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The Second Stage Turbine Blade



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March 8th, 2005 | 8 replies

Release Date: 2002 | Tracklist

Coheed and Cambria's lyrics are part of a story, so they wont be critisized individually.

TRACK 1 // Second Stage Turbine Blade

This track really isn't a song, just an introduction, so usually it is a skip track for me. It is kind of cool how they used the beginning of it for the beginning of the "Devil In Jersey City" music video though. The music seems like its from an old movie with a crappy recording, but its cool overall.

Score: 3/5


TRACK 2 // Time Consumer

The song starts out with a long intro, the guitars, bass, and drums all sound good and keep you interested until the singing actually begins. Distortion comes in as Claudio starts singing with a soft voice, which later goes higher pitched. The chorus isn't really that great, but its kind of catchy, it fits in with the song. Some cool synthetic sounding effects are added in the next verse, and other cool effects are added throughout the rest of the song, showing how good this song was done.The song slows down into a solo, with some more cool effects and a bell sound, then jumps back into the chorus. Towards the end, Claudio sings a catchy "na-ha-ha-haaa" to end the song with a bang. Overall, this song is well done and a great first real song to get you into the CD.

Score: 4.5/5


TRACK 3 // Devil In Jersey City

This song starts off with Claudio saying "Hehe Shabutie" in a strange voice, then it instantly jumps into a fast beat song that you just have to sing along to [no matter how hard it is to get your voice that high]. The song goes through the verse then it stopsfo a few seconds as Claudio says "Dont let them scare you..." then jumps into the next verse. The song restarts, except with different lyrics, and plays through until the breakdown. The song is slightly repetitive, but you still enjoy every minute of it. Claudio plays a clean solo, which sounds great played with distortion live. The breakdown ends with "Dont let thm scare you..." once again, and jumps into a verse with screaming in the background, and Claudio singing "When you run, they'll follow you." in the climax of the song. It ends leaving you wanting more, one of the best tracks on the CD.

Score: 5/5

TRACK 4 // Everything Evil

Starts off with drums and the sound of a door closing. Fast paced palm muted guitar jumps in as Claudio stars singing. The song becomes quieter again, then goes back into the chorus. I love how Claudio shouts "Evil! Monstar, show me the things I never wanted done." in his trademark voice, then goes into a high pitched "I..." with awesome guitars and drums in the background. The song keeps playing, then goes into another verse as Claudio sings "Jesse, just come look at what your brother did, here he did away with me." The song becomes softer, then jumps into the climatic "Would you run, would you run" Would you run down past the fence"" and "Claudio oh, dear claudio oh, I wish god damn it, we'll make it if you believe."


TRACK 5 // Delirium Trigger

The song stars out with a cool guitar and bass with snare in background. Claudio comes in after about 30 seconds with powerful lyrics, with palm mutes and bends in the distorted guitar. The lyrics seem to be telling an important part of the story. The song calms down for a few seconds with Claudio singing softly "Hello" Hello..." and keeps going though until "Oh dear god, I dont feel alive!" The song is pretty heavy, then becomes soft again, with Claudio singing softly and cool guitar effects. It slowly gets louder and louder, and returns with "Oh dear god, I dont feel alive!" again with yelling in the background. It goes out with a bang... keeping you interested the whole time.

SCORE: 4.5/5


TRACK 6 // Hearshot Kid Disaster

Possibly the coolest intro out of all of Coheed and Cambria's songs. And I've always wondered how they did that wierd screaming thing... or if thats even real" Anyways. Once the verse starts, the tune is catchy, but it isnt anything outstanding. It gets more interesting as Claudio sings "Army Mayo... Dear Captian send the S.O.S, were gonna go down..." This song isnt the best on the CD, but its not necessarily a skip track. It gets better towards the end, with more of Claudio's high pitched lyrics and screaming in the background.

SCORE: 4/5


TRACK 7 // 33

Another faster beat song. Claudio's vocal range remains amazing. The chorus isnt too exciting, but like usual, fits in with the song. I like the part where they sing "Rush me too the emergancy room..." for some reason. The highlight of this song is Claudio's voice, nothing else too special.

