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Release Date: 2003 | Tracklist

Thursday's latest offering is entitled "War all the time", and consists of many strong songs offering hard-hitting beautiful music.
Geoff Rickly's voice dominates the songs which are filled with variety of both really melodic mellow moments, as well as harder screaming parts.
In fact, it's become one of my favourite cd's and is probably my #1 candidate for album of the year.

1)For the workforce, Drowning 9,5/10

A great start to the album. Awesome use of
octave chords, as well as powerful walls of heavily distorted guitars.
A high-energy song!

2)Between rupture and rapture 9/10

A beautiful song with great variety. A great chorus with screaming and
melodic singing over octave chords. Nice drumming as well!

3)Division Street 9/10

Starts out with a cool mix of bass guitar and drums which sounds mysterious.
Overall strong melodies and a great depth in the sound.
Well....another 9, and this album continues to impress me.

4)Signals over the air 9/10

The first single off this album
A nice semi-distorted guitar riff enters early in the song. It sounds really
cool. Great lyrics and a catchy chorus but the awesome bridge is however, what seals the 9.

5)Marches and maneuvers 8,5/10

An unpredictable song (yeah that's a good thing)Starts off with a long and soft mid-tempo intro,
before it breaks out into a beautiful chaotic verse,
which takes us to the chorus that's a development of the verse. Really good song. This one deserves a 8,5.

6)Asleep in the chapel 10/10

A great intro which starts off with a clean guitar, before breaking out in a beautiful octave chord riff which kicks your ***.
An unpredictable verse before the beautiful octave chord riff is used again in the chorus.
Again we get to hear the trademark Thursday sound with those loud walls of heavy guitars accompanying Geoff Rickley's unique
and great voice. Great!

7)This song is brought to you by a falling bomb 8/10

A ballad with only Geoff's voice and a piano. Good song but short and kind of one-sided.
REALLY great lyrics.

8)Steps ascending 9,5/10

Nice drumming and chorus, but what really makes this song is the ending starting somewhere at the 2:40 mark,
which is a really beautiful piece of music. When I say beautiful I mean BEAUTIFUL. really beautiful. I'm in love with it.
It's perhaps the best moment of the whole album.

9)War all the time 10/10

Hands down, this is probably the best song off this album. A beautiful haunting song with great lyrics. It's kind of calm, but turns
harder as we move further inside the song.
A great vocal performance by Geoff Rickly, and wonderful guitars as well as great drumming. I can't give any less than a 10.

10)M.Shepperd 7/10

This is probably the weakest song off the album, but it's still defenitely worth listening too. The weird ending with radiohead-sounding
music adds a little to the song, but it comes off weak in comparisation to War all the time.

11)Tomorrow I'll be you 9/10

An ending worthy of this masterpiece album. A diverse song which really sound like a "last song". It's hard to explain why, but it does.
The song is over 4 minutes long, but still seems to end quite suddenly.

I'll give this a 5/5

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January 25th 2004


excellent album. if you like them and they play in your town there a must see.

January 25th 2004


Album Rating: 4.0

Great album, I especially liked War All the Time and This Song Brought to You By a Falling Bomb, great stuff. The progression of War All the Time is simply amazing, I could listen to this album for the rest of the year and not get sick of it!

Rating 5/5

January 26th 2004


saw them with poison the well last wednesday, absolutely unbeleivable

lethal dose
January 26th 2004


thursday's an amazingly good bad.

January 26th 2004


ya this album favourite moment of this album is the end if steps ascending where he says "I ran down the stairs and into the garden, put both my hands into the soil. in the spring, you will bloom, like her heart, through the blouse, in the back of the ambulance, as it turned and turned in the streets (just one more turn won't you come back to me) as it turned on its red lights, you were turning into red roses but I'm not giving up" simply beautiful iwould rate this 4.5/5,good review

January 26th 2004


saw them last night instead of metallica in Melbourne- and they BLEW my head off

lethal dose
January 26th 2004


[QUOTE=at_les_drive_in]saw them last night instead of metallica in Melbourne- and they BLEW my head off[/QUOTE]
at a boy!! thursday are better than metallica

February 17th 2004


Thursday are amazing, Geoff conveys his emotion with this very moving voice, and the instrumental part is unique and inspiring. WATT: 5/5. Full Collapse: 5/5

February 20th 2004


Yea this album is seriously amazing. Probably the best album i own.

