work of Mikeal, not sure though, and after this the song gets a bit more groovy.
The song has a certain metal feel to it now, can't describe really, just listen for yourself.
8:40 some other unusual guitaring,
Man, before you know, the song is almost over, this is so well written IMO.
The outro part starting somewhere halfway the 10 minute mark is very emotional, and has lots of subtle sounds to give it just that extra bit.
I would give this song a 5,5/5, but that's not really fair so just a :

6) Mellotron scratch (6:57)

Starts of with some guitar and after that some chords, this song sounds a bit like, stranger by the minute.
Very dreamy vocals. This is a great track
Nice vocal harmonies.
The song is very dreamy, just a good song.
Note the use of the glockenspiel, adds a lot to the song.
I do feel like some of the break-ups are a bit out of place sometimes.
Very weird, when you think the song ends, it goes completely another way, and sounds nothing like what you've heard before, but after some time we're back, and you can enjoy some great vocal harmonies
Great song nonetheless.

7) Open Car (3:46)

After some lighter songs, back to a bit more rock.
Very dark sounding.
I love the lyrics to this song:
Something broke inside my stomach, I let the pieces lay just where they fell'.
The vocal harmonies are probably the best of the album.
You should really check the lyrics for this.
This song is over quite fast, shortest song on the cd.

8) Start of something beautiful (7:39)

The start of this song is rather techno like, but that's just the start.
Pay attention to the drumming on this song, it's sweet!
The drumming really sticks out, as does the chilled soloing in the middle,
And after the soloing the song becomes very intense. So laid back, experience this for yourself!
Dreamy beyond imagination. So many influences flow together on this track.
Another gem!

9) Glass arm shattering (6:17)

Weird, starts of with some very cranky guitar sound.
Right on from the beginning weird sounds make up this song.
Very laid back, reminds me of the sky moves sideways on some parts.
Yes, I think it's quite a good comparison.
Did you like that" Than you will like this too.
Porcupine tree grabbing back to older days on this one, and doing it great.
Quite an experimental track, with some awesome vocal harmonies!.
This is a great way of ending this wild trip.

Incredible, they did it again. I thought they couldn't top In Absentia, but this is just great.
Not (yet) saying it is better than In Absentia, but this is soon going to be a classic in my eyes.
Every PT fan should get his hands on this. And anyone who hasn't heard of them, this is a good way to start out.
This cd has all PT is about: very rocky, to ballads, to groovy bass lines, great soloing and on top of that SW's vocal(harmonies).
You must really check this out.

This deserves a:

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April 8th 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

Good review.

I agree the album is fantastic, some great Porcupine Tree going on here.

April 9th 2005


I'm pretty sure that "sort of whispering voice" on the title track is Akerfeldt as well.

April 9th 2005


thanks for the feedback


the yousendit's are up, on the bottom of the review, let me hear what you think :thumb:

April 12th 2005


I saw them in the 013, amazing, I liked Anathema too.

didn't you just love when eveyone joined in with the clapping part in Trains?
and when his string brooke :p

a show to remember!

April 14th 2005


I've heard three songs from this album and I must say they kick ass. I'll pick up this album soon.
Does anybody know if they're touring again with opeth?
Cause opeth is coming to my city ( El Paso, Tx) and I'd love to see PT.

April 19th 2005


they're not touring together, I went to PT's show last week, and it rocked

May 28th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0 | Sound Off

Though this is with no doubt a fantastic album, I'm (as always) hesitateing to give the full 5-stars. But 4 stars without a doubt, more 4.5 probably :thumb:

June 10th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

this album is a masterpiece. I managed to pick it up while I was at their show in Cleveland (which was probably the best show ever), and I was blown away. They followed up In Absentia nicely.

June 10th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

having heard lots of good things about Porcupine tree I decided to pick this up. I was very impressed and I've already ordered In absentia at my local record store. A new favorite 4.5/5

June 10th 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

I love this album. It's different than their older stuff, but that's a good thing. This album is definately heavier, but it's also a good evolution from the style on In Absentia.

I especially love the lyrics of Arriving Somewhere (But Not Here). I think it's about someone dying. Good, epic song. As usual, PT give us another masterpiece in my opinion.

The keyboards on this song are amazing as awlways. They add an amazing new dynamic to the songs, and provide really nice ambience.This Message Edited On 06.10.05

July 7th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

hmmmmm.... I bought the acctuall Cd and the time length on glass arm shattering is 11:12 but after 5:57 its just silence which leads into the secret (i guess thats what it is) song shesmovedon

July 7th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

shesmovedon begins with a watery riff (I'm writin this as I'm listening to it). Stevens voice sounds excellent. Awesome groove goin on. Nice bass and drums too. Nice chorus. After that it goes into a solo. After another chorus some whispering then back to chorus except just acoustic guitar. After that very awesome solo. The ends with an acoustic guitar playing. My favorite track on the album 5/5 ohhhh I feel sorry for the guys who got deadwing off iTUnes.

July 7th 2005


I love this Album. I love it even more than In Absentia. When I listen to this album, I just find myself drifting away with it, its like im floating somewhere else, the album never loses its momentum and every song progresses so wonderfully and it really shows Steven Wilsons masterful songwriting.
I went to their Deadwing Tour Concert here in munich...it was unbelievable. Now Ive pretty much head every single PT release, only Lightbulb Sun is missing

July 29th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

Now That's what I call GREAT Music

August 26th 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

"Arriving somewhere, but not here" is the greatest song.

This album is excellent, a great work of art.

September 12th 2005


Would this album be a good choice for someone into heavier music? I like the idea of "progressive", but not so much "psychadelic".

September 12th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

its not psychadelic

Its good for anyone. Deadwing is best if you want heavy

September 12th 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

In Absenta was an awesome album, I haven't heard this yet but I will probably check it out sometime soon,

September 13th 2005


I heard "Lazarus" off of Deadwing, and it was as light as things get, almost like Damnation-era Opeth.

September 30th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

I love how Opeth feeds off of PT and vice versa. This is definately their most rocking album. That middle part of ASBNH is like orgasmic. I really like this album. I still think IA, LS, and SD are better (more to my liking)...but this album grows on me everytime I listen to it.

Open Car is just a great song as is Start of Something Beautiful.

God, I love this band!!!!!!

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