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Release Date: 2003 | Tracklist

Talk to Me - 4/5
This is a great opener to a hilarious album. It starts off with sort of a somber mood, Lynch comes to the breakfast table, clearly ashamed of something, and the other person is apparently disappointed in him. After a verse of this, he breaks into the chorus, and as it turns out, Stephens dad caught him in the act of jacking off the night his dads bed no less! Hilarity ensues, and the rest of the song has an incredibly happy mood despite the unfortunate cirCUMstance.

Dr. Stephen - 3.5/5
This intense little number is about Dr. Stephen the gynecologist. It has some very suggestive lyrics, especially the reference to the "balloon knot", and a very funny guitar intro (again its all in the delivery). I marked down a few points for length, and the fact that he explains the joke at the end. (I think the jokes are funnier if you dont have to explain them.)

Priest (live) - 4/5
Another crack at the roman catholic priests relationship with the altar boy. This one was originally on his studio album, and I liked the studio version a little bit better. The live version is played a lot faster, and at the end when he starts speaking in latin, he yells in this version whereas he sang in the studio one. But a hilarious song nonetheless, if you catch all the jokes. This one has a great melody, and after a couple listens youll find yourself singing along, even if it is about...well...

Country Love Song - 2.5/5
This is where Lynch emulates all the country western singers hes heard, only he sings about his girlfriend farting. Its great how he starts out serious, and then the punchline comes in out of nowhere (as is the case in most of his material). One of the weaker tracks on the album, but still a good laugh.

Superhero - 3.5/5
This is the song I remembered after seeing him live, and the song that made me want to buy his cd. But a little disappointment on this live version, theres almost more chatting with the audience than there is singing. Its funny the first couple times, but after that I just want to hear the song. So its a little lame that it gets interrupted so much. But the names of superheroes the audience comes up with are pretty crazy. Anyway the parts of the song you do hear are great, I love the melody, and Lynch's tongue in cheek humor really show through on the verses.

What if that guy from Smashing Pumpkins lost his car keys" - 4/5
A very short and sweet track. Lynch does a dead on impression of Billy Corgan in the aggrivating situation of losing his car keys. 4 points for the impression alone. Its uncanny.

Mothers Day (live) - 3/5
Another track taken from his first album. This one is fairly short and very soft. The dialogue from Lynch at the end of the song makes this version a little funnier than the studio one. I marked down for the fact that there is only a couple lines in the song, but three points for all the hot moms out there.

Taxi Driver - 2/5
This is one of the skippable tracks on the album, its really only funny the first couple times you hear it. Its starts off with Lynch singing about hailing a cab, sounding almost a little...mysterious" Its slow paced until the end, when he breaks out into the random Indian gibberish. The fingerpicking is pretty decent sounding throughout.

For the Ladies - 5/5
I still crack up every time I hear this one. And every time I play it for someone who hasnt heard it, they end up either utterly disgusted, or in tears from laughing. So you know its a good one. The beginning is a sweet love song from Lynch to his girlfriend, with lyrics about a new baby on the way. When he speeds up, the melody is unforgettable, and the way he sings such twiztid lyrics with such feeling will leave you in shock one way or another. I leave it up to you to listen to it and see what he says.

Grandfather - 4.5/5
One family member dies, another gets rich. Thats all that matters right" Thats obviously the view on this track. Lynch sings to his grandfather (who is on his deathbed) about all the new things he can do with his inheritance, and how he wants him to hurry up and die already. The bridge is really the strong point for this one. Its sang with such anger towards grandpa, which makes it all that much more funny. Definitely one of the stronger tracks on the album.

Bowling song (Almighty Malachi, Professional Bowling God) - 1.5/5
Honestly this track is not some of Lynch's best work. He warns the audience ahead of time that its not even funny, and he only plays it at their repeated request. He says himself that its one of the first songs he wrote, and it shows. Just a couple chords played back and forth, pretty generic and predictable lyrics about a bowler. The half a point goes to the line "C'mon fuckers, pick a lane." You can skip this one and you wont miss much.

She Gotta Smile - 5/5
A great pick me up after Bowling Song. Lynch brings out his friend Mark Teich for this one to help out on the vocals. She Gotta Smile is a hilarious song "for the guys" about meeting eyes with the perfect girl across the room, and then meeting her big fat cock blocking friend that always seems to screw up the situation. But thats ok, because Lynch knows her achilles heel...his nondiscriminating friend. "I know that hes no looker and hes had a couple rounds, but with every shot of Jeger, hey you lose a couple pounds." Insanely catchy melodies, and happily upbeat arpeggios make this track one of the must-listens.

Best Friend Song - 4/5
Mark Teich sings along on this one again. Lynch apparently wrote it to celebrate the fact the two are best friends, but are so different. But in actuality, its just about how Lynch wants to nail Teich's sister.

D & D - 3/5
The last track on which Teich appears. This one will be funny if a.) you make fun of people who play dungeons and dragons or b.) you get made fun of for playing dungeons and dragons. A bit of a heavier song with a little harmonica thrown in for effect. A nice tribute to nerds everywhere.

Down to the Old Pub Instead - 4.5/5
A great closing track to an awesomely funny album. Old Pub is an old Irish tune passed down from father to son over many generations. It basically warns young men about the dangers of P.M.S. In vivid detail. "She'll want you to sample the fruit of her loins, but son it'll taste like some old rusty coins..." Great use of the Irish accent and slang.

In closing Stephen Lynch is a hilarious comedian and a talented musician, whose work I would recommend to anyone. This is one of two albums he has out, this one being a lot more melodic and it shows his ability to hold his own, alone on stage. A great buy for anyone into acoustic semi-folky guitar music with some crazy ass funny lyrics, and anyone with half a sense of humor.

Recommended Tracks:
For the Ladies
She Gotta Smile
Down to the Old Pub Instead

Skippable Tracks:
Taxi Driver
Bowling Song

Final Rating: 4/5

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April 27th 2005


on a side note: the harmonica is actually Teich's high pitched singing voice.

October 18th 2005


incredible review. stephen lynch isnt always funny, which is funny when he trys to be, so it kinda offsets itself, but hes still a good singer with very nice obscene songs. he's like 2 notch's below Tenacious D. anyway the cd very nice. by 'nice' i mean its a giant raunchy piece of genetalia and pervertedness, but all in style as stephen lynch does so well.

November 12th 2005


2 notches below tenacious d? FUCK OFF! lynch takes a steaming dump on the D from a great height!

need this album!

December 12th 2005


On the song Superhero, even though he probably talks with the audience more than he sings, I think that's the funniest part of the whole thing.

December 12th 2005


Talk to Me and Superhero are his best songs. I love Lynch, and his sense of humor ain't too different from mine.

December 12th 2005


[quote=::Entwistle::]I love Lynch, and his sense of humor ain't too different from mine.[/quote] Yeah, the world needs another pervert.


December 12th 2005


Am not.

Giggity Giggity

This Message Edited On 12.12.05

January 15th 2010


Love Stephen Lynch, and I love all of his albums. If you haven't heard 3 Balloons, check it out. Awesome album.

June 15th 2010


Album Rating: 3.0

this dude is funny as shit

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