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February 21st, 2005 | 8 replies

Release Date: 1974 | Tracklist

Procession (1:12)
You couldn't really call this a song, more of an introduction to the album and the next song, Father to Son.

Father To Son (6:12)
Very good song, written by Queen guitarist Brian May, reasonably heavy in parts, but there also some quiet moments.

White Queen (As it Began) (4:33)
This is a top song, also written by Brian May. It starts off an acoustic ballad and stays that way for most of the song, until the guitar solo, which sounds like a citar to me. Whilst the solo itself idn't that memorable, the section that follows it is one of the most intelligent and most majestic peices of music you will hear, Brian May has all sorta of harmonies from his guitar in different sections with different tones playing different parts, but it all complements each other so well, which leads up to the climax, where Freddie sings "my goddess hear my darkest fear, I speak to late, but it's forever more, that I wait". Excellent peice of music.

Some Day One Day (4:21)
Not really a huge fan of this song, with Brian May the copmoser once again, and also taking care of vocals, definatley one of the weaker songs, nothing really interesting about it.

The Loser in the End (4:01)
This is written and sung by ROger Taylor, also not a highlight, perhaps fractionally better or worse than the previous song, depending on your mood.

Ogre Battle (4:08)
The first of the tracks to be written by Freddie, and this is were the album really starts to get going. It starts off with a whole backwards thing, until it suddenly turnds forwards, almost unnoticably. This is quite a heavy track, though some of the lyrics drag the standard down slightly "when the piper is gone, and the soup is cold on your table"

The Fairy Fellers Master Stroke (2:39)
This track really is intelligent, well written, and innovative. It has many many parts to it in such a short time, a really does take a few listens to get into. But once you do, you can really understand all the timing/tempo changes and get the idea behind the song. Awesome song, and while nothing is perfect, this is as close as you'll get in such a short time. The song is progressive, melodic, intelligent, complex and harmoniious.

Nevermore (1:17)
A little piano ballad that sorta just finishes off TFFMS, not bad

The March of the Black Queen (6:03)
Also jam packed with all sorts of sections and changes this track is equally as good, though nowhere nearly as recognised, but clearly the forerunner to tracks like Bohemian Rhapsody and the Prophets Song. Also a progressive, intelligent, etc... song it contains heavy sections "Here comes the black queen poking in the pile", and much quieter sections "A voice from behind me reminds me"

Funny How Love Is (3:14)
Pretty simple, boring sorta pop really. Not memorable, but not terrible.

Seven Seas of Rhye (2:48)
This was used as the single off the album. Good song, though it sort of sounds out of place, tagged on the end.

This is probably Queen's most proggressive, experimental and heaviest album. And it lies in the time when Queen were at their prime, between Queen and A Day at the Races, when they were unique, clever, complex, heavy and used harmonies like no one else.
Queen II should not go unlistened by any fan of proggresive rock or hard rock. Or particulary by those who think Queen were a synth driven, stadium rock, 80s band, which they turned out to be after their album "The Game".

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April 4th 2005


Good review. queen is an awesome band

October 6th 2005


I don't think you're giving that much credit to queen here: This being there second album didn't quite know what they were doing yet. They had no idea that within the next few years they would have such hits Bohemiah Rhapsody, We are the Champions, Somebody to Love, and We Will Rock You. But yet, they go and create this masterpiece; which is still regarded by some people as queen's greatest album ever.

November 18th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

this is one of queens best albums

April 13th 2006


Album Rating: 5.0

My official favorate album EVER! You have under-rated a bit of this though. Thats upsetting!

I'll do my thoughts on this album quickly:

Procession - 5

Father To Son - 5

White Queen - 4.75

Some Day, One Day - 4.5

She's Got To Be The Loser In The End - 4

Ogre Battle - 5

The Fairy Feller's Master Stroke - 5

Nevermore - 4

The March Of The Black Queen - 4.5

Funny How Love Is - 4

Seven Seas Of Rhye - 4

Hope thats cheered up some Queen fans :D

This Message Edited On 05.20.06

May 28th 2006


I love the song March Of The Black Queen! One of my favourite Queen tracks.

July 14th 2006


Album Rating: 5.0

Ecuse me but I just found EXACTLY the same review on prog archives! EXPLAIN!!

October 9th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

man, you've completely underrated this

December 15th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

I bought this on vinyl two or three years after its release date - it was divided into side white (largely May's work) and side black (mercury's). While it is true that this album has weaknesses (towards the end of side white), its high points are incredible. Ogre battle, Fairy feller, nevermore and black queen (the first four tracks of side black) run together as a single piece of music that quite frankly is awe-inspiring. Thirty-two years on and it's lost none of its magic. This Message Edited On 02.07.08

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