The Elysian Fields
We...The Enlightened



by Per Ardua Ad Astra USER (30 Reviews)
January 18th, 2005 | 8 replies

Release Date: 1999 | Tracklist

The Elysian Fields were formed in Greece in 1994, comprised off...
Bill A. - Drums
Marinos A. - Guitar
Michael K. - Vocals, Keyboards

This album has many guest ranging from violin to flute players. This album, released in 1999, on Wicked/Earache records got high praise (from the few people who heard it, which is a shame.) This album features raw black metal, great musicianship, and a wide range of real instruments. Most of the music and lyrics are about Ancient Greece, The Elysian Fields have on of the most original sounds i've heard.

Their Blood be on us starts off with pounding black metal, and some good vocals here. After a few tempo changes, in comes a violin accompanied by a more mellow black metal passage. The song continues to become more mellow, leaving the black metal shell, still being accompanied by a violin. Great song here, highly recomended.

The next track, I am the Unknown Sky, starts off with a with some piano/acoustic guitars action, good combination. In come the the distortion guitars, with pianos still going on. This is very doomy, much like My Dying Bride, though the guitar part here is a bit cliched, it's still quite good. The solo in this song, fits very well with this song, accompanied by pianos, keyboards and guitars. Another great song.

Until the night cries rise in your heart Starts off a bit slow, but picks up quickly into some nice black metal with a flute solo over it. This song also includes some odd synth riffs, and some awesome drumming. This song is high energy, and awesome music. The song towards the end, comes into more of a doomy state, with some spooky pianos going on in the background, great combination. The ending of this song, is alot like Arcturus in many ways, very odd. I love it. Great song.

...And the Everdawn Faded away starts with a cool little clip of the forest in a storm, before coming into some traditional heavy metal riffs along with some violin action. There are some cool melodies and harmony parts in this song, especially towards the end. A solid track.

Shall they come forth unto this is high energy black metal from the very beginning, fast vocals and good drumming. There is an awesome violin solo among the black metal, great stuff. Then comes some awesome harmony parts, which is interrupted by an interesting violin solo part, the song then proceeds to get folky. Acoustic guitars, violin is what stands out the most, the song then goes into Doom metal mode. The song ends on full-on black metal mode. Awesome track, probably my favorite.

Arcaena Celestia Starts off with with the sound of burning wood, along with some spoken words. The riff that comes in here is alright, i'm not a big fan of it. Though some of the lead riffs in this song are pretty cool, i usually skip this song.

The end will tragically be fullfilled starts off with some growling and some interesting riffage going on, making for an odd but cool combination. The riffs in this song are pretty cool, some good lead tremelo picking. The violin is not spared in this song, it's used very well, giving this song an epic feel about three quarters of the way through. The ending is very fast paced, it's just keyboards, pianos, and a violin solo. The drums are very soft, but good nonetheless, this part is very interesting, though quite eerie and spooky it's very good. Awesome track.

The Last star of Heaven Falls starts off with the sound of wind blowing, the in comes some sad piano parts. Soon bass and drums are added to the piano, very doomy here. About midway through the song the guitars come in, just for a solo though, it's quite slow but perfect in the sense of the song. Soon a choir comes in, adding just another dimension to this song. Great song, one of my favorites.

Wither, Oh Divine, Wither starts off kind of slow, though it's got the definitive tremelo picking lead that is a constant throughout this album. It's got some pretty cool riffs going for it, along with the lead part. About midway through, the song gets folky with some acoustic guitars and violin which is interrupted with some heavy guitars and a guitar solo/lead part, i think they could have done without this part, but it causes no harm. This song then shifts back to folk music, good stuff here. The song ends with some good lead work and tremelo picking. Solid track here.

This album, though relatively unknown, combines elements of folk, symphonic, black/death metal all into one album known as 'We...The Enlightened.' The musicianship is excellent here, not one element of this album is spared.
4/5 from me.

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Dancin' Man
April 14th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

I love this album. I also love being the only other person besides PAAA to know anything about (as it seems) great bands such as this.

April 15th 2005


The band name sounds awfully familiar

August 9th 2008


Album Rating: 3.5

underrated band, they're better than Be'lakor

February 19th 2009


Acquiring this now.

Digging: Pharoah Sanders - Karma

February 19th 2009


better than Be'Lkor? I shall aquire in due time...

February 19th 2009


Of course they're better than Be'Lakor, they gots Violins and stuff.

February 19th 2009


but Be'Lakor always had violins in their it kinda makes them balanced

o yea, Street Sharks ftmfw...This Message Edited On 02.19.09

February 2nd 2014


Criminally overlooked band and album.

Digging: Jordslaet - EP II

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