The Smashing Pumpkins
Rotten Apples



by br3ad_man EMERITUS
January 14th, 2005 | 27 replies

Release Date: 2001 | Tracklist

This album is great for someone who is new to the Pumpkins or someone who has been into them for a while and wants a good all around cd. Inside the booklet, you will find some great album art, showing the look of the Pumpkins over the years.

1.Siva- This is great song from the first Pumpkins album (Gish)one of the heavier Pumpkins songs, this song features two guitar solos and some great vocals. Jimmy Chamberlin's drumming on this track is also exceptional. 5/5

2.Rhinocerous- A slower Pumpkins number, also taken from Gish. The song is a Pumpkins classic and it has some really nice guitar sounds. The build ups in the song are also exceptional. The catchiest line of the song is "She Knows" in the chorus. 4/5

3.Drown- Drown is the last Gish track on this album, for me this song is quite reminiscent of the early Red Hot Chilli Peppers albums. Billy's voice gets very loud towards the end and it sounds awesome. The song itself is really great, although it may take you a while to get into it. 4/5

4.Cherub Rock- This song was considered by many to be the highlight of Siamese Dream. This is the first Siamese Dream track on the album. A great song, which features great melodies. 4/5

5.Today- One of the best songs of Siamese Dream, this song features some great, yet simple melodies. Billy Corgan's vocals are a high point of this song, with it's excellent lyrics. The main riff of the song is amazing. 5/5

6.Disarm- Disarm is one of the most emotional Smashing Pumpkins songs, featuring some stringed instruments, a cello and a violin. This song the last Siamese Dream track on the album. The acoustic guitar work in this song is great, as are Billy Corgan's vocals. One of the most brilliant songs I have ever heard and also one of the most beautiful. 5/5

7.Bullet With Butterfly Wings- This song has a very grungey feel to it and is quite reminiscent of Nirvana. One of the catchiest lines, the main part of the chorus "Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage". This song has a very angry feel to it, while it still seems lighthearted. James Iha's guitar work in this song is a highlight. This song was featured on the first disc of Mellon Collie and The Infinte Sadness (consided by most to be the Pumpkins masterpiece). 4/5

8.1979- One of my personal favourite Pumpkin songs, this song was on the second disc of Mellon Collie, this is a very laid back and relaxing feel to it. There are some great sound effects on this song with a simple drum beat and a great guitar melody. 5/5

9.Zero- One of Billy Corgan's more angry teenage style of song, this song features some great intersecting guitar melodies. This song has some great ups and downs. Billy's vocals work well for the type of song that Zero it. Zero was featured on the first disc of Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. 4/5

10.Tonight, Tonight- The Smashing Pumpkins are joined by a 30 piece orchestra for this song. There is some great work on the drums by Jimmy Chamberlin and some great finger picked guitar. D'arcy's bass playing is also a highlight of this song. One of the best Pumpkins tracks to ever be released. 5/5

11.Eye- Eye is an excellent song, one of the more electronic dream pop feel songs. Again, a good song, but not the best, it is also very easy to get sick of. 3/5

12.Ava Adore- This song was probably the highlight of Adore, driven by D'arcy's bass line. This song has a very catchy line in "We must never be apart". A great song overall, with a guitar solo that is very memorable. 4/5

13.Perfect- Perfect is one of my favourite tracks, a very lighthearted happy type of song, with a very dreamy feel. Billy Corgan's vocals and the drumming of Matt Walker (Filter) featured on this song are highlights. 4.5/5

14.The Everlasting Gaze- The Everlasting Gaze is a very heavy song, in the style of Zero or Bullet With Butterfly Wings. This song is taken from Machina/ The Machines of God, the last album that they released in stores. With a very fuzzy guitar sound and a part with Billy Corgan singing by himself, if nothing else this song showcases Corgan's amazing songwriting. 5/5

15.Stand Inside Your Love- Another Machina track, Stand Inside Your Love is one of the great achievements of the Machina album. This song features some excellent melodies and a great chorus. 5/5

16.Try,Try,Try- This is one of the few Pumpkins tracks that features Billy Corgan's piano talents. The piano is a high point of the song, and the song also has some great lyrics. The song sounds the same most of the way through the song, yet doesn't get boring. This track can also be found on the Machina album. 4.5/5

17.Real Love- Real Love is a song that wasn't released until the Greatest Hits album. This song is best described as a song similar to Try,Try,Try with the guitar sound of The Everlasting Gaze. 4/5

18.Untitled- Untitled is a great song, with a more radio friendly sound than most Pumpkins songs. This song has a very mellow sound. The drumming and vocals are the highlight of the song along with some lead guitar part from James Iha and Billy Corgan. An excellent album closer, This song is also only avaliable on the Greatest Hits album. 5/5

This album is a great disc to give you a taste of the amazing band that is The Smashing Pumpkins. One of the best discs I have ever bought in my entire life. The music and the album art are all amazing. This album gets a 5/5, a complete work of art.

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December 20th 2003


pretty decent review even though i dont agree with some of the comments on the earlier would have been good if you would have done the judas o cd too. in future though i dont think you should do many greatest hits reviews and concentrate on album reviews

December 20th 2003


Album Rating: 4.0

^ yeah, it's a review a did for an type website. I didn't do the judas o cd, because when I bought the album in Australia, it only had one disc.

December 22nd 2003


One of my favourite cds the pumpkins where just plain spectacular. A little disappointed soma wasnt included and also to correct you "eye" wasnt on adore, at least not the version i have.

