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April 5th, 2005 | 19 replies

Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

Green Day- American Idiot
A wicked comeback album, with so many outstanding riffs and catchy hooks, i've done this track by track, (perhaps 'Sendor', or 'Morissey' will find it more satisfying as they seem to criticise everything i do) Green Day have been around for quite some time now with past albums such as Dookie and Warning and i think that this album shows that they are back and ready to rock. On with the tracks...

American Idiot
First track and first single, with lines like "*** America" in it, it's a very political song, an awesome riff developed from only 3 powerchords and a simple chorus, the songs is cool, not the best on the album, or the worst for that matter. 4/5

Jesus of Suburbia
A monster of a track, one of 2 on the album, with several tracks packed inside, it's am amazing song. With the powerful intro and jazzy feel to the intro. Billie Joes cool lyrics fit well into the riff and the song then goes slightly acousistic with some beautiful harmonics from the other band members, with the track lasting a whole 9 mintues, 8 seconds, it's one hell of a track. 5/5

Another powerchord riff from the green rockers, tre cool puts in some cool drum fills and you'll be singing the lyrics all day especially on the chorus where he sings of "dreaming". A great headbanging track and their most recent single. 4/5

Boulevard of broken dreams
My favourite track from the album, an echoing guitar effect which lays gently over the easy acoustic chord progression, yet another catchy "stick in your head" chorus and an achievable yet effective solo. The riff that it played often through the song really helds to the melody of Billie Joes vocals. 5/5

We are waiting
A ballad from the album that kicks off with tre cools difficult drum part, then in comes some western style picking. The song then goes minor with some saddening lyrics. The song is then kicked into motion with the vocals of Mike (Bassist) and obviously tre cool. It's a good song, but only "good.! 3.5/5

St. Jimmy
A great intro, some speedy muted guitar parts which then goes into yet another cathcy riff that only green day can do. The song doesn't equal the creativity of Boulvard of Broken Dreams or Jesus of surburbia, but can cheer you up and get you headbanging. 3.5/5

Give me a novicane
Yet another cool ballad from the album, with some more touching lyrics and simple guitar part, i think it's played on acoustic but then the chorus adds some power and motion to the song as it builds. There is then a spanish type guitar part that sounds very mexican style, a really powerful song and a great tune. 5/5

She's a rebel
Not one of my favourite tracks, an ok riff but sounding slightly sameish to holiday and St. Jimmy. The chorus is better and adds some more delicate guitar work and a funky bridge part, it's a catchy tune that is very Green Day, but by far not one of the best tracks. 3.5/5

Extraordinary girl
A wierd percussion intro that sounds like bongos or something, it lasts over 30 seconds but then leads in for Billies average lyrics. There is a really funky mexican style riff behind the guitars. The chorus builds and has some strange and effective timing, it's a good song and also something different to a simple guitar intro. 4/5

A really wierd intro of a girl singing some very strange lyrics, a fast guitar part at the beginning which then leads into another guitar part which is again catchy but similar to previous ones. Tre Cool adds some different parts with his funky offbeats. It's a really cool song, but other tracks are much better, such as American Idiot and Give Me Novacaine.

Wake me up when September ends
One of the highlights of the album, an amazingly powerful ballad, a really amazing peice of work and the song builds slowly which i think is great. The lyrics are extremely powerful and this song just has to be heard, the drums really make the song and the tender guitar parts that errupt into a massive explosion of rock. Top song. 5/5

The second monster track on the album with a slightly radio style intro which is a strange guitar effect. The sound is again very Green Day style and builds pretty quickly, Jesus of Surburbia is better in my opinion but its still a superb song, the song slows around half way through for a hymn type vocal part but it then build slowly back into a rocky track and the riff of American Idiot if you listen ver closely. A really cool track that is essential for all rock fans. 4/5

Another drum intro and muted guitar part, but the melody and lyrics are amazing, the vocals will stick in your head all day. The lyrics also turn quite dark " I made a point to burn all the photographs." He also adds "whatshisname" to the story. It is a simple story to pick up through the lyrics. The song builds to quite a climax and it again another highlight of the album. 5/5

American Idiot is a superb album and definately shows that Green Day are back and on top form. They have a superb selection of songs and i imagine would be amazing in concert. With 2 nine minuite masterpeices and a selection of riffs to die for, the album is definately one of the biggest of 2005.

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April 5th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

Letterbomb is by far the best track on the album. Yes, im a fanboy...

April 5th 2005


Album Rating: 1.5 | Sound Off

A massive improvement on your other reviews.

April 6th 2005


Is it just me of is this review completly biased?...

April 6th 2005


An improvement, but that doesn't mean that it isn't completely biased.

April 6th 2005


Album Rating: 3.0

A massive improvement on your other reviews.


And listen to antihero, you should consider rewriting your other reviews.

I've heard this album once but don't own it. It feels massively overrated by the fanboys, and drastically underrated by the haters. Standard Green Day fare. 3-3.5/5, but that's only based on one listen.

The radio singles are overplayed to hell though.

April 6th 2005


Album Rating: 1.0

Better review...dude, your other ones i looked at just SUCKED.

As for this album...i got it from my friend, listened to it for about 2 weeks, thought it was the greatest Greenday album ever...then completely forgot about it.

I dont like it for Holiday. That is a decent song.

i say...3/5

April 7th 2005


i hate greenday 2/5 for the album but that was a good review

July 24th 2005


i really don't like green day that much. everyone "loves" them and its so annoying. they think that they're all "punk" or whatever and geez, it annoys the hell outta me.

July 25th 2005


Album Rating: 3.0

Greenday like.. In my opinion, bummed it out of this one.. There other albums were sooo much better than American Idiot.. But its still a good CD.. 3/5 for me..

September 6th 2005


1039 was put on this site to intentionally make Green Day sound like the greatest band in existence.

September 6th 2005


Album Rating: 2.0

From the three songs that I've heard off this album, I am not to impressed. As far as Green Day goes the only album I can get into is Insomniac.

September 8th 2005


The songs here are overproduced.

September 9th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

Great album, but not quite as good as Warning.

September 10th 2005


Album Rating: 3.0

This is a meh album for me.

December 27th 2005


whoever wrote this review obviously does not play any instruments or ever has as he thinks everything they play is difficult. thats a laugh. holiday and american idiot are decent but overplayed to the point where if i hear it one more time i will scream.

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