The Beatles



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February 4th, 2005 | 50 replies

Release Date: 1966 | Tracklist

The Beatles

John Lennon-Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Paul McCartney-Bass, Vocals
George Harrison-Lead Guitar, Vocals, Sitar
Ringo Starr-Percussion, Vocals

This is the last album of the Beatles that the 60ís had born, this was the half-way point between the Beatles being Studio Artists, to Artists of the Studio (cheesy, I know), but this was the album where they really started experimenting before the genius that is Sgt. Peppers. This means the album has songs ranging from Yellow Submarine to Lennonís creepy techno Tomorrow Never Knows. Here is a brief breakdown of each track:

A classic Beatles rocker and a spectacular way to open the album. From the rehearsal atmosphere inspired by the initial countdown with cough, to the guitar joining in on the bass line in the third verse, this is a great rock track about the 95% Tax rises in 66. Harrisonís vocal is very sarcastic, with a great stop start melody with a more crooning chorus and when Paul and John come in the second verse, the song could have had more influence in a political campaign than any politicianís speech. The fantastic, scorching solo is contributed by Paul, whose great interest in this song even extended to the little detail of the ĎHa Ha, Mr. Wilsoní and ĎHa Ha Mr. Heathí, the prime-minister and opposition leader at the time.

Eleanor Rigby
Although many people stake a claim to this classic track, it really belongs to Paul. His vocal is haunting and goes perfectly with the orchestra, which is fantastically implemented, especially during the verse in which Rigby is buried, with soft, jutting violin hits and long, slow Cello rolls. Classic track

Iím Only Sleeping
Wonderful acoustic folksy song with dreamy lyrics and a perfect vocal from Lennon which is only enhanced by the sparse harmonised section with McCartney. Unfortunately, the song does sound too much like a demo, not quite finished, mainly in the quality of recording and the weak bass part. Nice little guitar licks from George

Love You To
Georgeís Indian songs never really impressed me with The Beatles and this one, despite the sudden surge of energy in the sitar part with drums, never really does anything for me. Harrisonís vocal is a bit too, mono-tonus and droning. But the sitar is quite nice through out with interesting surges, but overall, quite a dull track.

Here, There And Everywhere
A very simple, lyrically driven song with beautiful harmonies. Overly simple guitar parts though which is often barely audible. But the harmonies save it from being a mediocre track, which over wise would be terribly dull.

Yellow Submarine
What can I say? Another classic track. Great simple lyrics and very easy guitar, perfect campfire music. But the Beatles manage to make so much more out of itÖ
Layers of boat, ocean sounds are layered over the sing along choruses and verses (sung beautifully innocently by Ringo). Itís a great simple track which gets quite manic at the end with a crooning voice over a boat PA. Classic Beatles.

She Said
Great guitar parts, with lots of spiralling riffs in between a great vocal parts from Lennon and great drum sections from Ringo, who though occasionally adding too much cymbal smashing after each line, slaps out a great beat. Slightly too repetitive but it can be forgiven because of the nice double tracked vocals at the end.

Good Day Sunshine
Where are the guitars? Doesnít matter, itís a great piano, bass and drum track. The bass is nice and simple, drums keep a steady beat but the star is Paul. His vocal is just perfect for the happy-go-lucky lyrics. The kind of song your Granddad would sit at the Piano and play for the family.

And Your Bird Can Sing
There they are. Guitars are back with a great main riff and a great Lennon/McArtney piece. They harmonise on key lines, adding impact to each one. Harrisonís guitar follows the vocals marvellously and the variations he uses as solos are superb. I love the interlude with Paul leading the vocals. Fantastic song.

For No One
Great ballad by Paul. Surprisingly up beat piano melody sounds so odd with Paulís bitter vocal and creates a great contrast. The lyrics are combinations of rhyming couplets with longer more complex rhyme. Paul does a fantastic job on this and is only complimented by the beautifully out of place trumpet/cornet solos. I love the sudden ending

Doctor Robert
Similar to Taxman guitar wise. Supposedly about the Beatles drug dealer, the lyrics seem to fit. Up-beat, catchy with a nice slower interlude which rolls right back into the verse. Fairly typical Lennon vocal with slightly over sung parts by Paul. Good drum parts by Ringo, up beat, happy-go-lucky, endearing.

