The Funeral of God



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March 29th, 2005 | 196 replies

Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

I'm not sure what Zao was thinkin' when they made this CD. Were they thinking "Let's make a wonderful anti-God album," or "Let's make a wonderful Christian album." We'll probably never know, but this CD can relate to everyone in terms of how they discuss God. They never really praise him (because the CD is about his death), nor do they rip on Him. The lryics are great and poetic, the way Dan and Scott always collaberate them. Zao tried out a few different things this album, Scott does A LOT more clean singing, actually, they introduce him on the first (and one of the best) tracks on the album, "Breath Of The Black Muse." So now, I'll go into detail on the tracks that really stuck out to me.

The opener for this amazing CD is "Breath Of The Black Muse," a great opener with a really unique riff, but heck, that's what Zao is known for. After that Dan comes in with his raspy, lugey-filled screaming, and after a bit of higher screaming, he goes into a deeper growling. One thing I noticed on this album, Zao does a lot of "verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus," stuff on this album, but that doesn't matter. Now, the bridge of the song is the getter. It gets into this melodic, slow part of the song, that is not centered on guitar work. What is it centered on? Singing. As I said before, Scott does a lot more clean vocals on this album, he even has a song all to himself.

After "Breath Of The Black Muse," Zao blast your ear drums with heavy, guitar based songs, like their not-so-good single "The Rising End," then comes "The Rising End"'s sister song, "The Last Revelation." And now onto the next song that stuck out to me. I'm used to hearing Zao songs that start out with either techno, or pummeling drums and quick guitar, but you won't find this on "The Last Song From Zion." This song opens with a slow, backing rhythm guitar and a very melodic lead guitar; but, if you know Zao, they can't keep the heavyness in their pants very long. The same rhythm beat is repeated, but with more palm muting and such. This song has no clean vocals on it, but the guitar and Dan's scream make up for that.

Next there is the title track, "Live...From The Funeral Of God," (the album was intended to be named that) and "The Lesser Lights Of Heaven," neither songs are amazing, but they're very good, especially the lyrics backing "The Lesser Lights Of Heaven." Now we get into an amazing track, "In Times Gone Past." This song to me, sounds like an epic song. It starts with a slow melodic riff, which then gets filled by natural harmonics and Scott singing. Soon after this, it slows, and Zao does their trade mark, deep talking voice. The lyrics for this song are wonderful, "We live within a curse, and within the divine!" is what is spoken right before the song picks up, and Dan starts to growl again...but lo! The song slows back down again, part of the repetition I mentioned earlier.

I believe the whole last half of this album are amazing. After "In Times Gone Past," Zao rips your face right off your skull with the instant guitar work and Dan screaming in the track, "Praise The War Machine." This song is clad with more catchy beats then you can shake a stick at, and towards the bridge, Scott and Russ pull off this amazingly high pitched pinch harmonic. I like to whisper the riff to myself and then whistle out the pinch harmonic part. This song is probably the most suggestive one to Christian listens, as half way through the song Dan screams "SIX SIX! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH SIX!"

After "Praise The War Machine," we get hit with "Truly, Truly, This Is The End," which opens with tom and snare drums and lightning quick guitar picking. The verse are jam packed with Dan screaming, followed by a silent bit of hi-hat drums and talking. I especially like this song for the bass interludes. The bass is really amped up on this album, in "In Times Gone Past" and there is even a bass solo in "The Lesser Lights Of Heaven."

Now the much more mellow part of the CD jump in. "I Lay Sleepless In My Grave," is a 1:32 ballad of emotion. Taken what the whole CD is about (God's death, and the end of the world, the corruption of man), this song just says "wow." It has so much meaning behind it's light, clean guitar riffs then you can choke a horse with. Finally (on the U.S. release) there is "Psalm Of The City Of The Dead." This song starts out with a catchy bass intro, but is soon filled with a ripping guitar beat. Remember how I said Scott had his very own song to do vocals for on this album? This song is it. It gets kind of boring, but soon the song dies down, and there comes this slow, slightly over-driven guitar, with female vocals. This song sounds like souls in Hell crying out to God. "As we wait here, for a sign. We are greeted by the end of time." Scott says, and the females sing out, "these streets arn't paved with gold, You're my everything, my soul is growing cold." Wow, this song is awesome. After the soft interlude, the song gets heavy again, and is clad with a "Her Ghost In The Fog" (Cradle Of Filth) sounding piano arrangemnt. After a bit of piano, violins come in for the last 3 minuts of the song. Great album.

