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Stupid Dream



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March 13th, 2005 | 13 replies

Release Date: 1999 | Tracklist


Porcupine tree is on this album:

Richard Barbieri: Analogue Synthesisers, Hammond organ, Mellotron.
Colin Edwin: Bassguitar.
Chris Maitland: Drums and Percussion.
Steven Wilson: Vocals, Guitars, Samples, Piano.

Porcupine tree was founded in 1987 by vocalist/ multi instrumentalist Steven Wilson.
It was his own made up project to explore psychedelic and progressive music.
After gaining more success, Steven Wilson decided to replace the drumcomputer with a real drummer, and that he would give the bassguitar out of hand and most of the synthesizer and keyboard parts to his new keyboardist.
Steven focused on guitar, vocals and lyrics, but is still the thriving force behind Porcupine Tree.

Even Less (7:11)
Starts out with strings, slowly building up, and you hear some laughter, after a few secs the guitar comes in.
As the song burst loose, all the instruments are there, doing what they should.
I very much like the use of the synth and the organ
The lyrics to this song are great.
Near the end of the song there is some 2 minutes or so of psychedelic guitaring.
On the end there is a voice saying numbers.
This is one of the better songs of the album.


Piano Lessons (4:21)
Starts of with piano, and than moves on into a feel good guitar part, very relaxing tune.
The lyrics are about a boy having piano lessons, and hating it.
I love some parts of the lyrics:
ĎCredit me with some intelligence, if not just credit me. I come in value packs of ten, in five varieties.í
In the middle a very SW like guitar solo, I love the tone of his guitar.
Big plus to the basswork on this track, very smooth.


Stupid Dream (0:28)
This is some filler,
Hearing a Opera singer at first, and some strings underneath.
This track is over before you notice, and thatís how it should be, nothing special.


Pure Narcotic (5:02)
A bit more of a radio friendly song, starts with simple guitar chords, and piano. and the very emotional voice of Steven Wilson.
This songs is perfectly accompanied by great vocal harmonies and the choir pads of the synth of mister Barbieri.
You just got to love the part at 3:40, multi layered vocals, and vocal harmonies, a trademark of Porcupine Tree.
The songs ends with a simple tune from the glockenspiel, simple guitar, and Steven Wilson humming.


Slave Called Shiver (4:40)
This song starts of with awesome basswork,
Once the piano kicks in, it sounds quite eerie.
I donít really like this song, the lyrics arenít the greatest.
The drumming here is very nice though.
Very machine like track, due to some weird effect.
The awesome basswork can be heard throughout this entire song.


Donít Hate me (8:28)
Starts of with a lone guitar, very sad.
Wilson has a great voice in this track, This is My favourite track of the album.
The lyrics are great.
I like the part:
The last Train pulls in to the station, and no one get on, and no one gets off.
This song has the most emotional thing going on of the entire album, I almost cried when I heard this for the first time.
There is some very experimental bass playing half way through, and some flute.
And after that some saxophone.
Sometimes you wonder if this is Porcupine Tree, but it is.
The drumming is very nice, in this experimental part of this song.
There is a very emotional guitar solo near the end.
This song is awesome.


This is no rehearsal (3:26)
Very busy drumming going on in this song.
There is some weird effect on SWís vocals.
Very funny lyrics actually.
The drumming keeps this song together.
After a minute we suddenly get some, punk-ish part :eek:
But after a few seconds weíre back to the normal sound of the song.
Extremely cool solo going on in this song .
Some parts of this song a re quite punk-ish/ hard rockish.
Nice tune


Baby Dream In Cellophane (3:06)
Very Eastern sounding song.
Very nice vocal parts in this song, nothing too special for the rest.


Stranger By The Minute (4:30)
If I remember correctly this was a radio single.
So itís quite radiofriendly.
Very much a feel good sound to it.
Great lyrics, I really love the humour of Steven Wilson.
ĎUnder floorboards itís hard to fly a kite, Under water my cigarettes wonít light.í
Very nice solo, I canít explain whatís so good about this song, it just sounds great.


A Smart Kid (5:22)

Starts of with Strings, and a sad guitar, a bit like Donít Hate Me.
And thatís kind of what the whole song feels like, very emotional, slow but great.
He sings about being the only one left on earth, in the near future.
And he has conversations with Aliens.
The best parts of this song are:
ĎAnd I will wait for you, until the sky is blue. I will wait for you, what else can I do"í

ĎI tell them Iím the only one, there was a war but I must have won.í
This song is wonderful


Tinto Brass (6:17)

Starts of with a weird recording, and there is lots of recording throughout this song.
This song uses flute once more, and is very bass driven, the bass line is awesome.
Very experimental tune once more.


Stop Swimming (6:53)
Starts of with drums, for quite a few seconds.
Very moody track once more, with great lyrics.
The drums and keyboards make up this track for the biggest part.
This is a nice ending song.


My Overall feeling of the album:

This is quite an emotional album, but it has a lot of experimental parts too.
It isnít as experimental as Signify.
This album focuses more on feeling and atmosphere, than on experimenting.
This is a real must have, for any prog fan.

Overall rating:


Note that this isnít the average of the ratings for each individual song, but a rating of the album as a whole :)

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March 14th 2005


Great review, i love Porcupine Tree. My personal favorite is Piano Lessons, and I see you gave it 5 - awesome.

I pretty much agree with all you've said, well done.

March 15th 2005


I liked your review man, Great album! I am more in love with Lightbulb Sun, though, but this album is amazing!

I really like Pure Narcotic and A Smart Kid. I love the chorus for Even Less "And I may waste away from doing nothing, but youre the martyr for even less"...great! :thumb:

March 15th 2005


thanks, I'll have a review of lightbulb sun, on as soon as I find some time

March 16th 2005


this is my fav pt album and is by far the hardest to get ahold of. hopefully they reprint this one as they have some of their older albums

March 29th 2005


I can't believe you gave this album less than 5/5, to me, it's one of the best Porcupine Tree albums

January 19th 2006


stupid dream, the track, was just a transition to the next track...you can't really just give it 1/5...theres like nothing in it

January 19th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

The transition from Even Less to Piano Lessons is brilliant.

January 24th 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

This is probably my favourite Porcupine Tree record.

The reference to The Bends always makes me smile.

January 24th 2006


Album Rating: 5.0

My favourite PT album, the songs are very good both individually and as a whole for the album.

February 11th 2006


Album Rating: 5.0

Piano Lessons is quite the song. This album is great, and seems unrecognized by many.

October 3rd 2006


Album Rating: 5.0

I read this review before I had heard any of the album.

It's well written, so I listened to it.

And it's amazing, I love every minute of it.

Favourite tracks: Even Less, Piano Lessons, Pure Narcotic, Stranger By The Minute

Basically impossible to pin it down to a few tracks.

October 8th 2006


Thanks for the compliment.
This wa sone of my first reviews.
I'm not really that pleased with the format anymore.
But the rating still stands.

October 10th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

Really need this!!!

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