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Release Date: 2000 | Tracklist

Ever since they sent green day a T- Shirt and Their Demo in '96 to see if they can tour with them on their upcoming Australian tour, The Living End have been a prominent force in Australia's Rock scene.
As it was a follow up to their highly succesful debut album, there was lots of pressure on them in this album to perform. Although some peaople think their first album is still better, they did not dissapoint.
Whether if its the Foot stomper Opener roll on or the jazzy Blood on your hands this albums is a real winner.

All the musicians in this band are supremely talented.
With Chris Cheney great solo's that seem to be a song in there own (roll on's solo inperticular), Scott Owens's Catchy bass lines (read about it, Blood on you hands) or Travis Dempseys Great drum fills (All of them) The Living end Combines greatly to produce a great sound for albums and live shows alike. Although Scott and Travis are living in Chris's shadow a bit they are still great musicians.

The song writing in this album is good with some great bridges although its a bit weird in Carry me home and dont shut the gate because it has 2 different verses but that just illustrates you really have to listen to this album a bit to really appreciate it. Some songs you can get straight away like the singles (Roll on, Pictures in the mirror) but there are some songs you have to listen to quite a bit to see that they are stand out tracks on the album (Carry me home, Silent Victory, Blood on Your Hands and dirty man)

Here is my Track by Track review of the Album.

Roll on: The first single from the album. Great way to open any album with its melodic opening riff to the great solo in the bridge.
Its about going on strike when working on the docks and trying to keep your spirits up while the higher powers are in negotiation. Good song, good lyrics. 5/5

Pictures in the mirror: Second single from the album. Another great song. Very melodic start with Scott harminising with Chris and equally as melodic in the chorus. For ages i did'nt know what it was about but at one of their live shows they said it was about im confused.Great song. 5/5

Riot on broadway: One of those songs every album has, Not stand out but not bad in anyway either. Good Track. 3/5

Staring at the light: One of the better songs on the album. Great pre- chorus leading into the ska like chorus. I dont know why but i always have this line stuck in my head. "sipping wine of a poisenous kind with the ghost of lonley ness. Great when it bursts into Carry me home.4/5

Carry Me home: Monster riff at the start. I mean this is the king of all riffs. Good song as well to i might add. a real foot stomper.Its a Drinking song...thats it plain a simple. With carry me home refering to being so off your face you cant walk. Third single off this album...i think. 4/5

Dont shut the gate: real catchy riff for this song and it really is a song to tap your foot to. A bit strange how there is 2 different verses....but never the less..its a good song. 3.5/5

Dirty Man: 4th single from the album. Good track with a really catchy chorus but hasnt got that trade mark guitar line you expect from living end. But maybe some songs just dont require in living ends view, this one obviously didnt. 4/5

Blood on your hands: One of my favourite tracks on the album. Really jazzy feel with the versemainly due to the great bassline and then slams in the chorus. I really like the lyrics in this song as well.Its about how in order to be succesful in life you need to exploit others."life is a sin, living to win, and we are all sinners after all." 5/5

Revolution regain: This song has a great chorus. its one of those tracks that just support all the other tracks nicely but is really a damn good song on its owen. 4/5

Silent Victory: Stand out track. You can see the obvious AC/DC influences here especially in the bit after the intro going into the verse. Great pre chorus in this song. Alround great song. 4/5

Read about it: Another Blood on your hands type of bass riff from Scott except a bit more up beat. Good ska verse. Another good pre chours that i always find myself singing at the bus stop. Great song. 4.5/5

Killing the right: Took me a while to get into this song but then i realised its quite a good song that supports the album nicely. what more can i say? 3.5/5

Astoria Paranoia: Probably the worst song on the album if i had to choose, but that is not saying its a good song with all the other excellant tracks around it. Got a good bridge where it goes "now we all are one"

Uncle Harry: A real sing-a-long this one that really goes off at live shows. Is great at first but you get sick of it after a while but it is still a great song. 4/5

Well there we have it. As you probably gathered by my review i think quite highly of this album and i hope you do to. A great album from a great punk Australian Band


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March 17th 2005


I was never able to see the big deal with this band, but thats just me.

March 19th 2005


How could you not like this band. Some of the tracks on this album are just so likeable!...anywho your intitled to your opinion i guess...but they are just so good. i can understand your view with some tracks on their new album but this album and their 1st ones are just great.

April 11th 2005


the living end are a great band. this is their best album by far

July 20th 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

I don't agree with all of the song ratings, but still a good review. I love this album a lot. I think it's their best one, highly underrated.

February 15th 2006


Album Rating: 5.0

The living end are a gnarly band and when they are live they sound perfect but I spose like 12 years of playing live would do that to a band. They are one of in my opinions australia's greatest bands.

May 12th 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

how would you get the tracklist to actually show what the songs are?

December 25th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

There's a bonus track on this album which is ignored that makes this album even better.

September 20th 2007


Album Rating: 5.0

there's a bonus track???

i thought the now we all are one bit in astoria paranoia was incredibly cheesey... the rest of the album is brilliant.

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