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by Adam Jones is GOD USER (14 Reviews)
March 14th, 2005 | 13 replies

Release Date: 1994 | Tracklist

This was Peachís only released album before they broke up. It was re- released with the skeleton artwork(done by Adam Jones) in 2000.

Track by Track rundown:

Spasm is a slow burning, dark song, showing off the aspects to Peach well, with the crunching guitars, stand out bass backing and the very English lyrics and melody. There is a good build up mid way into the song that leads into the climax, where we hear a second set of vocals backing.

Naked is another chance to hear some of Justinís early bass work, with a nice little intro. This song moves away from a standard feel early on when we get the siren effect backing for the chorus. The vocals strain through a variety of notes, yet still fail to impress.

Cat Food is a cover of another band (god knows which), that has a fantastically catchy bass riff playing throughout. Lots of guitar parts in the form of scrapes, feedback and small riffs play over, but itís the weird lyrics that win this song. A bizarre song, but very hummable.

Velvet A pounding chorus section, broken up by small quieter parts. A very snappy, to the point most of the way through, with a weird but effective effect driven solo, with lots of reverb.

Dougal kicks in with nastier distortion than the previous songs, and the bass gets shoved up in volume. In fact, Justin takes the spotlight in this completely, as he delivers the effect-masked vocals. This song has a completely unique feel to it from the rest of the album, but does lack any real hook or memorable moment.

Burn is one of my personal favourites from this album. Quick and punkish feel, another great bass line, and some more nice reverb lead guitar. The song pounds along, with some of the better vocal moments on the album. A bizarre sounding solo, and an awesome slow down section gives the song some good variety.

Signposts In The Sea has less bite to it than the other songs, and is another bass lead track. There are some more nice lead parts, and even the vocals are ok on this track.

You Lied is the one track that 99% of the people reading this review will know about, thanks to Tool giving it their cover treatment. Well the original has some credibility too. After the short intro bass and guitar medley, its straight into the main riff, which truly is a great monster of a riff. The vocals are pretty poor on this, but somehow, they see at home at times with the nature of the song. The main riff repeats several times, with lead parts all over the place. Then at the bridge, there is some spoken sample in the background that I have attempted to distinguish many times, but canít, I get the odd word. All in all though, itís an awesome guitar song, but possibly just a bit too long.

Donít Make Me Your God has some of the most intelligent lyrics on the album, really focusing on the idea of being an idol and how negative it can be. The instruments are the nice driving force here, playing a simple pattern for a while, till its solo time, which has a few seconds of sounding like a Maiden solo.

Peach is a slightly strange name for a track, its not often you see a track named after a band these days. A dynamic song, with lots of fading quiet sections, then some pounding distortion parts. Vocals stand up well, and fit the song for the most part. Another well-devised riff is the main part for most of the song, then a joint solo from the two guitarists utilising effects well.


- Justinís talent was around even back in Peach
- When they write a good riff, it sticks
- Showed real sign of growth and talent


- Vocals are very English, and will not be to everyoneís tastes
- Some songs really lack anything special
- Not much variety across the album.

This album was a good introduction to Peach, and it was a nice starting point for a more mature second album. However, fate conspired and we never got more from them. Its something that all Tool fans should check out, as Tool admitted they influenced them after they supported them.

Recommended Tracks

You Lied

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A solid and honest album from a band that has gone widely unnoticed...

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March 14th 2005


I was always intersted in picking up this album.
so is this a must for a Tool fan?

meh, I'll pick it up anyways
great review

March 16th 2005


cat food= king crimson

Adam Jones is GOD
March 16th 2005


Ah, cheers for that. There is so little information on this album that i hadn't a clue what band they had covered.

October 27th 2005


this is a great album

nice review

I'm votingThis Message Edited On 10.27.05

November 15th 2005


I'm been meaning to get my hands on this cd for a couple years now...I've never seen it at Virgin, Best Buy or Sam Goody. Tell me, Adam Jones, does it sound anything like Opiate?

Adam Jones is GOD
November 16th 2005


It does share a few trates with Opiate actually, though it also has its own unique sound. Worth it for hearing early Justin work alone, as well as some strong tracks.

December 12th 2005


Justin is cool, and a good bassist.

December 12th 2005


I really enjoyed this album when I first picked it up. Of course, Justin's work with the Bass is the highlight. I'd recommend it to any fan of Justin Chancellor's work.

August 7th 2006


This is a awesome album. One that hasnt left my CD player in some time.

August 19th 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

The guitar and bass in this is good but the vocals are terrible. You Lied , Cat Food and Burn are pretty good but other than that...meh.

September 27th 2009


I realize that Tool already covered Spasm, but the quality was too poor. The next live album they make, which they need to do, should definitely include this song. It's by far the best song on the album!

July 23rd 2010


Album Rating: 3.5

didn't like the vocals. instrumentally it was pretty good.

December 17th 2014


great music, terrible vocals

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