Trust Company
The Lonely Position of Neutral



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January 14th, 2005 | 70 replies

Release Date: 2002 | Tracklist

In nu-metal it's a genre of extremes. It can go from the melodic/hip-hop influenced side (Linkin Park) to the angry/hardcore side (Slipknot). Trust Company fits closer to Linkin Park but there's no rapping or hip-hop in this nu-metal group. It's straight up rock. The band Trust Company originally formed in Alabama and were originally under the name 41 Down. DCide records offered the band a contract late 2000 and they released their first album. They started scouring the country for bigger label support and eventually signed up to the massive Geffen Records. Ironicly enough the producer and mixer for this album are the same people Linkin Park have used on both their albums. The mixer Andy Wallace (Nirvana, RATM) and produce Don Gilmore (Lit, Eve 6) and the album is very well produced because of it. Now to the songs.

Downfall - The song opens with roaring guitars and this is a good indication of what your in for with this album. How you like Kevins voice is pivital in wether you will like Trust Company. For some people it's so raspy but I personally like it. The chorus of this song is awesome and incredibly catchy. The song has an awesome breakdown and is one of many strong songs on the album. It was also the first single off this album.

Falling Apart - First the song opens with a clean guitar before another palm muted guitar comes in and then bang straight into a distorded bridge. The chorus again here is incredibly catchy and the best part of this song. Everything works well and the verses flow very well into the chorus. Another great song. The lyrics are pretty good here aswell.

Hover - Kicks off with a very melodic guitar riff, then the bass comes in and soon bang everything kicks in. A formula Trust Company use alot but always varied. Hover is an emotional song. The lyrics here are quite easy to relate to. The song is good but the way the vocals constantly are changing puts me off a bit. Another good chorus though.

Running From Me - This was the second single off this album. The same intro formula is applied here. One guitar riff slowly backed up and boom. The chorus here is the strong point of the song. The two dynamics of Kevins voice in the chorus make it intresting. Another pretty good song but slightly repititive.

Slipping Away - There are alot of good songs on this album but this could possibly the very best. The lyrics here are great, the chorus will be in your head for a LONG time, and the verses are incredible. Everything comes together to make a very memorable song and it's one which you will want to repeat straight after hearing it.

Figure 8 - Same intro formula here but this song really kicks in more than the others on the record. The lyrics are quite well written and it's chorus which makes this song great. Trust Company have a thing for writing good chorus's and this is no exception. The change of dynamic between the verse which sounds almost grungy then kicking to a melodic chorus works great. Another very strong song.

The Fear - This song is a bit like Hover. It was the third single release off the album. It's another emotional song but it works alot better than Hover. It's probably the most melodic song on the album and yet again Trust Company pull off another great chorus.

Deeper Into You - The two guitars harmonise very well here and make for a very strong song. The verses are great and the lyrics are very well written. When the chorus kicks in you can tell your going to love this song. It's very strong and emotional and will leave you thinking wow.

Drop To Zero - Unfortunetly the album quality drops off here at the end which is a shame after 8 very impressive songs. This song seems just bland. The major thing that is missing is a good chorus. This song drags on and it's not very memorable.

Finally - Starts off sounding very mysterious. The only mystery is how this song got put on the album. It's the weakest song and except for the verses it's almost a complete flop. The chorus is a pathetic attempt to be catchy and Kevins voice just doesn't work with the song. The lyrics are pretty bland here aswell.

Take It All - Trust Company reedem the final two songs with a somewhat better song but it's still not great. The song does have an awesome intro though. Lyrically the song is a good improvement and it does have an element of catchyness. The chorus is allright but not great. The only really bad thing about this song is the recording quality seems annoying. It's to trebly. Kevins voice is quite raspy and when it combines with a trebble sound of music it doesn't work. Otherwise a decent song and an allright way to end the album.

This album is worth buying for the first eight songs. There are some very strong tracks on this album and they do reedem the bad songs. The only bad part of the album is the end where the quality drops off but for the hard-rock/nu-metal fan this album will be one you should enjoy. The lyrics all relate onto negative things and that can get a bit annoying at times but otherwise it's a very strong album. Definately worth a listen and probably one of the better nu-metal albums of 2002.

