Armor For Sleep
What To Do When You Are Dead



by Society Sellout USER (5 Reviews)
March 1st, 2005 | 11 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

Ben Jorgensen - vocals, guitar
PJ DeCicco - guitar
Anthony DiIonno - bass
Nash Breen - drums

Some info about Armor For Sleep for those who care:"band_id=2

So first off I want to say that I did not like AFS’s early stuff on Dream to Make Believe but I must say this band has come a long ways since then and when I first heard Car Underwater I was intrigued to listen to more. This album is a concept album which means that there is a story or common theme behind the songs on the album. In this case the songs talk of someone who has recently died and looking back at the people in their life as a ghost. The first song sets the mood of the whole album perfectly with spacie guitar riffs and lines like “believe the news, I’m gone for good, call off the search, no one will know that I’m down here” and “In a car underwater with time to kill looking back I forgot to tell you this”. The next song “The Truth about Heaven” displays some of Ben’s best lyrics “Walked past my grave today in the dark tonight. Saw the stone and the note you left for me.” musically this song is very standard but the lyrics make it shine a bit more.

I absolutely love the intro guitar line that starts off “Remember to Feel Real”, a chunky rhythm line echoed by a screeching riff really shows some of the talent of the guitarist to write interesting guitar lines. At about the 1 min mark the song takes a turn into a quiet melodic sound that will be popping up again in the album. Awkward Last Words has another interesting musical introduction using small pauses to give the music a pop funk feel the only problem is they seem to revert back to the basic rhythm guitar as soon as Ben starts singing. Save for the intro this is an average track.

“Stay on the Ground” is a strong song and separates Armor for Sleep’s bassist from the average bassist in unique bass line in the verse placing the occasional note just where it’s needed to move the beat forward. Lyrics seem rather weak on this track but it’s not as noticeable because the song is quite varied in it’s music. Next up is a “A Quick Little Flight” which is a good attempt at a softer song with a keytar leading the way, some of the lyrics stand out such as, “If I try hard enough I pretend that I’m flying above some trees. And they’re smiling and waving at me.” The next song “The More you Talk the Less I Hear” is a great song, interesting bass line in the verse with a powerful bridge emphasized by some well placed effects over these lyrics “It’s raining outside. There’s a storm front on my back, trying to keep, trying to keep away from you. a stranger’s up ahead, holding up a knife.”.

The next song “Basement Ghost Singing” is my personal favorite on the album. The music and lyrics fit together so perfectly it’s eerie(no pun intended :D). The lyrics on this one seem to me to be some of the best on the album, “I hear your footsteps move the floorboard above my head. I hope you know that I’m down here just for you. I sang a song to you through the floor to reach you upstairs. I thought I heard you call out for more... I know that’s crazy”. This song ties directly into a simi-acoustic “Walking At Night, Alone” which is another one of my favorites. A speedy, but not too much so, acoustic riff emphasized by a light and effective guitar lick in the background seems to move this album along smoothly while retaining a obvious difference between tracks.

“I Have Been Right All Along” seems to be a good song but I just can’t really get into, it might be because it sounds too much like the first few. “The End of A Fraud” is a marvelous ending, starts off as a seemly normal song. Lyrics grip you like “They never heard one sound out of my mouth” followed shortly by “Now I think I believe. That I was never alive in the first place”. Then the song launches into frantic effected shouting and chunky chords while a female singer comes in while Ben sings “Don’t believe that the weather was perfect the day that you died”. The song crashes shortly after Ben stops singing in a climax of distortion and effects and slowly fades out. One of the best and most experimental songs on the album, a beautiful ending to a pretty good album.

Overall I really liked this album, generally concept albums are not pulled off very well but this one seems to be an exception. It’s not perfect and it won’t blow you away but I think it’s well worth whatever you can find it for at the store.

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March 1st 2005


I loved Dream to Make Believe but I'm not impressed by what I've heard from this.

Society Sellout
March 1st 2005


Ok... can I ask why?

March 2nd 2005


I like what I've heard from these guys. Nice review, but try breaking it down into paragraphs. (makes it a little easier to read)

March 2nd 2005


It just didn't hit me the way the old songs did. Sure, the main reason I liked DTMB is because it was so damn catchy... and the songs I've heard from this just don't have it. Just seemed really bland.

March 2nd 2005


I saw these guys when they played with Straylight Run and Something Corporate.. they were amazing.

Society Sellout
March 3rd 2005


Sep: Yeah I had it like that but when i copied it from the word processing program it lost it. It's fixed now though.

Buddy: Ok fair enough.

April 9th 2005


i'm not sure if i like this album better than dream to make believe, but its still very enjoyable.


i really liked how the band really commited to the concept of the album throughout the whole thing, never really straying away from it. the little booklet that came with the album and actually tells you what to do when youre dead was also a nice touch. i also enjoyed the dvd. armor for sleep is such an awesome band.

June 26th 2005


i agree with buddy bigsby that dream to make believe's songs are much catchier. when i first heard dream to make believe, the songs were so so, but after listening to it more and more, the songs get better and better, such as slip like space- i hated this song but it grew on me and now i love it-
this cd just better as you listen to it more

with their new cd , none of of the songs stuck with me

July 6th 2005


This album to me didn't appeal to me as much as their first album. And similar bands to Armor For Sleep... Thursday?? Nah uh I dont think so.

captain chris
July 6th 2005


I havent heard much of AFS but what i have heard i did like. I mite have to check this album out.

My good chums
Smooches xxx

September 19th 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

I think this album is amazing. It isn't anything overly intense musically, but the mood of the album is fantastic, I love it. It's weird because this isn't really my style of music, but I find this album fantastic, and it hits my CD player regularily. Good job on the review as well.

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