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thisGIRL are:

Liam Creamer – Vocals
Chris Shepherd – Guitars
Matt Westley – Bass
Ryan Jenkinson – Drums

thisGIRL formed in Rotherham, England, 1999. They started out playing small gigs in local venues but they soon started to create a storm among critics for their amazing live performances. A record deal with Lockjaw records soon followed as did tours with the likes of Biffy Clyro, theused, Hell is For Heroes, Glassjaw, and Cave In. During this period they released their debut album, Short Strut to the Brassy Front. Having had a difficult time with major labels, they eventually signed for the newly formed Drowned in Sound recordings. This album is the first release on this label.


Master Blaster

The second single from the album starts off with a heavy bassy riff, before Liam unleashes his highly charged, energetic vocals.

This is possibly one of the best songs on the album, with a really catchy chorus. The whole song has a grungey kind of feel to it, and the drumming is excellent.


Don’t Be A Kite

My personal favourite track, starts with a cool bass lick. The song stays at a rather slow pace for a while, until the chorus. The Quiet/Loud style is used to amazing effect and I guarantee that the chorus line, “so put your money where your mouth is” will be stuck in your head for days. So much so, that you’ll want to play this song over and over and over…


You Are But A Draft, A Long Rehearsal For A Show That Will Never Play.

Great song title, Great song.

The bridge and chorus are both beautiful, and it is again a really catchy chorus. At one point this song almost branches out into the realms of Prog-Rock, but they manage to bring it back before anyone loses too much interest.



The first single from the album. Great opening riff. Didn't think it was the strongest candidate for first single though.

While it is a good song, I don't think its good enough to turn heads, to be honest, its a filler track, lacking somewhat in their already trademark powerful choruses.


Beeping at pedestrians

A typical thisGIRL start to the song, energetic music and vocals make an exciting song,all building up to a chorus which, while being as catchy as ever, doesn't quite complete the song. The chorus should have taken a step up from the energy already on display, instead it takes a step-down. I admire bands that try to do this, taking a move away from the old Quiet/Loud theme (which thisGIRL put to good use on the album), but in the context of this song i don't believe it works. Which is disappointing, because the song had so much promise. Its also extremely repetitive.



The inevitable slow song on the album, recently released through their record label as a download only special edition Valentines Day single. The vocals are what makes this song, he doesnt't try to change his voice too much, so he still has that raw-ness and energy. A great song with a rather optimistic yet sombre mood (if that makes any sense to anyone).


Coffee & Giro Cheques

Great intro, starts where the last song left off. Upbeat musicianship, which drops into a moody atmosphere in the bridge, but picks back up again in the chorus. Another inescapable catchy-as-hell chorus line later, and you're left with a huge smile on your face, which only gets bigger after the odd-but-interesting guitar solo. The song has a great ending too...ending like it started.


Oscilloscope Love

Intriguing song title, which, like most of the titles, bears no resemblance to the song whatsoever. Starts with a picked guitar line, which carries on throughout the verse. The bass is very minimal, and the drumming is very odd. Its not a particularly heavy song, and it has some beautiful vocals in the chorus. Very interesting and different guitar solo. More filler than killer though. Unfortunately.



Starts off sounding like something that an early Blur would have produced, musically. Nice slow melodic vocals come in and it seems as though you’re waiting for the whole song to get heavy. It doesn’t. The drums are again very unconventional, and quite bizarre at times. But this song, isn’t really a song to shout home about. It lacks the killer riff and chorus that most of the other songs have. It seems as though the album is fading out.


Dah Dah Dah Dah

Comes in with a heavy bass-led riff. Normality is resumed, after that slight dip. The vocals are disappointing though, they seem as though he didn’t really want to try. The bridge part is very interesting. The guitar plays some nice chords over an odd bass part and some excellent drumming and the vocals get slower. The best part, of a seemingly average song.



Nice intro, reminds me of Deftones at times. Some really awesome guitar work, trademark vocals kick in and we have another thisGIRL classic. Great chorus too, with some fantastic bass work. Great drumming once more.


St. James Gate, Marylebone.

Another slow intro, completed by some really fine vocals.. The singer shows his full vocal ability on this song, possibly getting higher than he has ever been on the album yet. This is another song which reminds me of Blur, but at their 13 era. The backing vocals put a smile on your face. After 2:30 the song gets slightly heavier with the guitar parts becoming distorted. After 3:00 though, it slows down again into a beautiful guitar solo. It all gives the impression that a huge album closer is round the corner. 4:14, getting heavier. 4:24, tempo increases. Vocals get deeper. It stays like this for a while until it all comes to a close on 5:40. Great Song. But a bizarre way to end the album


Right there’s the track by track done. I bought this album on the off-chance. I had heard the first album and wasn’t overly impressed. I had also seen them live four times (they are one of the busiest live bands around today), where the energy comes across really well. When I bought the album, my jaw hit the floor, I jus couldn’t stop playing it. They have created their own sound unlike any other band I have heard, and after listening to the whole album you just can’t help but think that thisGIRL are being criminally overlooked. They should be huge, they should be selling out arena sized venues. They should be hitting number one on a regular basis. But they aren’t and you have just got to ask yourself why" There is an amazing sense of injustice in the music industry, when a band like Good Charlotte are playing in front of thousands of people and thisGIRL are still playing Britains pubs. Good luck to them, after this album I can only hope that their popularity grows.


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February 21st 2005


please be as critical as you wish...this is my first review.

February 22nd 2005



come on someone else must have heard the album.

October 27th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

good review, good album, good band

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