The Truth Hurts



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February 19th, 2005 | 2 replies

Release Date: 1994 | Tracklist

Gary Meskil - Vocals/Bass
Tom Klimchuck - Lead Guitar
Eric Klinger - Guitar
J.C.Dwyer - Drums

Genre: groove metal, thrash

From: NY, NY, USA

Formed: 1992

Label: spitefire records

Review: the truth hurts is my favorite album by Pro-pain. it has a great first immpression with the first song being make war (not love), great first song. the guitars are my favorite part of this song. there not amazing guitar just good riffs. and they also have solo's. most bands now-a-days dont have many solo's. this was my first pro-pain cd and it is still my favorite. every time i listen, it gets better, never gets old.

1. Make War (Not Love) 04:54
the first song is make war (not love) it stars out with some guy saying "we are going to win""theres no one else who can do the job" and with drums starting it off then some guitar. very good into. best part of the song in my opinoin. but when the song actually gets going it never dies down. good chorus, good solo, good song. this is one of the best on the cd 5/5

2. Bad Blood 03:19
i didnt like this song very much when i first got the cd but it grew on me. after i had the cd for about a year i started liking this song. it has little mini solo's/fills all during the song. when its just the guitar and him yelling "BAD BLOOD" is the high point in the song. the solo is very fast too. i love listening to the solo 4/5

3. The Truth Hurts 04:09
another song like make war (not love) that i loved right when it started. again, not very fast guitar just a good tune to listen to. and the singing is my favorite part of this song. the cow bell in the backround of the song is also a good addition. then when they quote something and it slows down. with just the guitar and drums palying. right after that is the solo. another fast pace solo. 5/5

4. Put the Lights Out 04:22
the first thing i did when i herd this song is grabed my guitar and tried to figure out how they played this. its not a hard song. again just a sweet tune. the drums and guitar are perfect together. i wish i had a drum kit so i could learn this one on drums too. some rapper is in this song also, thats the only downside to this song. its not that bad though. but while he is ruining the song theres a guitar solo behind him rapping, so i just listen to that and tune out the piece of *** rapper. 4.5/5 (not a 5 becuase of the rapper)

5. Denial 03:21
probably the worst song on the album. not a band song just not as good as the others on this cd. never skip this track when i listen though, but i never skip any cuase this cd is just that good. my fav part of this song is when its only the drums and the singing playing. then the guitar come back in once in awhile. i like the ending of this song more than the begining.3.5/5

6. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie 03:20
cool drum into to the fast tremelo picking of the guitars on the low E string, then the vocals come in and the good parts start. the chorus is a vey catchy tune and then the western effect added in the end of the chorus, good addition. "we want the best, we get the worst" the chorus lyrics are good too. ill let you go to a website if you want to listen to the rest. the solo isnt as fast as the others but rather a more melodic solo. which is good. cant show off to much. 4.5/5

7. One Man Army 03:11
into of this song is sweet. the guitar too the piano or maybe its a guitar with effects, idk but whatever it is its great. then the vocals come in and take it away. the chorus is quality also. the whole band sings in this one. not just the vocalist. the solo is rather weird though. maybe cuase its a saxaphone, i like the diversity they show here though. idk whos playing the sax, if someone could help me with that id be happy 5/5

8. Down in the Dumps 04:18
intro is good as ussual with pro-pain. but this song never gets going. not very good singing until the chorus. the best part of this song is mos def the solo. good use of the whammy. and the last riff of this song it cool with it ending with a scream 3.5/5

9. The Beast is Back 03:33
the intro of this song links to the chorus. is sounds just like it. and the pre-chorus is pretty cool too. not a very hard song to play just all around a catchy song. 4/5

10. Switchblade Knife 03:24
never really listened to this song very much. not becuase its bad but just becuase its the last song of the album but from what i have listen to i like, its like make war not love with the guitar and drums seqeunced together good. the chorus is more of a singing chorus. and then right after the chorus its back to the good riff the guitar plays 4/5

overall: 4.8/5

as you can see pro-pain has alot of diversity in this album using the rapper and the saxaphone but still a great album. i recomend this album to anybody who listens to hatebreed, pantera, soulfly, or any band who sounds like those 3.

recomended tracks:
make war (not love)
the truth hurts
put the lights out
one man army


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January 31st 2006


the rapper on "Put the lights out" is Ice-t.Show some respect to ice t and body count man.that song is awesome though, the whole album kicks assThis Message Edited On 01.31.06

July 18th 2017


Album Rating: 3.5

This is some real fcked up sh!t man. Get well soon Gary...

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