February 20th 2004


Thursday is emo.... NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

i thought they were more political punk/hardcore group

February 20th 2004


i personally think that this album is great but full collapse is better.. I definetely think that thursday kicks *** live they rocked the place out.. my favs on this CD are for the workforce, drowning...war all the time..and this song is brought to u by a falling bomb...these are the songs that stick out!

February 20th 2004


Waiting is so much more better than this..but this is still a great album 3.5/5

February 25th 2004


if i could have sex with one album it would be this one. Thursday is one of the best bands to grace us with their presence. Its a shame that they dont get the attention that they diserve. and Geoff Rickly has the most haunting voice i have ever heard. this one gets and easy EASY 10 out of 10.

February 25th 2004


don't really have sex with it, if your dick's a decent size you'll crack it and it won't play.

trust me

April 17th 2004


3/5 sorry.. i liked full collapse, i just didnt like this cd. the vocalist annoys me actually.

May 8th 2004


Thursday - War All The Time (Island 2003)

Geoff Rickly - Vocals
Tucker Rule - Drums
Tom Keely - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Tim Payne - Bass, Backing Vocals
Steve Pedulla - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Andrew Everding/Tim Giles - Keyboard

Full Collapse was an album of brilliance. It mixed pounding drums, melodic and harsh vocals and melodic and screeching guitars for a style of music that made Thursday truely unique. Since the release of Full Collapse Thursday have hit the road, played infront of thousands and made the switch to major label Island Records.

War All The Time is slightly less agressive than the previous album but it still combines Geoff trademark vocals and the powerful drums that made Full Collapse the album it was. What makes Thursday the band it is, is undeniably Geoffs vocals and lyrics. The lyrics here are at Thursdays best. "War all the time, in the shadow of the New York skyline, We grew up too fast our lives falling apart like the ashes of American flags" Geoff sings in the title track 'War All The Time'. The lyrics are very emo here and any emo haters will despise this album. The vocals here are slightly weaker than on Full Collapse. There are no songs like 'Paris In Flames' here which really showed the full range of Geoffs voice but the vocals are still very well done. They just don't always capture the song (For The Workforce, Drowning and War All The Time are good examples of this). There are standout moments though (Asleep In The Chapel, Steps Ascending and 'This Song Brought To You By A Falling Bomb).

The songs on the album display a pretty big range. 'This Song Brought To You By A Falling Bomb' is a piano driven song with hardly any guitar. It's very relaxed. Then in contrast 'For The Workforce Drowning' is a full on explosion of distortion and howling vocals. The albums stand out songs are 'Asleep In The Chapel', 'Steps Ascending' and 'Tommorow I'll Be You'.

Some parts of this album will just hit you and you'll like straight away and others take a while to grow. 'War All The Time' has a somewhat hyponotising quality to it. You don't really like it the first time but keep listning and the more you listen and the more you like the song. It's hard to see why. This is an album which demands a few listens before making a choice on it.

Musicianship is great here. Some notable guitar riffs are the intro for 'Signals Over The Air' and the use of the octave chords in 'For The Workforce, Drowning' sound great. However the drummer is the bands strongest member musically. His range is great and throughout all the songs his beats are never the same. Wether he's pulling off 16ths on a floor tom in 'War All The time' or simply keeping the beat in the begining of 'Signals Over The Air' this album is worth a listen for any drummer looking to think of a few new things to add to their style.

It's not quite Full Collapse but War All The Time still delivers a hell of a punch. Lyrically it's a fantastic album with a pretty political message (See album title). The vocals are great and there's not one song here I can say I dislike. Very much worth a listen and any fan of Full Collapse will enjoy the album.

Rating: 4.75/5

May 8th 2004


Album Rating: 3.0

Yeah, I eagerly awaited WATT and I was a bit dissapointed. Thursday has lost their indie feel they had on Full Collapse on Victory. Moving to Island, they overproduced this album. They also overindulged emo. Though "War All the Time" and "Brought to You By a Falling Bomb" at first seem like a emo anthems, you slowly realized they tried a bit too hard. Full Collapse was much better but WATT isn't terrible. I particulary enjoyed the dark, emotional album opener "For the Workforce, Drowning," "Tomorrow I'll be You," "Between the Rupture and Rapture," "Marches and Manuevers" and "Steps Ascending."

Score: 3.75/5

BTW: Didn't someone already review this?

May 9th 2004


Great album, when I bought it was all I listened to for about a week. 4.5/5

40 oz 2 freedom
May 9th 2004


It's good, but it's no Full Collapse.

May 10th 2004


i think full collapse was made in like 22 days or something

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