SCORE: 3.5/5


TRACK 8 // Junesong Provision

Possibly the most amazing song on the CD. The song starts out somewhat heavy with awesome guitars. Claudio jumps in with his trademark voice. The next verse is strange, as the voices are wierdly distorted, but it all works nicely. Claudio sings "Is it all you've shared with them that makes us paranoid"" in the next part, with repeatedly shouting "Is it"", which all sounds very well. The song slows down after the high pitched "Is it the dreams that make us real"", then speeds up again and then possibly the best part of the song. "Paper CUT my heart in half and discard the evidence..." Claudio sings as the guitars enter a heavier verse with random shouted words. The song then breaks down into the next part, with awesome lead guitar and rhythm guitar to back it up. Claudio comes in singing "Wait for me all right, I'm still a boy, down there, when you want to promise me that..." It slowly gets heavier and heavier after each repetition, then ends with the music cutting off as Claudio's voice continues.

SCORE: 5/5


TRACK 9 // Neverender

Another favorite on the CD. This song is awesome, and fun to sing along to, as the lyrics arent quite as high pitched as other songs, less stressful on the voice. The guitars come in with distortion, and then palm muting as Claudio sings "When you've gone about things all wrong..." It slows down at the next part, "In graver mistakes..." then goes back into the verse. This song has a good balance of heavier parts and softer parts. The song continues sounding good until the excellent "Point your gun in another direction, now that you've cried yourself to sleep..." and the high pitched "After the fire..." This song is one of my favorites by Coheed and Cambria. And its very fun to play along to on guitar

SCORE: 5/5

TRACK 10 // God Send Conspirator

A bit of a different song, not quite as heavy as the last few songs, but still good. The intro sounds nice. Claudio's singing is a bit of a different style on this song, but it is still good. Not a whole lot to say about this song, it gets a little repetitive the second time around. Not the best song on the CD, but not horrible either.

SCORE: 4/5


TRACK 11 // IRO-Bot

A secret track on the CD. It is an accoustic song. It starts off softly with an interesting accoustic tune, with Claudio's soft voice, continues with that throughout the whole song. It is kind of slow, but the guitar and the voice is interesting. Not a whole lot to say about this song, its a soft, but good ending to the CD. Also, the lyrics "IRO-Bot will never die..." sound good.

SCORE: 4/5


Overall, I really love this CD and I still listen to it a lot to this day. I give it a 4.5/5. Its not perfect, but its dang close! A must buy.

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March 8th 2005


ahh... sorry, the line breaks got kind of messed up i guess for some reason when i submitted it... bear with the wierd spacing ^^;

March 8th 2005


i dont get it how you can make a 5/5 album with a ton of 3/5 songs.
Well The 5/5 part for the album is right.
Best song is: Delirium Trigger, contains a great build-up that excites my insides
some stuff seems a little wrong.
Devil In Jersey City is a good song but not a 5/5 for me, its one of the song that coughthgtth(catch) my attention, but its to radio frendly.

Hearshot, 33, and godsend all desirve at least 4 out of 5 if not 5.

well ill stop critizisin your :P
its good
sry for my bad writtin english

March 8th 2005


god dammit. my review was better.

March 8th 2005


yeah, i know its kind of wierd to make a 5/5 out of a bunch of 3/5 songs, i think they are all good, i just put 5/5 for some of the songs because i thought they were the highlights of the album

March 8th 2005


I thought it was a great review, and choke was right about delirium trigger is the best song on the album, i personaly thought this album was better than in keeping secrets of scilent earth. anyways good review all in all and definently a 5/5.

March 9th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

Nice review. Great album.

I don't think one can say one of the two albums is really better. They are both on an equal level IMO.

Would be great though if you could fix the review for better reading pleasure (line breaks)

March 9th 2005


i fixed the line break stuff and changed the ratings just a little bit to make it all go together better

March 10th 2005


[quote= pixiesfanyo]

god dammit. my review was better [/quote]

Well you should have formatted it properly (you had the album name first, if I recall). Then it would have been here already.

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