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January 14th, 2005 | 6 replies

Release Date: 2002 | Tracklist

I find this CD to be as good as his Alice In Chains Material.
The album was released last year a couple months after Layne Staley's death...has almost no comparison to his first solo album...Boggy Depot He re-released Degradation Trip in a double CD form. adding a few more tracks which I've already heard and a few are almost just as good as the best songs on the original.

This CD is Dedicated to Layne Staley...and If you listen closely there are parts in the songs where it almost sounds like Layne Staley Has entered and taken over Jerry's vocal abilities. :eek: It's kind of spooky sometimes.

1. Psychotic Break - starts off with an almost Explosive feel and sound. It's a Slower paced Metal track...with Jerry Cantrell's amazing vocals and guitar playing. This is one of my favorite songs on the CD by the way.

2. Bargain Basement Howard Hughes - Grunge, Grunge and more Grunge!!! Except we can't call it Grunge anymore...A real dirty song that reminds me of something off of Alice In Chains 'Self titled' album.

3. Anger Rising - I think most people have heard this song and/or seen the video for it...A song about Domestic Violence. The guitar is absolutely brilliant on this song. Remember we're talking about Jerry Cantrell here. I usually am not the type to go out and buy a CD when I hear a single. But this is one of the 1st times. Although I already knew what I was kind of getting into. I thought The ending could of been shortened, but It still didn't turn me off from liking this song.

4. Angel Eyes - A very well written song that that has some sad lyrics of what seems to be about a couple which are breaking up because one of them are moving away. A Catchy chorus and more of Jerry's brilliant guitar playing make this one of the best songs on here.

5. Solitude - A slower acoustic song from Angel Eyes. You kind of wait for it to get heavier at some parts but it doesn't....Jerry's voice is the main focus here.

6. Mother's Spinning In Her Grave (Glass Dick Jones) - A strange but good song by Jerry. Starts off with Jerry chanting "Mother's spinning in her grave cause she can't save..." then Robert Trujillo's bass takes over...Something you wouldn't expect to be on the abum after the first 5 songs....this song is almost out of place on the album, I giggled the first time I listened to it; but It grows on you and it's actually very catchy.

7. Hellbound - Another metal track this one's a bit more faster than the rest. Starts off with Mike Bordin's explosive and jungle like drumming. Really good vocals once again by Jerry...and also Jerry's expert guitar playing shines once again.

8. Give It A Name - I have a clue of what this song might be about ;)...Another song that almost sounds out of place on the album. The catchiness in the lyrics is what stands out. Not one of the best songs, but It's not bad either.

9. Castaway - There is almost complete isolation ;) from the rest of the album and this song...The lonely, yet tribal feel and creepy creaking noises Jerry's making with his guitar makes you imagine that you're lost at sea. This has to be my all around Favorite song on the album.

10. She Was My Girl - Previously-released on the Spiderman Soundtrack...This song is a faster paced track with a punk-like feel to it. Another sweet guitar solo. Plenty of these songs are based on Jerry's experiences with his lady. I'm sure this is one of them.

11. Chemical Tribe - The title says it all with the Tribal like drum and bass provided by Mike Bordin and Robert Trujillo. The Chorus on this song is one of my favorites on this album. The bridge in this song, Where the bass and drums are almost playing alone, seems like it takes forever, but it doesn't really. Overall though, it's Another really good catchy metal track!

12. Spiderbite - If you listen closely Jerry's vocals on this song almost sound like Layne Staley is trying to come out of his body. Probably the Heaviest song on the album.

13. Locked On - A Rock song which seems to be about a drug addicted rock star... 'Is it about Layne"' I doubt it. Nice Vocals once again. Jerry's on the Wah...

14. Gone - Now this song is about Layne Staley. A country sounding song. Which reminds me of the Jar Of Flies and SAP EP's. A soothing and nice way to end this Grunge genious's 2nd solo album.

4/5 This is very underrated CD that I guarantee any AIC fan will enjoy.


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December 24th 2003


Album Rating: 3.5

Good review; I'd probably agree, saying 4/5. Anger Rising, due to its ending, would have been better placed at the end of the album. The way it fades away with humming makes a perfect cd ender (I actually used it as such when burning a friend a mix cd.) I thought Locked On was about Layne.... By the way, it pissed me off when he re-released this album with a second cd....I had already bought it and couldn't justify buying another copy of the same thing. grr....

December 30th 2003


Album Rating: 4.0

Yeah I know what you mean.

Jerry from the start wanted this CD to be a Double CD release. But when Layne Staley's death occurred.

Somebody thought (I don't know whether it was his idea, or not) he release the album quick after Layne Staley had died. And so he did. Of course it's dedicated to him.

He also Toured with Nickelback. and along with one of Nickelback's members; Mike, Robert, and Jerry, covered many Alice In Chains songs. My best Friend and former bassist Jason saw them live...He told me it was great!

Thanks for reading my review. :thumb:

September 22nd 2004


Is it aggressive AIC, or melodic/heavy?

September 22nd 2004


A lot heavier than AIC. But still that grunge feel. I suggest "Anger Rising," "Spiderbite" and "She Was My Girl" (all of which have the catchiest guitar riffs ever, especially "She Was My Girl").

Great review of a great album.

Jamie FT
September 23rd 2004


I should really try out this album sometime, I've heard anger rising and love it!

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