Now, if you bought Revolver Magazine, or are a member of www.bleedzao.com, you've probably heard the song "The Romance Of The Southern Spirit," featured on the Japaneese release of The Funeral Of God. It starts out with a quote, "You are what you love, not what loves you, that's what I decided a long time ago." Now, this song is emensily different from most Zao. Very slow guitar throughout the whole thing, with Dan growling, and Scott's singing in this song, wow. It's just amazing, vastly improved from the rest of the tracks on The Funeral Of God.

This album is great, very much on par with the rest of Zao's albums, it may even be as good as "Where Blood And Fire Bring Rest." I definatly recommend picking up this little jem. 5/5

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March 29th 2005


As far as I know, Zao is a christian band

March 29th 2005


I know but...

okay, so I don't have an excuse.

March 30th 2005


The album is pro-God. It's about what would happen if he died because people stopped believing him. Basically a guilt trip. Review's way too detailed and lengthy, but not bad besdies that. Definitely not a 5/5. This was a huge disappointment, and I liked Parade of Chaos.

April 21st 2005


Zao is great Parade of Chaos is the best CD but this CD is ok not great but ok

April 21st 2005


I agree with BuddyBigsby.

April 26th 2005


I have been i two minds bout buying this album cos i have only heard " the rising end", but after reading this review, i think i might have to go buy it!

Dancin' Man
April 26th 2005


I love this album because it's so easy to listen to but still has enough edge to it for it not to get boring.

July 1st 2005


Album Rating: 2.5

Used to like it.This Message Edited On 11.04.05

July 2nd 2005


I like this album a lot. Not a disappointment to me at all.

October 9th 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

best metalcore bass ive heard on a record. it adds much texture indeed

October 9th 2005


'The album is pro-God. It's about what would happen if he died because people stopped believing him. Basically a guilt trip. Review's way too detailed and lengthy, but not bad besdies that. Definitely not a 5/5. This was a huge disappointment, and I liked Parade of Chaos.'

Excuse me? When has being lengthy ever been a problem on this site?

I haven't heard anything by Zao, but they sound worth checking out. I'll definitely find something by them. Great review, I thought, gave a nice overview of the album and overall sound as well a decent, detailed TBT.

December 19th 2005


This is by far my favorite album of Zao's. I find they do quite a bit of mixing up of their sound. I find almost no dull moment on this album. I'm quite fond of the "bonus song" as well "romance of the southern spirit".

February 12th 2006


i wish i could find a good mp3 of romance of the southern spirit, but alas, there are none to be found =(. i'll have to deal with cranking my speakers every time i want to listen to it.

March 9th 2006


i first heard this band on that warped tour cd, i need to cheak out more of their stuff good review

March 27th 2006


theyre for god, but they dont seem to openly praise him in their lyrics...oh well it sounds friggin awesome tho!

March 27th 2006


^^ a lot of Christian metal does that

May 19th 2006


Album Rating: 5.0

I love this cd!!! especialy praise the war machine, truly, truly, this is the end and the last revelation (the last prophecy) and i think that what most christian metal bands mean by "death" is spiritual death.. at least some of the time haha, but i definantly give this album a 5/5 I love it, and what bugs me is that bands like these guys dont get very famous while they are one of the most talented bands ever, while fags like green day get huge and suck.... that pisses me off to no end... >:0

June 13th 2006


Album Rating: 2.5

I like this cd. I've only heard one other Zao song outside of this album, so I can't compare it to any of their other stuff. It finds it's way into my cd player every so often.

August 16th 2006


even though this album is slightly over produced its still really good.

November 3rd 2006


Album Rating: 2.5

Yeah this is a great album, I really hate the bass on it though.

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