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Collapse of an Erratic Lung



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January 14th, 2005 | 2 replies

Release Date: 2003 | Tracklist

Demo 7" of a local band that I'm a fan of. Contact me if you'd like a sample mp3.

Some background information.

Information on "My Disco!" is hard to come by, so this is my own knowledge. "My Disco!" are a prominent band on the local punk/hardcore scene in Australia, and I heard about them when I saw them live at a local underground punk show. Their live show was absolutely fucking great, and was better than their recorded versions in my opinion. They are a three piece band consisting of a guitarist, bassist/vocalist, and drummer. They're music shows the heavy riffs of punk and hardcore but also mixes up time signatures and features guitar work that can verge on pyschedelic. When I saw them live the guitarist pulled out a solo that Omar would have been proud of. "Collapse Of An Erratic Lung" is their demo 7" vinyl, which one of my friends put onto CD for me, it will not be easy to find unless you catch a live show or know where to look.

Track 1: I'm Having The Time Of Your Life (1:56)

Get's right into it with a stripped back guitar riff and hoarse vocals. Breaks out the riff with all intruments, then strips it back to a bass riff with some drum backing. Texture changes like crazy in this song. Hits it up to the full riff again, then stripped back guitar work, then back to the bass. Musical interlude for a while, then a drum interlude, and that's all for Track One.

Track 2: Travelling In Circuit (2:32)

Opens up with a repeated guitar chord before the bass comes in with a repeated descending line. Guitar then hits the higher register for the melody line. Time signature changes are the main feature in here. The hoarse vocals suit the band well, but may put people off if they prefer something more refined. It's a much different experience to see them live. Gives way to a high feedback ridden solo section before slowing back down to the chords and the bass from earlier in the song.

Track 3: Inhaler (3:17)

Kicks off with the pyschedelic guitar I mentioned earlier, joined by a quick bass riff and drum pattern. Gives way to scratching and sliding and feedback before coming back with another riff section and the vocals shouted over the top. Next is a bass and drum riff, before the guitar comes in with a solo. Starts out simple picked notes before the song speeds up, the solo changes up a notch gradually until it's a high pitched blur (great stuff live) and then that's the song.

The EP plays like one giant song if you listen through it, works quite well together.

Overall Rating: 3/5. Wanted to give it a higher rating but had to be objective. It is definetly worth checking out if you are into this stuff, think bands like At The Drive-In and Mars Volta for some loose comparisons. This EP itself probably wouldn't get someone into Post-Hardcore, but if you are into it I think you'd dig it a lot. The live show is a whole different matter. See that and you're hooked. But yeah, recommended to post-hardcore fans.

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December 17th 2003


live was the most intense thing ever :P
you forgot that "i'm having the time of your life" concludes with wonderful rhythm clapping which i guess you dont fully understand because it was more of a live thing, getting the audience to interact and end the song.

March 13th 2009


Album Rating: 4.0

might review this myself

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