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Release Date: 1984 | Tracklist

With Iron Maiden doing Dance of Death I'm sure they'll get new fans that want to here more of them. This is their 1984 release Powerslave, the follow up to Piece of Mind.

1. Aces High (Harris). This song is set in a WW2 dogfight over England and is a great opener. It has starts off with a slow intro and then into the fantastic very catchy main riff. The verse is very solid and sharp with good lyrics. The chorus has flare and good singing from Bruce. Another catchy riff follows either side of the solos. The guitar solos are very neat and well done. The ending slows down very well and brings the song to a close. 4/5

2. 2 Minutes To Midnight (Smith/Dickinson). This is great song to follow Aces High. The theme I think is based around twisted politicians and the threat of nuclear war. It opens with a fantastic riff that immediately grabs you. Great lyrics in the verses follow. The chorus is slowed down with neat chord work and then the bridge is excellent with good singing from Bruce. The solo's aren't quite as good as Aces High but certainly good enough. After the solos its a mad dash to the finish where there is an explosive end. 5/5

3. Losfer Words (Big 'Orra) (Harris). An good instrumental from Steve that just slows the pace down a little bit. The song features some great riffs and harmonies at a consistant pace throughout. It rates well among the other instumentals Maiden have done. Not quite as good as Trannsylvania but better than Ghengis Kahn. 4/5

4. Flash Of The Blade (Dickinson). This swashbuckling outing from Bruce is reasonably well done with another good opening riff. Like Losfer Words, instead of boasting a monster solo it features good twin harmonies from Adrian and Dave. Definitely the weakest of the first four but by no means a bad song. There are pretty good lyrics throughtout and the catchy riff sticks in your mind. 3.5/5

5.The Duellists (Harris). Here is a song about a fight of somekind and is the weakest part of the album. It doesn't have a feature that makes it stand out and is easily forgotten as you listen to the album. Mediocre by Maiden's standards it is quite plain. The first solo isn't great and lacks the punch that Aces High and 2 Minutes To Midnight have. The second solo is quite good and is the highlight of the song along with some of Steve's bass lines. 3/5

6. Back In The Village (Smith/Dickinson). Ah, normal service resumed. With the fairly weak two middle songs Back In The Village is a breath of fresh air. A great opening to the song with a fast riff. A punchy verse and chorus brings the album back to life. There are fantastic harmonies here that are really catchy. The first solos are solid but difinitely a little short. They're gone before you can really listen to them properly. That is the only bad part of the song. An explosive end to the song works well and wraps it up. 4/5

7. Powerslave (Dickinson). The title track is definitely one of the best songs Maiden have and is probably Bruce's finest work. All about Egyptian slaves to the Pharohs and its a belter! A fairly heavy riff opens it up and a very Egyptian style riff leads you into the chorus. A good, steady chorus features a catchy melody. There is a clean little riff that leads into the first solo and provides the backing for it too. Solo 1 is a slow winding part that Dave plays superbly. It ends quickly and goes into the second solo played by Adrian which has lots of punch and bite. There is a break after this that allows you time to relax briefly. Dave comes in again with a great solo that follows a similar pattern to his first one only quicker. The song goes back to a verse and chorus and then it ends with the Egyptian riff stretched out slowly until BANG! The song ends. 5/5

8. Rime Of The Ancient Mariner (Harris). What can I say about this song to finish the album. An absolute epic at 13 minutes long and considered by many as Steve's best work. He has wrote several long songs but this has to one his greatest. The length of a song like this may be off puting to many people because they simply don't want to listen to one song for that amount of time. However this one is captivating from start to finish. It is based on the poem of the same name by Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1798-1834) and formed an integral part of the live show on their World Slavery tour. It boasts several fantastic guitar and bass riffs. Lyrics are great right through and it features an extract from the origianal poem. The middle is slow and draws you in with the bassline and swirling guitar parts. There is no singing for about 3 minutes during the middle. It speeds up after this part with a bassline similar to The Number Of The Beast guitar intro. Two great solos come in after about 9 minutes. The song returns to the main riffs with more verses and is finally drawn to a close. An awsome song and shows the quality that Maiden possess as there are not a lot of bands that could pull off a song like this. 4/5. The only thing that could bring this song down is its length. It isn't appealling to everyone and that is why I've had to give it 4/5 and not 5/5.

Definitely worth parting with cash for this. Great for new and old Maiden fans alike. I'll give the album 4.5/5 in total. The only thing that prevents it getting full marks is the slightly weaker middle section. Its still awesome in its own genre and one Maiden's best along with Killers, Number Of The Beast and Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son!

