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Release Date: 1998 | Tracklist

First of all, I can't believe that I'm the only one to write a review of this CD. I mean 7 years is a long time for a CD worthy of praise to go unnoticed.

Track 1 - Breath from Another

Personally I feel that for being a title track this song lacks the real feeling of Esthero, starting the track with a lightly scratched sample from Deliverance "squeel like a pig". But of course, in her brilliant way Esthero starts singing with her low-tone melody just over the deep bass and the snap of the snare. The tempo progresses into a snappy snare hit beat, then back into the deep driven bass line. For anyone, this song is either the beginning or the peak of the journey.

Track 2 - Heaven Sent

Ahhhh, now this was the first single off the CD and it aired with regular rotation of its video on Much Music for a few months. This song is how I was exposed to Esthero and I'm grateful. The song introduces itself with a smooth acoustic riff, and the light la-la-la jazz vocals. Esthero begins her controlled singing of the lyrics "the taste was sweet and you delivered" On the song rolls into the powerful Chorus. Definately one of my favorite songs of all time. "Heaven isnt on my side, oh well."


Track 3 - Anywayz

One thing off the start, I hate when a Z is used to replace an S. I think an S is cool on its own, leave it alone you damn Pop-tarts. Sorry.

Back into another sound and feeling. The intro to this song slides your mind deep into the crevase of a plush seated lounge, with the light aromatic essence of cigrar smoke. Jazzy piano, rolls in smoothly over-top a rythmatic bassline and the cracks of the snare move everthing alone.


Track 4 - That Girl

This song was the second single released, it also received a decent amount of rotation of Much Music. This song encompasses the feeling of how pop music should be, and as a dedicated Metal and Rock listener this song makes me feel "O.K" about liking pop music. I like the funky acoustic guitar, I like the produced beats, I love the horns. "One of these just doesnt belong here" Flows as a lyrical smoothie into your brain...ahhhh horns rule.


Track 5 - Country Livin' (The world I know)

Time for some more low-tempo. The songwriting of this duo really shines on this song. The lyrics are beautiful and sang as if Esthero has lived a thousand years, her disdainful longing for a perfect place slowly echoes out as the strings pull into the equally smooth Chorus. Road rage is non-excistent if you play this disk on your ride home. Trust me.


Track 6 - Flipher Overture

Optagon - Rami Jaffee. Beats, horns...I personally dont really love intrusment tracks especially when they are only 40 seconds long, but the fade out of that track definatley sets up the next song in a good way.

3/5 - (only if its intentional that its 40 seconds long...otherwise 2/5)

Track 7 - Half the world away

The song opens with a brief naration in Spanish I believe. I like this song for the overlapping vocals, it makes this track. It also makes for exactly what Esthero (as a Duo, a man named Doc does the music) create when they are combined.


Track 8 - Lounge

Sampled horns and the light electronic buzzes of telephones..."Sweet caress and tenderness"....Just lean back, and take the light melody of her voice into your head. (I swear I'm not high...its just that good) I guess I shouldnt ass kiss this whole album. In my mind there are some very key points in this song that are great (like the chorus), but it also doesnt lend itself to being the most original track on the CD.


Track 9 - Superheroes

Between the superheroes...Esthero controls the feeling of this song with her voice in the beginning. In the background there is a toned over beat thats phased in and out. The beat drops in (cant' believe I just said that) The drums begin, and cary the flow of that initial beginning into a chorus, then to a purely beat interlude. The singning begins again...and the world turns.


Track 10 - Indigo Boy

I enjoy how Esthero words her lyrics more than anything, to take insipration from her music is definately a side effect of listening to this album. Thats my official warning. Layered vocals, I'll say it once I'll say it again, she knows how to do it, and she knows how to make it beautiful. You know those days when you sit and listen to music, and all of the sudden your hear that background riff, or vocal that you never really caught before, and it makes the song just that much better" Well this song had alot of that for me, better each time. One word. Mood.


Track 11 - Swallow me

Ok. This is my favorite track on the whole album. The lyrics, the emotion, the mood, the fact that it takes hold of the "Final Track" status and makes it it's bitch. "The slowest melodies, coated me"
Esthero has points where she wails her lyrics, points where she just barely forms the tone of them her mouth....

Music was the lamb
that made a lion
Out of me


Overall I totally kissed ass on this Album. This is also my first review. I hope that you all found it helpful and that in some small way I helped expose a relatively unknown artist in the world. This review of course is outdated (She just released a new Album this year called "We R in Need of a Musical Revolution") Perhaps I'll have a chance to review that in the future.

Total CD rating 4/5

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March 9th 2005


What, no comments?

July 19th 2005


Never even heard of this until now, which is pretty odd for a trip-hop record.

Pretty good review though. You should do more.This Message Edited On 07.19.05

July 7th 2011


love the first sentence of the last paragraph

May 10th 2013


Album Rating: 4.5

This is pretty good, especially the slower tracks.

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