I Want To Tell You
Another Harrison contribution. Nice intro with a slow riff and chords backing but a very odd piano part, which doesnít work as well as ďFor No OnesĒ. An odd song really. I canít see anything wrong with it, I just donít like it. The piano gets worse later on and Georgeís singing is never reaches the height of Taxman and canít even be saved by harmonies. I get the feeling, had this been a Harrison solo project, it may have worked.

Got To Get You Into My Life
Very jazzy song lead by drums and brass, saxophone sections which work well with Paulís vocal and the cheesy lyrics. The song picks up with the chorus where Paulís vocal jumps up for the title line, then dips back down to the jazzy tempo. Nice song, catchy melody with a great double tracked mini solo from George and John.

Tomorrow Never Knows
So we come to it at least. The finale. What a finale it is. The Beatles most daring, technologically enhanced song. Based on the words of the Tibetan Book Of The Dead, Lennonís original vision was slightly toned down from having thousands of Monks singing to him being given a distorted vocal, especially in the second verse. Lennon is superb throughout, supported by odd noises, sudden crescendos and build ups with sudden drops and disorientating whirls of sound.
Supported by Ringoís best drum work to date (until Rain and Come Together of course) which gives the impression of being played backwards due to a Fairchild limiter. Itís a mesmerising, hypnotic drum line which has a great whooshing and sucking sound (for want of better words) which perfectly accompany the songs randomness. Great way to end the album.

Although there are some fairly dull songs on the album, overall it does portray a good range of the Beatleís styles at a mid-point in their career and in that sense is a great Beatles album. Not my Favourite, but a near perfect album none-the-less.

4.5/5 compared to other Beatles albums.
5/5 as an album on it's own

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February 5th 2005


4 out of 5, what are u on crack?

February 5th 2005


Agreed, this album is 5/5 no question.

February 5th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

I agree, it would and does get 5/5, cuz it's The Beatles and it's amazing, but compared to other beatles albums, in my opinion, i would give it 4.5/5.

February 5th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

I would say Revolver is their best album, but most people don't agree with me about that.

February 6th 2005


5/5 hands down, and one of the best albums ever recorded.

Broken Arrow
February 7th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

5/5 great album. This album is a turning point for the Beatles and Muisc.

February 8th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0 | Sound Off

I swear I wrote a response to this yesterday :confused:.

Anyways, I'm more of a Rubber Soul fan myself, but this album gets 5/5, no doubt. It's a must-own by any fan, of any genre, and I think it's diverse enough that everyone can enjoy at least a song or two.

February 9th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

Diversity though is surely best found on The White Album (my personal fave Beatles album)

February 24th 2005


I love this album, but you can't say this was the turning point for the Beatles... that would happen in Sgt. Peppers...

February 25th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0 | Sound Off

^^^ This was the pivotal album, which facilitated the creation of Sgt. Pepper's. Without their experimentation on Revolver (and even Rubber Soul before it), Sgt. Pepper's never would have turned out the way it did.

February 25th 2005


^^^ i agree with you on revolver, but i dont think rubber soul made any sort of forecoming of sgt. peppers... it was pure 'beatlemania', which isnt a bad thing, rubber soul is a great album, all the beatles albums were.

February 25th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0 | Sound Off

I should have put "and maybe even Rubber Soul", because now that I think of it, the improvements on Rubber Soul were more likely attributed to common musical and compositional improvements that will occur as any band progresses, than any foretelling of greatness. But yes, I believe that Revolver was basically a foreshadowing album, a "foot-in-the-door" which led to Sgt. Pepper's.

Rubber Soul is still my favourite Beatles album though, I'm still not quite sure why.

March 30th 2005


good review. beatles are awesome

April 8th 2005


I LOVE this album, it's amazing. One of the best for sure.

April 9th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

I wouldnt call Rubber Soul Beatlemania, it's a happy mix, in between the Beatlemania and experimentation, whereas Revolver is a bit darker you could say

April 28th 2005


I personally like Revolver better than anything afterwards.
It is indeed a great album, despite the fact that most of it was highly drug influenced, giving it that experimental feel.

Mmmmm, acid.

May 14th 2005


If any rating is possible for this album, it's 6/5. It's perfection.

July 2nd 2005


5 - a classic. enough said.

July 13th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

Amazing stuff. I love For No One, Good Day Sunshine, Eleanor Rigby, And Your Bird Can Sing, Love You Too, I'm Only Sleeping and.. well.... I think you get the point.

July 13th 2005


Taxman rocks. Great review.

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