Zwan was such a poor substitute, i miss the pumpkins...

December 22nd 2003


Album Rating: 4.0

[QUOTE=borisdablade] also to correct you "eye" wasnt on adore, at least not the version i have.


I know, screwed that one up, fixing it now

December 26th 2003


I thought Landslide was on that album as th eonly track from the "tie over" pisces iscariot album

December 26th 2003


Album Rating: 4.0

^ It is but for some reason it was not on the copy I bought. Australian release.

May 22nd 2004


I have the CD, and the only tracks I remember are, bullet with butterfly wings, tonight tonight, everlasting gaze, landslide(just because fleetwood mac sang it)... wait... what CD do you got, mine has landslide and not try try try. hmmm..... well

May 22nd 2004


[QUOTE=pyrofreak]Iwhat CD do you got, mine has landslide and not try try try. hmmm..... well[/QUOTE]

landslide owns try, try, try

May 23rd 2004


Album Rating: 4.0

It's weird, the tracklisting in Windows Media Player is different to whats on the cd.

May 24th 2004


My version of rotton apples does not have judas o cd or landslide, but it is a english version. I miss the pumpkins, one of my top 3 bands. Their are a credit to the rock world.

August 29th 2004


i have this ablum and i love it.......its what got me into the pumpkins. .....cause then i checked out their albums.

August 30th 2004


Album Rating: 4.5

It sucks that this had to be my first Pumpkins album(if you consider it an album).. "Stand Inside Your Love" is my favorite. It's just so beautiful. Oh well, hope I can find that darned Pisces Iscariot somewhere..

August 31st 2004


[QUOTE=Happymeal]It sucks that this had to be my first Pumpkins album(if you consider it an album).. "Stand Inside Your Love" is my favorite. It's just so beautiful. Oh well, hope I can find that darned Pisces Iscariot somewhere..[/QUOTE]
i have Everything. it's not hard to find it at most stores. i just have to look now to see if any SP hasn't been reviewed yet so i can review it. or maybe a complete discography review? i could literally do that off the top of my head.

Shadowed Reflection
August 31st 2004


PUMPKINS RULE! This is a great album wich i bought only cuz i had a $20 gift voucher and the cd was $20 and they didnt have siamese dream, gish, or machina in stock... what would u do?? I listened to it and i cant decide weather to get machina or gish first (After i got siamese dream).... argh! Later that day i bought siamese dream for a crazy amount of money (aus $32) but i dont care, its a mad album.

I agree with you br3ad man, there all good, but i'd give eye 1/5 because i dont think its one of their greatest hits. They should of put mayonaise in instead.

August 31st 2004


Album Rating: 4.0

[QUOTE=DRybes]i have Everything. it's not hard to find it at most stores. i just have to look now to see if any SP hasn't been reviewed yet so i can review it. or maybe a complete discography review? i could literally do that off the top of my head.[/QUOTE]

Could you please do Machina? I actually really like it, especially Everlasting Gaze and Try Try Try.

Shadowed Reflection
September 2nd 2004


I would say that this should be the first album by the pumpkins anyone should get, so that they can get a taste of each album. From there decide which album you want first and so on.
To make it simplier:
Probably my third faveourite album simply because of a lack of songs. The ones that are on there are bloody birlliant. Very fast and lots of toned up solos. A kind of 80's rock feel. Also a few slow (But good) songs.
Rhinosorus (I can't spell it :lol: )

Post Gish Pre Siamese Dream
Should of been on Gish:

Siamese Dream
My faveourite album of all time. Most songs have a happy feel to them. I like every song except 3. (Sweet Sweet, spaceboy and luna).
Cherub Rock

Mellon Collie and The Infinite Sadness
My 2nd faveourite album tying with machina. A rather depressing vibe to it, but such a good album. Sounds more like Siamese Dream than any other album.
Bullet With Butterfly Wings
Tonight, Tonight

No Jimmy :upset: . So it was just the band and a drum machine. Very electronic feel to it no duh.
Ava Adore

Post Adore Pre Machina
To my understanding:

Very distorted sound to a lot of the songs, with a lot of fuzz in the background. Probably my 2nd or 3rd faveourite album.
The Everlasting Gaze
Stand Inside your love
Try, Try, Try

Machina II
Real Love

Leaving Untitled which was previously unreleased hence the name.
Hell, i cant decide where each album comes in my faveourites list, but all the ones i own are so good, they are all better than all my other cds (Except foo fighters and the colour of the shape which are somewhere near the top). Siamese dream is my faveourite. BUY SIAMESE DREAM (i should get payed to say that)

November 15th 2004


This is a great best of album. I'm usually sceptical when bands release best-ofs - i would rather go out and buy all the albums to get a taste of everything. But, this best of has all my fave SP songs on it. It's great. Definately for those who don't wanna go out and buy every album, because u get a great blend of everything great from the pumpkins!

November 15th 2004


Today was one of the first songs I ever learned on guitar. Good review:thumb:

Shadowed Reflection
May 20th 2005


Stupid old me....

I actually thought mayonaise was a hit. And eye is actually a great track. Please anyone who reads this ignore the stupid comments I used to make. I am one, Frail and bedazzled (Yes it's a hit), 33 and rocket are the hits not included on this disc. I have the australian version of the disk which means no Judas 0 and no Landslide. Luckily I own all the albums anyway.

May 20th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

That's a real shame that SD cost you so much. I got my copy of that album for $8 at Cash Converters.

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