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January 14th, 2005 | 94 replies

Release Date: 2000 | Tracklist

I'm boldly going to go where no other reviewer on this site has gone before and into the depths of Nu-Metal. Now when it comes to Linkin Park you know where you stand with this band. Really you either hate this band with a fiery passion or you really enjoy them. If you don't like them this review isn't for you.

Linkin Park are a group of six young men from Southern California. Most of the band met in high-school and originally formed under the name 'Xero' then changing to 'Hybrid Theory' then finally deciding on 'Linkin Park'. Their style of music is firmly nu-metal and unlike Slipknot and Korn, Linkin Parks style of nu-metal is more melodic. Now to the album.

Papercut - The third single of the album opens with a sampled drum beat and scratching solo before bursting into the chorus. This song is a good representation of the album. Fast catchy rapping in the verses connected with a loud chorus. A song about paranoia and a good opener to the album.

One Step Closer - This was the single that brung LP onto the world. Angry and loud this song is. A good song to play when your a bit pissed off and keeps the mood of the album going.

With You - This is a bit more of a moody song. One of the best songs on album and even if you hate LP you've got to admit Mike can put together good raps. That's what makes this song so strong is Mikes lyrics and rapping.

Points Of Authority - It's much the same as With You. Mikes rap makes this song shine. The opening lines 'Forfeit the game before somebody else takes you out of the frame and puts your name to shame, cover up your face you can't win the race, the pace is to fast you just wont last' is a line that once it's in your head it's not going anywhere. Another good song.

Crawling - This was the song that made me decide to buy this album. This is how I like my music, loud but filled with emotion. From the opening sample you can tell this song is emotional. Chester gives a great vocal preformance and the song comes off as one of the best on the album.

Runaway - Almost a bit of a filler song here. By no means a bad song just doesn't come off so strong after Crawling. The same Linkin Park standard applys here. Catchy rapping verse connected to emotional loud chorus.

By Myself - Like Runaway this song is still good it's just not as strong. These two songs are almost the lull point of the record. It's one of the harder songs on the album (I hear you metalheads scoffing). Mike as always deliveres a great rap.

In The End - Until this song was overplayed on radio this was my favourite LP song. It's alot like Crawling emotional but powerfull. The chorus is the highlight of this song and once it's in your head this song isn't going anywhere.

A Place for my Head - Mike shows off his talent AGAIN with another of those **** catchy raps that wether you like LP or not is going to stick in your head. It also comes with an awesome guitar riff. These things combine together to make another good song.

Forgotten - Possibly one of the best LP chorus out here in this song. Mike and Chester alternate perfectly and the chorus makes this song.

Cure for the Itch - This is an instrumental song where Mr Hahn shows off his skills. When I look at this song I try to compare it to other instrumental turntabalist songs and the two that come to mind for me are Session (Off Meteora) and Battlestar Scralatchica (Incubus) and really I can't help but say this song flops. It really doesn't have anything that exciting to keep you listning. You can appreciate Josephs talent in creating all the samples and laying down the beat it just fails as a song.

Pushing Me Away - It's the perfect end to the album. Like Crawling and In The End this is another more melodic song. Chester gives probably his best preformance on the record in this song and it comes off great. Everything comes together on the record to leave the listner with something to think about.

Well if you don't like Linkin Park you certanely wont like this album. It's an album which is everything nu-metal should be. Catchy, powerfull and emotional at the same time. This is probably the strongest Linkin Park album with Meteora not quite living up to the standard of Hybrid Theory IMO and well you don't even need to compare this to Re-Animation. The most common critisim I see labeled on LP is that they are singing about how hard their lives are when they are rich. All I can say is look into the lyrics as LP really do write about everyday emotions just on the darker side of life. A good album for nu-metal fans and anyone who's a bit broad minded and willing to look past the negativity surrounding this band.

Rating - 4.25/5 :thumb:

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December 9th 2003


this is the album that got me into heavier music than greenday

my fav songs are runaway, one step closer, and a place for my head

my least fav is crawling, so i cant relate to this review, but still its good

December 9th 2003


I'm an Emo kid, I go for melody and emotion is music but I understand where you are coming from.

December 9th 2003


ahh.. the good old days where linkin park was good... this album is SO much better than meteora. i agree with pretty much everything you said on the album except for forgotten, and my favs are points of authority, runaway and pushing me away. anyway... great review - 4/5 for me.

December 9th 2003


I didn't mind Linkin Park when this album was out, and I kind of liked "Papercut." I don't know where it all went wrong, but I think it was when I learned to play bass and discovered LP don't seem to have an audible bassist.

December 12th 2003


this to me was the first album i cud listen to EVERY song and just scream along to them without a problem.
this is one of the greatest albums out there, like em or not.
meteora was a poor follow up to a great album.

