The Evens
The Evens



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March 5th, 2005 | 8 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

Okay so this band includes Ian Mackaye of Fugazi/Embrace/Minor Threat/ETC and Amy Farina of the Warmers

Dischord Records

The genre of this band is undescribable. And I think that might be a good thing.

It will be released officially on Monday, March 7

The Evens are:
Ian - Baritone Guitar/Vocals
Amy - Drums/Vocals

1) Shelter Two - The song gives us the beginning of the mellow sounding Evens. They make several references to the DC Area, and to two places that I have been to.

2) Aroung the Corner - This song is probably one of my favorites on the album. I love Amy's voice in this song, it is absolutely great. And the lyrics are really good too.
"Up on the rocks above the following water it comes close, to jumping off the edge instead of standing, watching whats below".

3) All These Governors - Becomes a faster paced song in the middle. Faster than the other two before it anyway. I like the drumming and guitar combination in this song. Also has a nice bridge, and good guitar work.

4) Crude Bomb - Again with Amy's voice, simply amazing. I personally think it would be hard to drum and sing at the same time. It is also a faster paced song than the first two. Good drumming.

5) Sara Lee - A basically instrumental song until the end. This track is a pretty good instrumental, it would be better if we could hear the drums/guitar both better. I personally didn't like this track as much as the others.

6) Mt. Pleasant - I think they do this song better live. This is also a good song. It starts out with a good scat type thing. Good bridge near the end:
"The police will not behave, the police will not be excused". Good guitar riff as well, but again they do this song better live.

7) Blessed Not Lucky - I like the vocals in this song and it has a cool guitar riff. This song is hard to describe, just like the band is hard to describe.

8) If It's Water - Aaah, again with Amy's great voice. Another one of my personal favorites, cool bass riff intro thingy. I can't describe this song very well either.

9) Until They're Clear - I think Amy is playing the hand-drums in this or some other thing that isn't a drumset. I didn't like this song very much.

10) On The Face Of It - This song was on Protest Records, but this one on the CD is a different version. I like this song, it also very creepy/mellow at the same time.

11) Minding Ones Business - I like this song, Ian sings the intro, and then keeps going with the intro and Amy sings louder while Ian's singing the intro in the background. It's cool.

12) You Won't Feel A Thing - Nice way to end the album. I like this song as well. I also like the drumming in this song, along with the guitar riff combining with it.

It was a great album. VERY different from Ian's older bands. If you've heard the Instrument Sountrack by Fugazi it sounds KINDA like some of the tracks on that.

Genre - Protest Songs/Folk-rock/Quiet-punk/Quiet Rock/Coffee-Shop Rock...undescribable

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October 22nd 2005


Album Rating: 4.5


March 10th 2007


weak review. you didn't really cover a whole lot

March 10th 2007


Cool band, I need to hear more. Review could be better though. Add the album cover and release date to, if you can.

wait wtf, you bumped a year old review to say that Clarivyent? I thought this was a new reviewThis Message Edited On 03.09.07

Digging: Conor Oberst - Ruminations

April 19th 2007


/ultra bump cos i'm worth it.

the children video they did is ROFL. ian mackaye's gone barmy.

February 13th 2008


It's funny but I listen to this and then I listen to Minor Threat and I It's good stuff though. Oh, and the childrens song is COOL!!!

August 18th 2010


I'll give a brief go at describing the sound. It sounds a lot of The Argument era Fugazi which is no bad thing. In fact pretty good. I really do not consider this overtly different from Ian's other works. His stamp is on this fairly clearly. It is not Red Medicine but channels the beautiful minimalistic energy we have heard before.

I really like this album but cannot decide what to rate it. Anyone that likes The Argument or 13 songs would like this.

August 18th 2010



August 18th 2010


It does rather drop tempo here and there to an almost Trick-esque pace. It feels like a film soundtrack. I hear you about the drumming. It is off putting - particulary on Mt Pleasant Isn't. It would have been different song with some different choices.

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