Rating: 3.5/5 :)

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December 24th 2003



i saw trust company live and i was amazed but when i heard their album I was pretty disappointed.

its a good album but it dosnt deserve a 4

a 3 maybe

December 28th 2003


Yeah, I have this cd too, and for me it's a bit to repeptitive, I would give it a 3 as well.

January 26th 2004


I had the album at one point...Much of it seemed repetitive; the first and last track's guitars were almost identical...I liked "Downfall" and "Hover," but that's about it...I'd give it a two...

January 30th 2004


Eh not as good as I thought it would be when I heard downfall. I was quite disappointed with this album, thought it would be better.


March 14th 2004


i've been listing to
running from me
the fear
figure 8
falling apart...of there website and its really ketchy,i might purchase this album for no more then 10$

The JoZ
March 14th 2004


My brother bought this a while back for Downfall...I haven't really heard the other songs off of it, so I might give this a listen

September 12th 2004


Though this semi-anguished boy-metal group claims that lock-jawed Helmet is a primary influence (and layers of frayed guitar chords support that claim) Trust Company are better characterized as a simpler and slightly more heartfelt relative of Linkin Park. Minus the turntables and digital tricks, but laden with revealing lyrics, a wide guitar sound, and thumping rock rhythms, Trust Company charge fearlessly through the gaping hole in the pop landscape left by more famous contemporaries. Thanks to Linkin producer Don Gilmore, their major-label debut is smoother than those of Papa Roach and Puddle of Mudd. To their detriment, they're sometimes lulled by the slickness of their polished hooks. Like the title implies, the ride is more impressive when the band dares to veer beyond its own neutrality.

track listing-

1. Downfall
2. Falling Apart
3. Hover
4. Running From Me
5. Slipping Away
6. Figure 8
7. The Fear
8. Deeper Into You
9. Drop To Zero
10. Finally
11. Take It All

this album carries the usual nu-metal sound,with rockin distorted guitars.
the good songs include 'downfall','falling apart','take it all'.. u can preview some of these songs at
the downfall of this album is the excessive negative lyrics, which can make the album sound quite boring after a while.

u should buy this album if u like:
staind,linkin park,mudvyane,papa roach,

don't buy this album if u like;
britney spears....

i give this album 3.5/5

September 12th 2004


Not much of a review in my opinion.

September 12th 2004


Not to mention the review's already been done. Threads merged.

September 12th 2004


I like TRUSTcompany a lot for some reason. It seems as if their a step above those other nu-metal acts, and I'm really anticipating their new album.

September 12th 2004



i agree with you 100%, as trustcompany aren't as whiny as most other nu-metal bands and they actually show some aspects of creativity . . .

May 17th 2005


LPoN was a good cd, I have a fond memory of playing it at the same time as FFIX during summer. Take it all is an awesome song.


September 22nd 2005


Album Rating: 3.0

This album is really good if you don't mind that most of the songs sound similar. I really like the softer songs on the album. "Downfall" is really good, but so are songs like "The Fear," "Finally," and "Take It All."

April 9th 2006


Yeah I do like that Downfall song.

Digging: Hey Rosetta! - Seeds

May 1st 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

downfall is the highlight of this. Even though its the hit. Practically the only reason i bought this.This Message Edited On 05.01.06

May 19th 2006


wtf... figure 8, figure 9.0... I get the impression these guys are really influenced by Linkin Park.

September 4th 2007


Album Rating: 4.0

Always been a fan of Trust Company.

Digging: City Hunter - Deep Blood

September 4th 2007


Lol i saw this cd in the dollar bin where i work. I remember it from when it came out. I need to relisten to this if not purely for the memories.

September 4th 2007


Album Rating: 3.0

Damn this record is average.

September 11th 2007


Album Rating: 2.0

The music is average hard rock and the vocals get fairly annoying pretty fast. A different vocalist might help this band quite a bit

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