December 12th 2003


If this was a great album I'd hate to hear Meteora.

I borrowed it off a friend and I can honestly say it was one of the worst albums I'd ever heard.

December 29th 2003


If this was a great album I'd hate to hear Meteora.

I agree, but LP fans are fiercly defensive of them...that was a lesson i learned the hard way...i nealy lost my best friend because he tried to convert me...and now, a month, later, he says i dont understand, and im still not a fan...

December 29th 2003


Is Papercut the one where he's like, "Something in my head's not right today, paranoia's all I got left" If so, then I really enjoy that song. Linkin Park's not as bad as people make them out to be, this coming from a prog/power metal fan.


December 30th 2003


In my opinion, LP have a pop appeal - great fun short term, but with no long-term lasting appeal.

This album successfully achieved everything the band could have wanted. A few years later, it doesn't stand up well against more established methods of writing, but it was a good attempt.

To illustrate my point, I bought this album because I loved every song I'd heard off it when I was in my local rock club. Suffice to say the alcohol and atmosphere must have had some input into this, because I've barely listened to it at home.

December 31st 2003


I really enjoy this album as well and like everyone else here think Meteora sucked compared to it I would give Hybrid Theory a 4 out of 5.

December 31st 2003


Album Rating: 3.5

[QUOTE=manuscriptreplica]ahh.. the good old days where linkin park was good... this album is SO much better than meteora. i agree with pretty much everything you said on the album except for forgotten, and my favs are points of authority, runaway and pushing me away. anyway... great review - 4/5 for me.[/QUOTE]

Ahh the good old days. For about 3 years this was my very favorite cd. I love this cd no matter what anybody says about Linkin Park, the cd is raw and heavy with a few really nice ballads and amazing vocals. 4.5/5 :thumb:

January 1st 2004


I actually liked Hybrid Theory a lot, mainly because they use actual guitar sounds instead of the effects used in Meteora.

January 26th 2004


I didnt like this CD at first. It did grow on me. It became one of those CDs that you can listen to from start to finish and maybe push repeat on a copuple. The band is great.

January 26th 2004


good review :thumb: I loved this cd and always will... However, I don't agree with what you said about crawling, runaway and by myself.. I find there is more emotion in runaway and by myself than crawling, and I like runaway a LOT more that crawling. However, I am not saying crawling is a bad song, don't get me wrong, but IMO by myself and especially runaway are better.

January 26th 2004


"pushing me away", "with you" and "papercut" are probably my favourite songs on the album.

well done on the review, very detailed. :thumb:

The JoZ
January 27th 2004


I haven't posted here yet? Wow..

I bought this after hearing One Step Closer on the radio, once, and Crawling maybe twice...but don't get me wrong...I bought Hybrid Theory before they were whoring out how many singles they had, or anyone else, seemingly, knew who they were....I played this thing constantly...

...and it still gets playtime now and then

Sure, alot of their lyrics are a bit to beyond cliche....but I don't care.

I hate the idiot fanboys who think that LP are God's gift to the music world or something...face it folks, LP are not exactly geniuses...or maybe they are, since they seem to know the winning formula for selling millions and millions of albums and such...

Tool is my favorite band...and I like bands like At the Gates, In Flames, Opeth....but I'll still listen to my HT CD....with the notable exception that I skip In The End cause it got SO FUCKING OVERPLAYED...

A Place for My Head remains my favorite song by them, to this day

January 27th 2004


^ That's exactly what I did. Heard One Step Closer then Crawling and was like wow :eek: and got it before they were whored out.

April 23rd 2004


Great Cd! Love it! Listen to it all the time. 5/5

April 23rd 2004


I'd have to say the only really good song I've ever heard Linkin Park do was "Crawling". That song has good structure, pretty good singing, epic points... it's their only real great one. The rest are alright at first, but the novelty of hearing Shinoda rapping between Chester's vocals wears off pretty quickly. "Papercut" is also good, but songs like "Points Of Authority"... that song is just horrible. The arrangement is so bad. And listening to Bennington screech immature things such as, "Shut up when I'm talking to you!" just feels silly. Maybe a 3/5.

April 23rd 2004


[QUOTE=Nazi Bassist]HT CD....with the notable exception that I skip In The End cause it got SO FUCKING OVERPLAYED...

A Place for My Head remains my favorite song by them, to this day[/QUOTE]

There's a simple solution for the overplaying of In the End. If you hear a song you like, stop listening to the radio, then and there. I still like In the End alright b/c I never listen to the radio. Oh, and I'll agree with you on A Place for My Head. It's probably the greatest song on here.

Anyway, a very solid 4/5.

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