Other stuff.
The Egyptian theme is shown on the cover art with Eddie as a pharoh sitting on a huge thrown. A golden topped pyramid is in the background. The live album 'Live After Death' features a show in Long Beach Arena, California on one of the four sellout dates in a row there in 1985 as part of the 190 show World Slavery Tour.

The singles released were:
2 Minutes To Midnight. Reached 11 in UK.
Aces High. Reached 20 in Uk.

Powerslave album reached 2 in UK.

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December 17th 2003


good review. the guitar solos of the song Powerslave are absolutely mindblowing. :thumb:

December 18th 2003


Thanks for the review. Since you seem to know a lot about Maiden, do you think you can review Number of the Beast? Thanks.

This album has my favorite song on VROCK, but I'm thinking of getting NOTB first because it seems like one of those introductory albums for new fans.

December 18th 2003


Yes'm, I too want Number of teh beast.

December 18th 2003


Great review. :thumb: I lost my copy so I have to buy it again. :upset: I just listened to Aces High today, good song.

December 18th 2003


Love this album, it never gets old. I always take it along on any kind of trip. To me, Ace's High is the perfect album-opener. My least favorite track is probably Losfer Words (Big Orra), it's a fairly good instrumental, but not up to Maiden standards in my opinion. Just because it's my least favorite doesn't mean its a bad song, just that the rest of the album was better

I'd give it a 5/5, it's a metal essential.

December 21st 2003


Album Rating: 5.0

The only thing I really disagreed with in your review was flash of the blades. It's probably my favorite Maiden song, though powerslave does come close.... Great review, man.

December 21st 2003


I bought it this week, love it.

Second only to Brave New World

January 1st 2004


My Uncle was at Long Beach Arena for all 4 nights

(i wen to the Long Beach and Irvine dates for the GMETID tour and will be going to both LA dates this january. SCREAM FOR ME LOS ANGELES!!)

oh and GREAT review

January 1st 2004


Amazing album, and a fantastic review. Powerslave and Aces High are two of the best metal tracks I've ever heard, just incredible.

I say 4.5/5 as well.

Definitely the best Iron Maiden album, in my opinion.

April 12th 2004


I absolutely love this album, possibly my favorite of their's right now.

April 12th 2004


Great review, and superb album. :thumb:

Every metal fan needs this in their collection.

April 12th 2004


Brillaint album 4/5. aces high and 2 minutes = classics

April 12th 2004


Agreed, Duellists is pretty boring, but the other songs pretty much own.

Rime... deservers 5/5! Man, screw the length, it NEEDS that kind of length! It owns your soul! Best song on the album, exept for maybe the title track.

I'd give the whole thing a 4.5/5 also.

EDIT: Oh yah, and the riff in Back in the VIllage is quite fast, its Speed Metal in fact :thumb:

April 13th 2004


Great review man! Definitley a 5/5 in my books. I think it's not just one of the best Maiden album but one of the best heavy metal albums. And I definitley agree with Lord Dragon above me with Rime.

April 13th 2004


My friend and I just traded Maiden albums for a day. I gave him 7th son... and he gave me Powerslave.
/me listening now, good times. This is great stuff, just like I remembered it when I had this cd. :thumb:

Narc the Shark
May 16th 2004


Nah, I have to disagree with some of the ratings.. Aces High, 2 minutes to Midnight, Powerslave, and Rime of the Ancient Mariner all deserve 5/5. There other ratings I agree with. In its entirety, the album deserve a 4.5. If the middle tracks were a little bit better, this album would possibly deserve a 5/5.

June 9th 2004


I just got this album today, and I think it's awesome. I HAD to learn how to play the title track on bass, but what I figured out is slightly different than most tabs. I think the main riff starts on E, but the tabs say it's A. Which one is it, or does it even matter?

September 20th 2004


I had to listen to this album non stop for a month in germany, because it was the only good cd i had. I think that that powerslave is the most influential musical masterpiece, that has affected my style as a guitar player. I disagree with the 4/5 on aces high. I would give it a 6/5. Also, flash of the blade is an amzing song and i would have rated it higher. Losfer words should have gotten a 5. All in all good review

September 20th 2004


Great Review. My personal favorite album.

June 28th 2005


First of all, I have to say that Maiden is quickly becoming my favorite band. I have immersed myself in it and I have to say that this album is Maiden's best. I will disagree with the review of Flash of the Blade, a great song. Also the Duelists has some incredible bass work. The other songs go without mentioning. I believe that Steve Harris is the greatest metal bassist and this is the album that convinced me!! Thanks for the review.

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