Moving Units
Dangerous Dreams



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March 7th, 2005 | 4 replies

Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

Emancipation- this is by far one of my favorite songs on the album with an amazing bassline and catchy guitar riffs on the chorus and through out the song the drums in this song i also find amazing especially during the chorus and mirrors their resembelance to Franz Ferdinand.

Beetween Us and Them-This i think is their first hit and is overall one of the best songs by them. This one also has an amazing thumping bassline and geuss what! more catch guitars. The vocals in this song very closely resemble The strokes with the kind of distored sounding voice, i'm not quite sure how to explain it. I geuss it kinda sounds like he's talking through a megaphone.

Available- the beginning to this song has a very catchy intro both bass and guitar and the bass drum thumping away with the rythm which flows through the whole song. I kind of find the chorus amusing, Blake starts singing really high in the chorus but although can seem amusing goes quite well with the song

Going for adds- the beginning of this song is similar to Available but different, the guitar goes through most of the song integrating the intro with different add ins and fills creating a repetitive but some how a good song anyway.

Unpersuaded- I love the guitars in this song and even sound sorta like The Strokes and the of course the always amazing Disco sounding bass and a very catchy drumline. This one is overall one of my favorite songs on the album next to Between us and them, Emancipation, and Available

Anyone- This song is the worst song on the album in my opinion with cheesy synthesizers and electronic drums (well not really electronic but it sounds like it). It sounds like another horrible pop song from the 80's or a song from mario.

Scars- Another one of my favorites, this one is really the only slow song on the album except for Anyone. This song almost sounds like interpol in away. i don't know if Blake is using and effect but it seems like he is harmonizing with another guitar, just like Interpol. It also has that typical Interpol drone sound in it. This song doesn't have the best bassline but it works with song.

Submission- The bass in the beginning of this song may not be the most complicated buy is extremely catchy and flows good with the whole song. this song is not their fastest but not slow either. The chorus in this song is another catchy part, especially the guitar.

Birds of Prey- the beginning of this song is also very catchy starting out with the repeat of one guitar chord then the bass slowly comes in and then goes into the basic rythm in the song. this song also has a very Strokes sounding chorus with the major arpeggios to the seventh sounding arpeggios. also another great one.

Bricks & Mortar- this is the only song that really starts out with the drums and a very good start at that. the bass on this song sounds particulary funky and disco-ish sound. and a very interesting sounding chorus.

Killer/Lover- I don't know what it is about this song but it kind of reminds of Incubus, well at least at the beginning. The chorus in this song is not the best but still a pretty good song

Turn Away- Another slow one but not very catchy like their other songs but still a good song, and definitley not the worst.

in conclusion i was amazed with this album and if i had to describe Moving units in one word it would be catchy all of their songs seem to start out with a very captivating and catchy riff, whether it be drums, bass, or guitar. overall i recommend this album to any strokes or Franz Ferdinand fans. you will love it.

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March 8th 2005


Bumpity Bump

October 12th 2006


i've only heard between us and them, and love it. i'll check out this album whenever i remember to

June 30th 2008


pretty badly written review, seemed overly fanboyish, and tbh it's not really a classic at all, a 3.5 would be a more justified rating

August 3rd 2015


Album Rating: 4.0

With a decade retrospective, I think this album holds up pretty well. While not classic, the tracks definitely capture the mid-2000s dance punk wave that took hold. Solid 7.9/10

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