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February 10th, 2005 | 12 replies

Release Date: 2003 | Tracklist

Jason Lytle
Kevin Garcia
Jim Fairchild
Tim Dryden

Grandaddy is a space-pop indie group from Modesto, California. I really feel for people who have yet to hear and enjoy their unique brand of music. I had a chance to see them last May and they played many of these songs, and rocked the house. They are best known for their non-sophomore slump entitled The Sophtware Slump, and while that album is amazing, Sumday is more accessable to the mainstream population, and is the better album. The album is a blend of upbeat poppy songs using a variety of instruments, and a few ballads mixed in as well.

Now It's On
Not enough good things can be said about this song. It is one of my favorites on the record. It starts off with a wierd buzzing noise, and some "click" sounds, but once it gets going, the song is downright infectious. Lytle's vocals are amazing *envious*. The guitars are nothing special, but the song is poppy, catchy, and inspirational. The chorus hits with some spacey effects, and the guitar solo after the chorus is nice too. This song alone covers the cost of the album. The album also includes an awesome video of this song.

I'm On Standby
Soft guitar intro with some synth effects before Lytles voice drives the song. More atmospheric spacey noise throughout the chorus, but it does not drown out the great vocals, and catchy guitar. This song is kind of sad, which is a theme for this record. A nice guitar solo midway through the song propels it right along. Lytle is just amazing on his "Bye, I'm on standby." part. The keyboard right before the solos are pretty nice too.

The Go In The Go-For-It
Another slightly sad song, Lytles vocals open the song again, and they are infectious. The keyboard arpeggios are great, and the chorus is nice with the background vocals harmonizing. "Guess who lost the go in the go-for-it"". The guitars and drums are simple but extremely effective. This song has a great atmosphere to it, and I love it.

The Group Who Couldn't Say
This song is driven again by spacey synth, but also by a story in the lyrics. The high points in this song are the chorus. I love the song and all, but I wish the acoustic guitar was more audible. This is just another great pop-song. The wierd synth keyboard thing near the end is a great addition to the song. It also ends very nicely with Lytles warm vocals.

Lost on Yer Merry Way
This song (as evidenced by the title) is really a sad painfull song. Lyrics like "I wonder what they'll make of me when I'm good and gone" depict the atmosphere of the song. The guitars are distorted, but not in excess, and the vocals are again great. Can Jason do bad vocals" I don't think so. He can single-handedly save a song with his voice. "It's really no problem you see, when the sky ignites and your days crash quietly." You can really feel the hurt in the lyrics, and that is what the song conveys. I love this song. "All that I'm asking tonight is that I make it back home alive. No explosions no crashes no fights I just want to get back home." Just when you think it is over, the song picks up intensity for the final two minutes and climaxes nicely around the six minute mark

El Caminos in the West
Man, Grandaddy can write a great pop song. And here is another one. They don't take a song off. This one is a bit happier than the prior song, but there are still some painful parts in the lyrics. It implements beautiful keyboard and guitar harmonies in the chorus, and a great vocal "do do dodo do" section. Distortion and space synth, how can people not love this stuff"

"Yeah" Is What We Had
Another slow, sad song. It seems like the song is written about a failed relationship, or a relationship that never materialized. Lyrics like ""Yeah" is what we had", and "In this life, will I ever see you again"" kind of set the somber mood, but that doesn't detract from the great musical atmosphere that is present. Another great song on the album.

Saddest Vacant Lot in All the World
Well, it was bound to happen, a song with some flaws. This song is the first sign of normality without the synthy spacey stuff. It is driven by just Lytle's vocals, background vocals, and a piano. There is nothing really that special about the song, it gets repetitive, and although isn't bad enough to be skipped, it is the first lull in the album.

Stray Dog and the Chocolate Shake
Grandaddy doesn't stay down for long though. "Stray Dog" is a departure from the previous 8 songs on the album. The song has a great bit of synth sure, but it has an infectious keyboard melody, and is uptempo and happy. The lyrics in this song are actually very funny if you listen to them closely. And then "a little trick" comes in and all hell breaks loose in a good way. This song is so corny it is good. Way to return to form.

O.K. With My Decay
A piano and vocally driven song in the beginning. The title gives away the mood of the song a bit. I love this song, the atmosphere is just amazing again. I don't know why, but for some reason I can't dislike a Grandaddy song. This song really has four sections. The first is mostly piano and vocals, then it gets really spacey with many background vocal effects that blend nicely into what really turns into a two minute chorus. It goes back into the piano part for the next verse, and then at about the 4:45 mark there is some sprinkly instrumental stuff and some wind noises as the song gets really quiet for the final minute and a half. Good stuff.

The Warming Sun
This is without a doubt my favorite song on the album. It is truely epic. Lytle's vocals, and a piano start it off, but later a guitar comes in a helps to drive the song. The lyrics are beautiful written. The song is about dreaming of the way things might have been and reflecting on what mistakes were made and what he should have done. The lyrics are powerful enough, but they just fit perfectly with the music. The song isn't quite as synthy as previous songs, and is probably the easiest song to listen to on the album. Around the three minute mark, the song takes a happier turn, where he is "enjoying the warming sun, enjoy the warm sunrise" and "there is no need to hide when you are alone inside". This song is truely Grandaddy at it's finest, and if you don't hear another song by them, get this one (or maybe Crystal this one).

The Final Push To the Sum
This song could almost be just vocals and be just as effective. It is nice, but there really isn't much substance musically. It is another sad song to end a very painful and sad, but brilliant album.

Well, considering there isn't a skipable track on the album, and the vast majority of the songs are brilliant, this is a must own and a 4.5/5 in my book. It will be in my cd player all week, and I suggest you go out and buy it and welcome the the world post-Grandaddy.

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Robert Crumb
February 11th 2005


Great review, usually a very underrated release I think. I live a couple hours from Modesto and I'll be damned because I've never seen them live. Rakes my leaves, it does. I got A Pretty Mess By This One Band the other day so I've been secretly in Grandaddy mode in the evenings.

February 23rd 2005


Great review, this album quickly went to my top 50. :thumb:

July 5th 2005


I've only heard Stray Dog and the Chocolate Shake... I really love that song though. Very funny and very cool

January 26th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

this album is brilliant. I wouldnt give as many 5/5 as you, but there is no doubt none are skippable.

My favourite track is "Lost on yer merry way".

anyway, nice review.

June 2nd 2006


Stray Dog and the Chocolate Shake is absolutely fantastic

March 16th 2007


Album Rating: 4.0

i bought this today having only heard the first track a while ago (i liked it but only heard it a few times), and it was going for five quid...

i'm about halfway through the album atm, and im not hearing a huge amount of variation in the music, but it is nice and relaxing, kinda chilled out, which is sort of what i was expecting and why i bought it. not bad at all.

great review too!

May 1st 2009


This looks relevant to my tastes. The synth and stuff sounds cool.

March 31st 2014


Album Rating: 4.0

Love the opener

Digging: Small Faces - Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake

July 17th 2015


Album Rating: 4.0

how it could have maybe been

July 17th 2015


Album Rating: 4.0

but in real life

you're in another world

you're with another guy

February 6th 2016


Album Rating: 4.0

new album will be so good

September 24th 2016


Album Rating: 4.5

"Let this one fly" is a phrase that often pops up when society starts making demands.

The happy/melancholic/sad mood on Grandaddy albums cuts me deep.

Digging: Chthe'ilist - Passage Into the Xexanotth

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